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    2020: The Real Stakes in the Upcoming Election

    by Phil Erwin

    It has been said often, and by many: The coming election will be the most important one of our lifetime.

    I’m not an historian. I can’t site the specific historical contexts, issues and challenges of elections past. In fact, I can barely recall the names of half our past Presidents.

    But history is not what matters in this election.

    What matters is that we are going to choose, collectively, whether America will survive as America, or whether we will instead give her a huge shove over a cliff called Freedom Lost.

    To be sure, the political entity we call “America” will live on long past this election. That’s not what I mean.

    What I mean is that we will be choosing whether America will remain the Land of the Free, or whether we will decide to forevermore enslave ourselves – and our posterity – by electing a Socialism-fueled government that will swiftly come to control our very lives: Our choices, our fortunes, and everything we do.

    America was deliberately designed from the ground-up to be a “Land of the Free” – the government is by law charged to be the servant of We, the People.

    But in the Socialist America that “Progressive” Democrats desperately tout as a “better Future,” We the People will be relegated to a subservient status, in which we all (save for government bureaucrats!) become de facto servants of The Government.

    Socialism (government control of the economy) leads inexorably to a totalitarian form of government, because absolute power really does corrupt absolutely. So to choose any form of Socialism is to choose a future in which the government grows to own everything – including We, the People.

    Our electoral choice is as simple, as stark and as history-defining as that.

    I’m not kidding. Nor am I exaggerating. Think Cuba. Think Venezuela. Everybody there wants to come here. Why? Just ask the ones who’ve made it here! They’ll tell you: Socialism sucks the life out of The People.

    Consider Venezuela: Thirty years ago, the wealthiest, brightest star in Latin America. Today, more than a third of the people have fled their homeland in fear, hunger and despair.

    Consider North Korea: The people starve – their government is currently engaged in rounding up all their pet dogs to slaughter for food! – while their “fearless leader” Kim Jong Un smokes Cuban cigars, drinks single-mail Scotch, spends his people’s resources on an idiotic nuclear arms program, and shoots anyone who tries to cross their border. In either direction!

    And in China, the people were recently informed that they are required to spy for their government, else they may be imprisoned or shot.

    (Ahhh, those lovely arbitrary mandates: The Progressives’ preferred approach to governing. How’s that mask rubbing you – the right way, or…?)

    If Trump wins a second term, we will recover from the COVID pandemic; we will re-build and re-energize our economic juggernaut; we will re-establish our position as the world’s premier economy, and move forward with a healthy and sorely-needed re-balancing of public powers vs. private rights and freedoms.

    But if Bunker Joe Biden wins, we will take leaps and bounds down the road toward Socialism, because old Uncle Joe will be nothing more than a figurehead for the Progressive Left. And we will soon become the vassal of Communist China, because Socialism seeks complete government tyranny, and China does tyranny far better than we do.

    The U.S.S.R. only failed in its efforts to dominate the world because American freedom stood in the way. But with American freedom succumbing to Socialism, China will progress rapidly toward becoming the One World Power.

    Of all the Socialist/Communist governments still active today, the Chinese are the most adept at controlling their people while fooling the rest of the world’s governments into giving them concessions. China has the population-power, the smarts, the will and the willingness to take over everything and everyone on the globe.

    The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) considers it both their right and their duty to become the world’s single, dominant superpower. They consider it acceptable to achieve that dominance by hook (political subterfuge – including “research” (bioweapons?) which led to the current global COVID pandemic); by crook (theft of intellectual property, ignoring their own Treaty obligations); and by force (a rapidly-advancing military technology – based largely on IP stolen from the U.S. – coupled with a military might built on the backs of millions of Chinese who otherwise would be unemployed farmers.)

    Mind you: The CCP has a 50-Year Plan to dominate the globe.

    Of course, our being subjugated to China won’t happen on Election Day. But you can be damn sure it could happen on Judgement Day.

    And as all Christians and all Schwartzenegger fans know: Judgement Day is coming.

    But in the context of our upcoming election, the greatest threat to American freedom is from within. From Marxist movements such as Antifa, the “Occupy” movements, and Black Lives Matter. (Yes! These are Marxist movements! Read their Web sites! They intend to destroy America!)

    Such are the vaunted darlings of the “Progressive” Left, to which the Democrat Party has relinquished all its power. There are no more “Moderates” with any backbone. A vote for any Democrat is a choice to hand Progressives America’s future.

    How we vote this November will determine just how numbered are America’s days ’til Judgement.

    So we all owe it to America’s succeeding generations to be very careful and very well-informed when we choose our elected officials. It’s not only the Presidency that counts. If Trump wins re-election, but the House remains in Pelosi’s hands, while Shumer’s Senate minority increases, the net result will be a President that is further assailed, hamstrung, fenced-in and thwarted in his every effort to enhance America’s strength.

    Our struggling economy will likely crash; our internal political conflicts will escalate; our allies will grow reluctant, and our enemies – China, Russia, Iran, North Korea – will be emboldened. Big-time. Bet on it.

    And if Bunker Joe becomes an empty-suit President, with an entire cadre of “Progressive/Democrat” Marxists actually pulling his Presidential puppet-strings?!??

    Heaven help us. ‘Cause we will no longer be able to help ourselves.

    Sadly, most Democrats vote, blindly and ignorantly, for whomever their party offers on the ballot. Democrats are crowd-followers and go-along-ers. And Republicans are significantly outnumbered by Democrats in the major cities and high-population states. So it’s up to the Independents and Libertarians to think long and hard about what sort of America they want for themselves and their family’s future.

    Do we want to reclaim our Constitutionally guaranteed rights, freedoms and Liberty?

    Or do we want a slow but certain Socialist/Marxist/”Progressive” national death?

    Personally, I prefer my Progress to include Liberty.

    So: As the ancient Knight guarding the Holy Grail in Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom implores: Choose wisely.

    The alternative is truly: un-American.

    httpspixabaycomphotoshands silhouette freedom handcuffs 5442013

    Phil Erwin is an author, IT administrator and registered Independent living in Newbury Park. He would like to support some Democrat ideals, but he has a visceral hatred for Lies and Damn Lies (and is highly suspicious of Statistics.) That pretty much eliminates supporting most Democrats, and a bunch of Republicans to boot.

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    Mike Smith
    Mike Smith
    3 years ago

    *** Conservative Fact-Check x3 ***

    Said Phil Irwin, “Sadly, most Democrats vote, blindly and ignorantly, for whomever their party offers on the ballot. Democrats are crowd-followers and go-along-ers.”

    Clearly, Phil Irwin believes Democrat voters are so simple. Reality shows a worse picture. >Most6< major cities to battle.

    "So it’s up to the Independents and Libertarians to think long and hard about what sort of America they want for themselves and their family’s future."

    Significantly outnumbered, is what Independents and Libertarians are at the ballot box by Democrats and Republicans — (and have been for at least two generations). Most are socially liberal/fiscally conservative, which the majority of voters are NOT.

    Joseph Abadi
    Joseph Abadi
    3 years ago

    great read will distributed to as many as I can

    Naomi Fisher
    Naomi Fisher
    3 years ago

    States very clearly what are our options and the results of said options. I agree 100″% in preferring Liberty.

    Well said and, Amen!

    Kevin McNamee
    Kevin McNamee
    3 years ago

    Well written. Can’t frame today’s election any better.

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