2013 Ventura County Fair Retrospective


photo (13)By George Miller

August, 2013- Ventura County Fair- The VC Fair is an institution- since 1874. It is a melding of an old-time 19th-20th century rural county fair with suburbia and now the latest technology. You can visit the livestock exhibitions, fruit preserves, artwork, multiple live bands, beds that inflate for your optimal comfort, water-purifying systems, gems, photographs, trained horses, or high-tech and more, all within just a few minutes walk. Don’t miss this gem of Ventura County next year. 

Citizens- send your photos- [email protected]

We went there with a visiting physicist friend from South Africa and two of her physicist friends.  It’s always fun to take someone who hasn’t been there before, because they see it through new eyes. She has been there before and asked us to take her and friends. Thousands of other people had the same idea.

Of course, we didn’t miss trying the outrageously overpriced, but tasty food- Burrito, tri-tip, turkey leg, chicken, gelato, kettle corn and more.  It was a little less crowded than usual for a Saturday because of the chilly, windy, overcast conditions, which warmed and brightened later, though.  We actually got to park in the main lot, although we had to search diligently for a space.

As we had been sea kayaking hard earlier in the day, we weren’t up for staying for Styx‘s show at 7:30 and left about an hour before that.

Here are a few representative photos of the day ….


Inside the Fair entrance














photo (13)

Random view of the Midway


photo (14)





















One of the many product demonstrations

photo (26)






The photography and fine arts exhibits are always extensive and excellent.


photo (15)


















Thrill-seeking bungy-jumper (center)


Horses, which were the Fair’s original attraction …

photo (17)

photo (16)
















Impressive to see these carts and draft horses. We went to the stables right after that and saw how much love, work and money is poured into such efforts.  One of the owners said she polishes the hardware every day. They lavish attention on the horses and sure don’t do it for profit. Crowd loved it.

photo (18)






More horse stuff. There’s big rodeo on the last weekend.

photo (21)








People LOVE the pig races. We couldn’t even get close enough to see them this year. PETA hasn’ t discovered this yet.


photo (22)














The end of a fine day at the fair. We were too worn out from kayaking and Fairing to stay for the Rock ‘n Roll show later on.

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