DUI Checkpoints are unconstitutional – Big Time

EditorialBy Bruce Boyer

Once again it is that special time of the year, no not Christmas–checkpoints. To help us celebrate the season our local police departments will be engaged in setting up checkpoints. Ventura has one planned for Dec 12th. We have the right to be free from unreasonable searches. Where is their Probable Cause? They have none.

So why do our police, and the politicians they work for choose, ignore what is clear in our Fourth Amendment? Because they are not held accountable. Can they just suspend our other rights? What if they suspended our right to a public trial? Our Freedom of speech? They suspended them without consequence. Right to confront our accuser? Learn what a Hobbs motion does. Trial by jury? Sometimes….it’s not beyond a reasonable doubt. Learn what imputed liability is in criminal cases. Go down the list and our liberties are a facade. If any citizen wants to travel the path of tyranny called: “the end justifies the means” then there is no more debate.

The US Supreme Court ruled that we have no right if someone argues that “the end justifies the means” as with the Constitutionality of checkpoints. The supreme courts of eleven states have ruled on checkpoints and found they do violate our rights. So in Michigan you have the right to be free from an unreasonable search during a checkpoint, but not in California. Do our Constitutional rights only exist in certain states? Anyone who reads our Bill of Rights and looks at a checkpoint can see they violate the rights outlined in those amendments.

Don’t assume you are any more free to object to, and stand against, these violations of your rights.  If you do not have the right to not be searched, why would you think you have any right to speak up either? We must defend ALL of them or we shall have none them.  Some of us our taking action to end these abuses of our liberties.

Stand up by calling out the Chiefs of Police, the Sheriff, the City Councils, the City Attorneys. Go to their offices, go to their meetings, get them on the phone, write letters, let people know and perhaps most effective, get out on the street and warn drivers of the abuse that lies ahead of them.  Make them aware of the abuse of their liberties being openly conducted by their own police departments.

Tell the police to pursue criminals NOT violate our rights.

Will you stand up for liberty?

Ventura Police Department Checkpoint this Weekend

Bruce Boyer is the Chief Instigator of the SonsofLibertyLA. Since 2010 they have been a “boots on the ground” Civil Rights action group. The group gets out to take action to defend our Civil Rights as free men and women. They get out to shut down checkpoints, turn the tables on ‘gun-buy-backs’; speak out at City Council meeting; get the word out at public events and more. 

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