Stephen J. Schrader, California Republican Candidate for the US Senate 2018: A Once-in-a-Century Opportunity

Today, American Conservatives and the Republican Party have a literally once-in-a-century opportunity.

Despite appearances what we are witnessing in the country are the death-throws of American Liberalism and the Democratic Party that has sold its Soul to it.

And the funny part is, we don’t have to lift a finger, they’re doing it to themselves.

The reason is that their greatest strength has become their fatal flaw.

While idealism is one of the greatest driving forces in history; when it becomes divorced from reality it’s fatal.

A century ago the idealism of Wilsonian Progressivism allowed the Democrats to dominate the 1910’s. It provided the idealism that drove the American enthusiasm, once we became involved, to fight and win the “Great War”.

However, when Wilson’s idealism went to Versailles it died. For when idealism runs face first into reality, reality wins! Reality always wins.

The national disillusionment of this was such a shock that it created a whole generation of Americans that are known to history as the “Lost Generation”.

A century later we are seeing this phenomenon repeating itself. And it is in the actions and words of the Liberals and Democrats themselves that this is being proven.

For they have moved all their energies from advancing the Liberal agenda into something entirely different.

On all issues all their energy is being expended into doing nothing but attempting to scream down any, and all dissenting voices.

This is because, though they’ll deny it until the cows come home, they know subconsciously that their idealism has become divorced from reality. And the voices they’re trying to scream down are the ones quietly whispering from their collective sub consciousness.

A century ago American Conservativism and the Republican Party had a once-in-a-century opportunity. Let’s try not to screw up our opportunity the way they did.

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