43rd Annual PAL National Boxing Championship again held in Oxnard!

“It’s All About the Kids (Families and Community)”

By Peter Godinez (Xerox Ambassador)

The community of Oxnard recently completed another successful event:  the 43rd Annual Oxnard PAL National Boxing Championship.  Hundreds of people turned up at the event, featuring both female and male competitive boxers from all parts of the U.S.  Match results at end of this article.


The profile of people involved in this national event conducted in the community of Oxnard was best described as a “Formula of Success.”  This Formula infused the competitive boxers, coaches, trainers, parents, relatives, friends, doctors, City of Oxnard employees (including police officers) and an Olympic Gold Medalist.

Be entertained by a 30 second Inspiring Presentation of this special community event (click below):


Some photos



The interviews of several of these people I had the good fortune to speak with at this event indicated this was far more than a boxing tournament.   Much of the conversation dealt with the building of character in these young individuals showing up to compete- an objective of both PAL and Oxnard Recreation Dept.

Many of the individuals I spoke with foundationally communicated similar principles the young competitive boxers acquired in their participation of this intense sport.   Adrian Casas, General Manager of the Colonia Boxing Gym, talked about building “champions in life” by developing character, discipline, drive, responsibility, determination and a respect for people in their surroundings.  Many parents and guardians of these young people looked to Adrian for extra reinforcement in areas they may struggle with.

Adrian Casas, General Manager of the Colonia Boxing Gym and Pete Placencia, Latin American Art Broker and boxing supporter. Photo: Peter Godinez

Virgil Hill (below),1984 Gold Medalist and former World Champion who is actively involved in the PAL Boxing Championship, spoke about how the sport of boxing opened up opportunities in both the United States and the world.  He met several people on this journey that made him the person he is today, including meeting his spouse Carla Hill.  They have a son, Virgil Hill Jr.

Terrel Harrison, Interim Oxnard Community Services Manager believed this event aligned to the City of Oxnard’s mission statement of  enriching  quality of life for people of all ages by opportunities within our community.   The event aimed at embracing diversity and promoted social connections, wellness, civic pride, and lifelong learning. Mr. Harrison deserves a lot of the credit for bringing this event to Oxnard and keeping it here. The Recreation Dept and some other city resources go out of their way to make this event happen successfully.  The Recreation Dept. is now under the City’s Cultural and Community Services Division, run by Ingrid Hardy, reporting to Assistant City Mgr. Jesus Nava.

(L-R) Author/Xerox Ambassador Peter Godinez and Interim Oxnard Community Services Manager Harrison Terrel at 2017 PAL Annual Boxing Championship in Oxnard, CA. Photo: Pete Placencia


PHOTO CREDIT: Be inspired by the numerous Photos taken by Pete R. Placencia of Latin American Art Broker 

 See the winning  boxers of this 43rd Annual Oxnard PAL National Boxing Championship by clicking on Click here for the 2017 Bout Sheets.





At PAL National Boxing Championship in Oxnard!

At PAL National Boxing Championship in Oxnard!

By Peter Godinez (L-R): Colonia Boxing Gym Manager Adrian Casas and supporter Pete Placencia at PAL National Boxing Championships last night in Oxnard. Recreation Dept. head Terrel Harrison brought it to Oxnard years ago and has managed to keep this huge (over 300 matches), prestigious event right here in town.  The Recreation and Community Services […]

Updates excerpts from above linked article:

This week, Oxnard PAL hosted one of the largest and most prestigious amateur boxing competitions in the country, the 43rd Annual National PAL Boxing Championships. More than 300 participants competed over four days, with bouts going simultaneously in three rings each evening.  All bouts are being livestreamed free on-line at www.OxnardPALBoxing.com for the families unable to travel with their athlete (we’re not aware of any archives- if you find any, please let us know!)

The event, which included male and female participants ages 9 to 40, offered Novice and Open level divisions, showcasing both up-and-coming and elite level boxers from Ventura County and around the country.  This year, representatives from at least 12 states registered, with more showing up. Participating states included: California, Alaska, Arizona, Hawaii, Idaho, New Mexico, New York, Nevada, Ohio, South Carolina, and Utah.

LOCATION: Oxnard PAL Gym – 350 South K Street, Oxnard, 93030.


Peter K. Godinez is a longtime document management professional in the information services industry, as well as a Citizen of Oxnard who desires to see this community thrive to the best of its abilities and potential.

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