Another state joins fight to defend women-only sports

Chris Woodward (

Female state legislators in Arkansas have introduced legislation to defend women’s-only sports. 

The bill, the Fairness in Women’s Sports Act, was introduced by Sen. Missy Irvin (R-Mountain View) and Rep. Sonia Barker (R-Smackover), which means The Natural State has joined several others in pushing back on the pro-transgender movement. 

Rep. Barker, in fact, has first-hand knowledge on the issue. According to her official biography, she serves as girls’ tennis coach at Smackover High.

Ken Yang of Arkansas-based Family Council tells One News Now the bill has a good chance of passage since Republicans hold a supermajority in both the House and Senate.

“We think it’s a great bill,” Yang says. “Members of the Arkansas Republican Women’s Caucus are co-sponsors on the bill, so it’s great that they’re pushing back against federal pressure.”

That federal pressure involves a Joe Biden executive order forcing public schools to allow biological males to participate in women’s sports. That order flips on its head the Trump administration’s decision to side with girls and to maintain that the historic Title IX federal law defends women, not men who identify as female.

“Girls and women have worked hard to have this happen with Title IX,” Yang warns, “and destroying girls’ athletics really hampers not only their ability to get athletic scholarships, but it hurts their professional opportunities as adults too.”

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