10:01 PM tonight – Protest against Curfew, we assume mostly peaceful – At the Huntington Pier and other areas



By Debra Tash

With many sheriffs across the golden state, the term golden could be questionable lately, there has been a call to come out after the witching hour of 10pm tonight and protest the governor’s newest twist on his forever stay at home order.  Once again the irony of the state’s chief executive’s current mandate is not lost on his subjects.  Newsom now infamous jaunt to a maskless, indoor, pricey, and quiet cozy, party at the French Laundry in Napa, has continued to rub those under his thumb the wrong way.

Citizens, those whose rights should be defended, intend to gather together in defiance of Newsom’s latest edict.  This is action, go figure, is actually protected under the First Amendment.  So you have to hand it to your fellow Californians for attempting to cling to a bit of liberty.  Newsom’s curfew seems to be based not on science or even logic.  Does mein führer assume that at 10:01 the virus will come out in force?  If we are to follow the governor’s reasoning to its rather unproven end before the anointed hour CCP plague apparently hibernates.

I plan on taking a jaunt to our local post office and mail some bills after 10pm tonight. It must be deemed essential considering paying them keeps the lights on in my house.  I may even drive around looking for herds of COVID’s, nocturnal creatures that they must be.   If I find any, I will post their photos.

Example of the one of the mostly peaceful planned curfew protests:

California Rep. Tom McClintock’s defense of Newsom…the governor is free to watch out for his own health, tongue in cheek.



Hey Newsom, McClintock’s right, you can take care of yourself, and come to think of it so can we.

Debra Tash is Editor-in-Chief of Citizensjournal.us, past president for Citizens Alliance for Property Rights, business executive and award-winning author, residing in Somis.

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