2 DUI Drivers arrested in 4 days for surfing Facebook or illegally using cell phone while driving

Simi Valley Police Department – Incident Press Release

Simi Valley Police Traffic Bureau Officers arrested two drivers this past week who had significant, high blood alcohol levels while operating their cars on Simi Valley roadways. 

One driver, a 25 year-old-male from Glendale was driving on Madera Road at 9:40 P.M. when a motorcycle officer observed him holding his phone in his lap and monitoring his “Facebook” news feed. The officer pulled the driver over and noticed signs of impairment and obtained a .16 / .17 blood alcohol level. He was booked in Ventura County Jail.

Another driver was located in a residential neighborhood using his cell phone at about 6:40 P.M.. That driver had a .10 blood alcohol level and was booked in Ventura County Jail.

These samplings of weekly arrests are extremely concerning because the law is so clearly established with both offenses; DUI and portable device use. Even worse, the driver surfing Facebook was driving in an area with a 45 MPH speed limit and had the phone in position which required him to take his full attention off the roadway, significantly increasing the danger to himself and everyone on or near the roadway.

The National Highway Transportation Safety Administration has determined, through various studies that simply operating a portable device creates enough of a distraction that a driver is the equivalent of being impaired by alcohol to the level of .08%. Driving while DUI and operating a portable device is a formula that could lead to a tragic disaster.

The Traffic Bureau wants everyone on or near the roads to be safe. Please remember, if you consume alcohol, to use a service such as a taxi, UBER or LYFT or phone someone who can pick you up and get you to your destination safely. If you are a resident of Simi Valley and you see anyone driving impaired, please call 9-1-1. The Police Department is enforcing the new rules with respect to driving and portable device operation.


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