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    Celebrate The 4th Of July With This Chilling Tribute To American War Movies

    David Hookstead | Smoke Room Editor


    It’s the 4th of July, and we have the perfect video for all of you to celebrate with.

    As you all know, I’m a huge junkie for war movies. I watch them nonstop. It never gets old watching America dominate and learning the stories of all the men and women who wore the uniform.

    That’s why this tribute to American war movies is the perfect way to celebrate. As viewers hear General Patton’s famous speech from the movie, we see various clips from different war movies.

    There’s a high chance you’ll find a tear in your eye once it’s done. Give it a watch below.

    If that doesn’t have you in a pro-America mood, then you might be living in the wrong country. Simply put, that video was pure America. (RELATED: Here Is The Official 4th Of July Party Guide With All The Tips, Tricks And Advice You Need)

    It was dripping and oozing in freedom. Every single one of the moviesfeatured was awesome, and they all make me proud to be living in the land of the red, white and blue.

    Band of Brothers,” “Black Hawk Down” and “American Sniper” are all-time classics

    Now, grab a beer, fire up the grill, hit your group chat and celebrate the day. If you haven’t already read my guide on how to properly celebrate America’s birthday, you can find it here.

    It’s going to be a glorious day, and I hope this war film montage has you all fired up for a great time. I know it has me ready to run through a damn wall. God bless this country.

    Get after it, gentlemen.

    American War Movies (Credit: Screenshot/Twitter Video

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