Frank Enderle, Candidate for Thousand Oaks City Council


Learn more about Frank and his platform for T.O.:


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Frank Enderle

“Honor and integrity, and 54 years of it. I’m going to do the right thing. I will be that squeaky wheel. I will ask “why?” I will be the voice of what the people want. I won’t lose a deal like Costco in Newbury Park. That was a big loss. The council can say Costco pulled out, but they messed up on that deal.
The homeless problem is getting out of control; that needs to be fixed, now. I’ve been accosted two times by a drug-addicted homeless person panhandling. I called the police the last time I was accosted and they said they could not do anything.
The brush fire response is a joke. Since the media doesn’t want to report the real news it is imperative to give the people the correct information during a disaster. Last summer, Dos Vientos was evacuated. They were in no danger, yet they were told to go and they left no place for the people in real danger to go. Our government running scared with no common sense.
Follow the money. I cannot be bought. I will not be falling asleep during meetings and I will be the voice of the people. If there is a good reason, that comes up, and it makes sense to do, and it will benefit our community, I will be for it. I am for family values and safety in our community.
We live in an awesome community, I just want to raise the bar.”