2016 Thousand Oaks Tea Party Voter Guide

By Thousand Oaks Tea Party

Our Thousand Oaks Tea Party is a non-partisan organization supportive of Constitutionally limited government, fiscal responsibility, and free markets. We oppose corruption, wasteful spending, raising taxes, and the influence of special interests in our government which was designed by our Founders to be of the people, by the people, and for the people.


Office                                             Our votes

President & Vice President         Donald Trump & Mike Pence – Republicans

U.S. Senator                                   Loretta Sanchez – We don’t like either candidate, but Sanchez is less                                                                     “radical” than Harris (who is like Elizabeth Warren, a zealot, and left of Barbara Boxer)

U.S. Representative – Dist. 26       Rafael Dagnesses – Republican

State Senator – Dist. 27                   Steve Fazio – Republican

State Assembly – Dist. 44                Kerry Nelson – Republican

Conejo Valley Unified School Dist.   Sandee Everett – Excellent education & experience, plus she dislikes Common Core.

Two votes are allowed; my second choice is Angie Simpson, but if you vote for two candidates, you will dilute your vote for your first choice.

If you like both candidates equally, vote for both.  We hope both of them defeat the incumbents and the other two challengers.

T.O. City Council                            Rob McCoy

Two votes are allowed, but I am voting ONLY for Rob McCoy because I don’t want to dilute my vote with a second choice.
If you want to vote for two candidates, my second choice is Al Adam, but he has become more of a spender, and less of an advocate for freedom than Tea Party principles.  So I am voting ONLY for Rob McCoy, because voting for two candidates will dilute a vote for Rob McCoy.

Calleguas Municipal Water Dist
. — Scott Quady (incumbent).

I attended one of their Board meetings and was highly impressed with everyone on the board; later I corresponded with their Manager who provided information to me.  I do not want to take a chance on either of the two challengers.


Prop #   What it does                          Our votes   Why

51        $5 Billion to School Boards        NO         Put on ballot by initiative process.   Bond is financially irresponsible.

52        Locks in the existing                   NO        No sunset date. Legislature can extend existing program if desired.
hospital fee program.

53        Requires voter approval before     YES        Taxpayers should have a say.
state can borrow $2 Billion or
more for state projects.

54        Government transparency; no        YES        Stops back-room deals to sneak bills through Legislature.
more sneaky last-minute laws.

55        12-year extension of 6-year           NO        Put on ballot by initiative process. Gov. Brown is opposed.
temporary tax increase.

56        $2 increase on tobacco products     NO        Would encourage a black market.  Should not include e-cigarettes.

57        Another early release program        NO       We don’t need another early release program
for state prison inmates.                               
until the existing one is fixed

58        Repeals the 1998 “English only”        NO     Instruction in English has been shown to lead to
                                                    quicker proficiency for non-English speakers.
59        Asks Congress to amend                     NO     Leave the First Amendment alone.
Constitution to overturn
“Citizens United.”  Advisory only.

60        Condom requirement for adult films      NO        Welfare for lawyers.

61        State prescription drug pricing                NO        Price controls don’t work.

62        Repeal Death Penalty                               NO        We believe that the Death Penalty deters crime.

63        Restrictions on firearms & ammunition    NO        Criminals won’t obey the law. Chips away at 2nd Amendment.

64        Marijuana legalization                                NO        Onerous regulations and taxation in the bill will
                                                                                                encourage a thriving black market.

65        Redirects carry-out grocery bag fees            NO        An accounting nightmare.

66        Attempt to speed up death penalty appeals    NO     The system is broken; this measure is too big a
                                                                                                    change & may slow down appeals.

67        California plastic bag ban referendum             NO       A “Yes” vote bans single-use plastic bags.
                                                                                                   A “No” vote rejects the statute.


AA        Transportation Tax                        NO      A boondoggle! Totally unnecessary.  Many funds are already available via
gasoline taxes and other
taxes that were designated for infra-
structure rebuilding that were siphoned off by politicians.

C           Protects against urban sprawl       NO      On ballot by initiative process,  Would extend protections expiring
2020 for 30 more years.

F            Protects against urban sprawl     YES        On ballot by initiative process.  Protects farmers & farmland better than
Measure C.

W            Protects parks                             YES        On ballot by initiative process.  Would extend protections expiring 2020
for 20 more years.

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