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    10 Reasons Gun Owners Need Relevant Liability Insurance

    by Marcie Young

    10 Reasons Concealed Carry Liability Insurance is a Must for Gun Owners/Handlers

    You may have had to buy and keep a gun to keep yourself and your family safe. And consider this: during the pandemic over 110,000 people in California alone purchased guns expressing their fear of lawlessness. Plus in 2020, over 40 million guns were purchased within the USA

    <span> <span style=font family helvetica arial sans serif font size 12pt>Gun owners need to be responsible towards liabilities associated with gun use<span>

    However, even if you use a gun in self-defense, there are several reasons why you can’t afford not having the right insurance.

    Listed below are the ten reasons why a gun-owner must have concealed carry liability insurance:

    1. Legal Support In Lawful Personal Defense

    The sole purpose of keeping a gun is to seek protection in times of need. However, causing any loss of property and life in a personal defense situation can lead to several legal proceedings. Having a concealed carry liability insurance can literally be a savior in such scenarios.

    2. Attorney Retainer

    Among the many problems resulting due to firearms self-defense, hefty fees for legal defense services can be the most worrisome situation. Concealed carry liability insurance provides attorney retainer support to afford the services of a legal attorney. 

    3. Financial Aid To The Victim’s Family

    A lot of legal actions require the accused (even in a lawful self-defense situation) to provide a significant amount of money to the victim’s family. Your concealed carry insurance liability, if you have not deliberately intended to kill a person, will cover financial aid which is to be given to the victim’s family.

    4. Provides Negligent Discharge Coverage

    In 2018, 458 Americans died due to accidental gun use. A concealed carry liability insurance provides financial coverage and aids in civil court proceedings in incidents as a result of accidental discharge. 

    5. Prevents Negligent Entrustment 

    Concealed carry liability insurance doesn’t only provide support against legal proceedings, but also ensures strict adherence to firearm protection protocols. In many cases liability insurance providers give you a checklist regarding how you can lend your weapon to someone. 

    6. Prevents Theft 

    Concealed carry liability insurance covers liabilities associated with self-defense and accidental discharge situations. Moreover, it also plays a vital role in preventing potential thefts of your weapon by providing guidelines and assistance.

    7. Homeowner Insurance Isn’t Gun Insurance

    If you think your homeowner insurance will cover any liability damages caused by your gun, then you are in a complete delusion. Homeowner insurance only reimburse specific items and does not help you in catering to the liabilities associated with gun accidents. Thus, it is important for all gun owners to have a separate liability insurance apart from their homeowner insurance.

    8. Reimburse Damages

    Property and weapon damages are most likely to occur in self-defense situations. With your concealed carry liability insurance your property losses and weapon’s damage will be compensated. Also, if your weapon has been stolen your cost claims will be covered by the insurance company.

    9. Education and Training 

    As you buy a concealed carry liability insurance you are foremostly educated and trained on how to protect your concealed carry weapon. Almost all insurance providers assist you in maintaining apt concealed carry weapon materials such as holsters and gun safes. In fact, it is mandatory by many insurance providers to keep a gun safe at your home.

    10. Inculcates Responsibility Among Gun-Owners

    Anyone who has legally purchased their concealed carry weapon must pursue the liability insurance. This not only incorporates more sense of responsibility, but also makes you more cautious towards the use of your weapon.

    The Bottom line

    Concealed carry liability insurance is as important as any other insurance. As we buy insurance for anything which could cause potential liabilities, thus purchasing liability insurance for your gun is equally important. 


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    Author Bio

    Marcie Young is a mom, wife, and gun rights author. She lives in Tolleson, AZ where the crime rate has been higher than almost 99% of American cities. A horrible personal experience made her realize the importance of gun ownership and self-defense. 

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