1st Step to destroy private property rights: Groundwater control

la-apphoto-aptopix-california-drought-water-20140720Coalition forms to manage California’s groundwater

This was published in the Los Angeles Times.

Response to this by Marc Harris

There IS an agenda, and a major objective is the elimination of private property rights of all land, as Agenda 21 co-author Maurice Strong and Gro Brundland stated was the primary goal of Agenda 21.

In numerous addresses at pro-Agenda 21 conferences, speakers have boldly and openly stated that the first step to eliminating private property rights is to seize control of the ground water, claiming that water is a “planetary resource” that “belongs to all people”. Currently, water under private property belongs to the owner of that property.

As they do in ALL cases in advancing the totalitarian, anti-freedom nature of Agenda 21, its proponents must use junk science generated by “experts” who prostitute their credentials and manipulate data to produce the desired “facts” needed to further drive the political agenda. In doing so, all credible, true scientists who attempt to present opposing data are marginalized and their research findings denigrated as “not credible”; (as we have of course seen in furthering the preposterous claims of “global warming”). Many credible scientists have tried to present contrary evidence to the chicken-little fear mongering that there is a “serious threat” to groundwater supplies because of over-draughting, as is being touted in this article, and which is NOT true. The fact is that when liquid groundwater is drawn to the surface, the vacuum created draws water vapor (steam) up from deeper in the earth’s crust to replace it. As it rises closer to the cooler surface, it converts to liquid. The junk scientists disregard this fact, and only use data associated with calculations of the liquid water replenished by surface water seeping back in to the ground from above in their findings. And even those calculations are suspect; particularly because they assume “worst case” evaporation losses due to–you guessed it–global warming!! Junk, upon junk, upon junk, begets….JUNK!

So now they are coming after both our water, and our private property rights, and I wonder how much longer people are going to remain timid and silent. It already sickens me to see wealthy, intelligent people who could be making a real difference state that they are “afraid” because they don’t want to be singled out for political or legal reprisals. What does that say about the future of America?

The Agenda 21 proponents have already succeeded in seizing control of nearly all surface water to “protect habitat and fish species”, and once the groundwater is controlled, the final nail in the totalitarian coffin will be in place. As I continue to shout: you can go 60 days without food, but only 3 days without water. When the water is withheld from you, you will pay whatever they charge and DO ANYTHING they tell you do.

The thing we must focus on exposing is the proof of those who are using water for nefarious political control and are therefore the enemies of America and the Constitution: the lack of any constructive discussion of INCREASING SUPPLIES, and blocking any efforts to hold such discussions. Read the article again. Is there any mention at all of creative ways to increase water supplies? Nope.

For example, a very feasible way of increasing water supplies is desalination plants along America’s nearly 10,000 miles of coastline. Desal is already being done and proven to be very economically feasible in Israel, where water is in abundant supplies at very low rates for drinking, industrial, and agricultural uses. Ag water in Israel is $50 per acre-foot, compared to $1,500+ in California due to the phony “drought”. In fact, Israel produces so much water that they have even offered to sell it to their neighboring enemies in the dry Arab states, who refuse to purchase it due to their hatred of Israel. In the US, California could be selling the water produced from desal to neighboring states such as Nevada, Arizona and even Mexico at a profit, and still below what those uses pay now for water.

NEWS FLASH on that issue: A desal plant is currently being built on the coast just south of Tijuana, Mexico. The contracts are already in place to sell 70% of the water produced to….yep,the US, because of the environmental laws prohibiting Americans from drawing water from US rivers, and–get this–a political concession we made with Mexico to curtail US farmers from using Colorado River water and allowing it instead to flow over the border into Mexico. Why? To irrigate the agricultural fields where all of the melons and other products that have been lost in the California central valley due to the water shut offs are now being grown! Are you listening, folks?? And just how much might our “good friend” Mexico start charging CA and AZ for that water once we no longer are allowed to touch our own water supplies? I spoke with one of the members of the consortium building the Tijuana desal plant who said that US environmental laws and the unelected, power-obsessed Coastal Commission works against any desal plants being built in the US, so its easier to get it done in Mexico.

California approves big fines for wasting water during droughtWe must also demand an answer to the question of who and where are the ‘citizens’ the A21 proponents and politicians are supposedly “serving” with the ever-increasing laws and regulations that are impacting every American. By most estimates, there are less than one-half of one percent of the total US voting public who are in favor of the rapidly escalating draconian environmental laws and regulations that are constricting the freedoms and rights of all Americans. Is that representative democracy? Is that accountability by our elected officials?

Folks, there is plenty of water for the planet; it is a “closed system” it is never lost, it is constantly renewed through various states of liquid, solid (ice) and vapor (clouds/moisture). This fact does not serve those who wish to amass both enormous financial and political gains by cashing in on a man-made “crisis” of a shortage of supply.

We need to silence the fear mongers, educate the public, and encourage everyone to stand together and support those with the courage to stand up and DO SOMETHING to save America, our property, our freedoms and, in the case of water, our very lives.


