5 Reasons Christians Become Politically Suicidal: “Never Trump or Never Hillary”




By Pastor Brad Sherman:  Solid Rock Church, Iowa City, Iowa

Some of my Christian friends, by taking the “Never Trump” position, are embracing political suicide. Some claim it is based on principle. But what set of Christian principles would turn our nation over to Hillary Clinton, who openly supports abortion, homosexual marriage, is endorsed by the communist party, will choose Supreme Court justices who will literally destroy our Constitution, and the list goes on and on! A vote for any other candidate at this point is a vote for Hillary! Doesn’t it make more sense to be “Never Hillary” instead of “Never Trump?”

Some say: “We have elected Republicans in the past and it never changes and Trump will be no different.” I can only assume they are talking about the establishment Republicans. But I don’t get it. Trump is the most different out-of-the-box candidate the Republicans have ever had. How many presidential candidates can you remember who have vowed to undo the Johnson Amendment that has muzzled the voices of Christian leaders for decades? Besides Trump, I remember none! If there was ever a Republican candidate that will buck the establishment, it is Trump! There has to be more to his strange phenomena.

Government by the People

The leaders we elect are simply a reflection of the people. In Trump, we have a candidate that has awakened a dormant segment of our culture. This awakening may not be the kind that many of the church people on the right would have preferred, but maybe they need to wake up too. The Theologically Correct (TC) Christians on the right seem to have become a problem similar to the Politically Correct (PC) secularists on the left.

We should be rejoicing that God has given us someone like Donald Trump who will go head to head with the insanity on the left. Yes, he has been married three times, and confesses to having been immoral, (while we excuse these things in our past as being “BC” (Before Christ). And with the next breath we criticize Trump for not being “Christian” enough. Yes, Trump tends to swear publicly, (while most of us only do it in private). I guess God missed it by calling King David, who committed murder and adultery, “a man after His own heart.” And how conveniently we ignore how God said of Cyrus:

  • anointed;
  • My shepherd;
  • a man who shall perform all My pleasure;
  • whose right hand I have held;
  • I have named you though you have not known Me.

      (see Isaiah 44:28-45:4)

Five Possible Reasons

But I still have to wonder what mental or emotional process has generated the politically suicidal “Never Trump” attitude among Christians. I am not trying to accuse anyone, but I know my own weaknesses well enough to know that, of the five possibilities below, one or more may be in play.

  1. Have they given up?

The self-destructive behavior that I have described as theologically correct political suicide on the right is typical of someone who has simply given up. Hopelessness is an irrational downward spiral that is critical of those who still have hope. Those who keep on believing and working really irritate the hopeless because it points to their lack of faith.

  1. Could it be that they are too proud to admit fault?

The scriptures refer to Christians as the “salt of the earth” which is supposed to prevent corruption, but all we have to do is look at the condition of this world and see how we have been doing. Some may simply be too proud to place fault where it needs to be and admit that “we the people” haven’t done our job. This is essentially a Pharisaical attitude that says: “We couldn’t be the problem, we are “Theologically Correct!”

  1. Maybe it’s bad theology?

 I have run into many people over the years who, when the going gets tough, revert to a default position that sounds something like this: “Oh well, we tried. Let’s just focus on eternity. We are eventually going to just leave this nasty old world behind anyway.”

This is bad theology. Yes, if we die before Jesus returns, our spirits go to heaven. But at the resurrection, the spirits of those who have died in Christ will rejoin their resurrected bodies here on earth. The fact is, the Bible starts with man on earth, and ends with man on earth. If God has plans for man living eternally somewhere besides earth, the Bible does not speak of it.

Our works and Christ’s return are not unrelated. We are called to prepare the way for His return and the establishment of His Kingdom government on earth as it is in heaven. This gospel of the Kingdom (not simply “the gospel”) must be preached to all nations before the end (see Matt 24:14). We have a job to do and it must be completed. Then Jesus will return and establish His Kingdom on earth.

  1. A lack of motivation?

The American form of government is designed to be a government by the people. Some may see the failure of “we the people” but lack the motivation to do the work that is needed. The truth is, we simply don’t have enough people who are willing to do their job regarding government. Restoring the foundations of freedom in America will require more than a few “armchair quarterbacks.”

  1. A Lack of Tools and Direction?

Though we all may traffic in the human weaknesses mentioned above to some degree, I choose to believe that there are still decent people out there who are waking up, people who still love America and are willing to stand up and defend their freedom. Even among those who have a substantial degree of knowledge regarding the Constitution, most are missing an important element: a means of restoring these truths to the people.

I have read article after article and attended dozens conferences that point to all the problems we are facing, but very few offer any practical direction to do anything about it. I don’t claim to have the solution, but I do claim to have a solution, or at least a place to start.

I understand that a national revival is essential for restoring the foundations of freedom. But a revival is not a random event by which we will one day be happily surprised. First God puts vision in our hearts. Where there is no vision, the people perish or wander aimlessly (see Pr 29:18).

Next we need a strategy to begin restoring the knowledge of freedom to the people. The Bible says, “My people are destroyed for a lack of knowledge” (see Hosea 4:6). Thomas Jefferson essentially said the same thing: “I know of no safe depositor of the ultimate powers of society but the people themselves; and if we think them not enlightened enough to exercise their control with a wholesome discretion, the remedy is not to take it from them, but to inform their discretion by education. This is the true corrective of abuses of constitutional power.”

Once we have a strategy, then we can take action. Those who know their God will display strength and take action (see Daniel 11:32). We must educate the people if we are to see freedom prevail in America.

Two Things:

I plead with my Christian friends to do two things:

1) Get behind Trump for President. There is too much at stake to allow personal opinion or a sense of moral superiority override the general welfare of our nation.

2) Join a movement to educate the people with the basics of freedom. Go to TheFreedomQuiz.com(http://getpurpose.us2.listmanage.com/track/click?u=6786c04d282f0ac674aa31370&id=4c7f2357fa&e=ddde1da67e) and learn how you can become part of the movement to restore the foundations of freedom to America.




To contact Pastor Brad Sherman:  https://www.linkedin.com/in/brad-sherman-75721529

For a video message from Pastor Brad Sherman go to: https://gop.com/pastor-brad-sherman-on-the-reality-of-being-engaged/


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    That’ Hillsdale College.

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    Great suggestions. May I add that Hinsdale College free online courses are a great way to be educated.


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