Rebuilding America

Rebuilding America: The Biblical Blueprint
Rebuilding America

The Biblical Blueprint
Book by Ralph Drollinger, Former UCLA Basketball Star, Founder/Pres Capitol Ministries

This practical how-to book explores an important Biblical principle for restoring a nation, with an insight and perspective from Scripture that many have not considered. If you are concerned about the direction of America and what the Bible has to say about reforming a nation, then this is an important read for you. The perspective and strategy may surprise you. Already with Bible Studies in 40 state capitols, their “CivicReach™” has strategy and links for you to reach your own local civic leaders.

Sized and priced for re-distribution as you disciple your fellow Christian patriots in this God-inspired timeless strategy and action outreach.

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Ralph DrollingerRalph Drollinger is the founder and president of Capitol Ministries.® After starting a ministry in the California Capitol to governing authorities in 1996, the ministry has established similar evangelism and discipleship ministries in over forty of America’s state capitols, as well as overseas in Latin America, Central America, French and English Africa, and Eurasia. In 2009, he and his wife, Danielle, founded Capitol Ministries® in Washington, DC, where he teaches the Members Bible Study in our nation’s capitol and they minister to members of Congress including over a dozen Senators on a weekly basis. One can subscribe at no cost through to the same weekly Bible studies he teaches on the Hill.

“In the first century church the Great Commission was fulfilled without much in the way of resources or technology. Today we have plenty of both, but the Great Commission remains unfulfilled. Why? Could it be one of strategy and emphasis? This book looks at that factor in great detail. Emphasizing reaching political leaders for Christ was something they did then that we don’t do now. This book makes the case for that. A must read for those interested not only in missions, but in changing the direction of a nation.” —US Senator Steve Daines, Montana


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William "Bill" Hicks
William "Bill" Hicks
4 years ago

NOW, this sounds like a book worth reading and applying.