Marc Harris- Real Estate Developer and Environmental Consultant

Mr. Harris holds a Masters Degree in Environmental Engineering from Stanford University and specializes in evaluating and solving environmental challenges to land use and in obtaining permits for development and uses of land in the US. Fluent in Spanish and bi-cultural, he served from 1994 – 1997 as an Appointee to Mexico’s Presidential Special Advisory Committee on Foreign Ownership, Land Reform, and Environmental Legislation.  Mr. Harris is a very active political advocate, blogger, speaker, and organizer whose focus is on educating the public on the facts associated with the false and biased junk-science presented by the far-left to advance a purely political agenda.  


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Bruce Boyer

I notice Mr. Nash attacked Mr. Harris’ editorial on a scientific point ( that perhaps Mr. Nash is correct on) disclaimer I suggest that as to Science Mr. Nash is more knowledgeable than I am.

The arguement is as clear as this: If Mexico can make money building a plant to desalinate water to pipr over to sell to us, clearly the USA is too screwed up to have one built here, or is there a lack of saltwater off of our coast?? I do not need to be a hydrologist to figure out that answer!

Citizen Reporter

I believe Steve’s right about the cost. Desalinated water’s pretty expensive, but may eventually look not only cheap, but the ONLY source of additional water requirements.

The Lyndon LaRouche Democrats actually advocate piping water down from Alaska and Canada, where it is plentiful, via their “NARAPA” plan. Don’t know about the financial, operational and political challenges of doing that, but everything should be on the table now.

Marc Harris

One more thing: there’s a reason the NWO demagogues do not want to subsidize water and bring its cost down: re-distribution of America’s wealth; that is, using our money to create and entrench power in other developing countries to get their buy-in to the NWO socialist order. If we use US dollars to subsidize US de-sal and bring water costs down to under $200/af, they can’t promise huge water project subsidies to the de-sal plants now being planned and built in Mexico…to sell water to—you guessed it–the US! This is the insidious treachery of the left: they don’t want to use their own money (WB, IMF, etc) to subsidize the cost of those 3rd-world plants, but they want to us our money, and then make us pay exorbitant fees to get the water and enrich Mexico’s economy (and corrupt politicians). We should build de-sal, provide low-cost water to US citizens, and sell the water to Mexico and other countries, who can appeal to the UN for “loans” to pay for it. That is how you protect America’s best interests, and make the UN face the failings of their egalitarian socialist vision for the world–a vision that is guaranteed to fail when the last productive dollar is wasted.

Marc Harris

Mr. Nash;
Integrity? From someone on the left that is part of the effort to use water for mass political control? You mean the way that NOAA fabricates data to support global “warming”, and over-zealous Gaia worshippers dump raw sewage in the water upstream from where they plan to collect “samples” in order to enforce clean water regulations? Or where Surfrider Foundation operatives working on a government grant collected data at a sewage outfall in Carlsbad, CA in order to gain more free money from taxpayers? I didn’t notice any credentials from you, Mr. Nash, nor did you even attempt to respond to the charge that the proof of those who are truly giving “science” a bad name for personal financial and political gain is that they refuse to discuss creative methods of INCREASING WATER SUPPLIES. Even now, there is a bill in the leftis-dominated CA legislature to INCREASE the percentage of water flowing untouched to the ocean…”for the fish”. It’s already at 80%, and they want to increase it to 90%. But not a word of funding any research to increase supplies…like de-sal. The totalitarian, control-obsessed, NWO left can subsidize all kinds of products and industries that are not at all cost effective (wind, solar, electric cars, etc), but they can’t fund de-sal (as Israel did to bring the cost of water down)? Nor did you attempt to respond to the scientific FACT that water is a closed system, it cannot be “lost” as the fear-mongering demagogues constantly rely on to further their narrow, self-serving agenda. That is far more damaging to one’s “integrity”, Mr. Nash. When you are sincere about providing inexpensive water to everyone, you will be surprised at how much information on the subject you can find.

Steve Nash

Your integrity is diminished when you print absurdities such as “The fact is that when liquid groundwater is drawn to the surface, the vacuum created draws water vapor (steam) up from deeper in the earth’s crust to replace it. As it rises closer to the cooler surface, it converts to liquid” and “Desal is already being done and proven to be very economically feasible in Israel, where water is in abundant supplies at very low rates for drinking, industrial, and agricultural uses. Ag water in Israel is $50 per acre-foot”. Geo-thermal steam replenishing groundwater? Desal at $50/A-F? I would enjoy reading those peer-reviewed studies!

At least provide a disclaimer when publishing fantasy-based “science”.

Citizen Reporter

Steve: you will note that this is a guest editorial, which rebuts an even more ridiculous article by the LA Times. We don’t ordinary editorialize editorials, but leave it to readers to make up their minds. Your opinion is always welcome here.

For comparison purposes: The San Diego County Water Authority, the utility for 95 percent of the county’s 3.2 million residents, will pay Poseidon Resources about $2,000 per acre-foot (about 326,000 gallons) for water produced by the Carlsbad desalination plant, compared with about $1,000 per acre-foot for water it currently imports from other sources, said Ken Weinberg, the agency’s water-resources director. Desalinated water will provide about 10 percent of the county’s supply, he said by telephone, and add $5 to $7 a month to the average $80 residential water bill. source: http://www.bloomberg.com/news/2014-02-13/israel-desalination-shows-california-not-to-fear-drought.html