Judy Chu Go Home!

By Greg Aprahamian, 6-3-17

We succeeded in delivering the important message Judy Chu go home, to Judy Chu at her “adopt a district” town hall in Santa Clarita.on June 2, 2017.
It was a somewhat intimate affair of about 150 or so people.  Mostly all Democrats in attendance,  I sat with and passed out homemade signs to the local CA4MAGA chapter.
The pro illegal alien activist group CHIRLA, also had a  booth directly outside the entrance to the auditorium.
I have a feeling the town hall was basically planned as a Democrat pep rally, except I think I completely spoiled the pep rally ambience by constantly shouting Judy Chu Go Home”!
I’m not trying to say that I upstaged Judy Chu, but at times it was me vs. the audience and Judy Chu.
I was resolute that Judy Chu shouldn’t be holding a town hall in Santa Clarita and she needed to go home.
Santa Clarita is basically a family town, and a commuter suburb about 40 miles north of downtown LA.    It’s a great place in LA county, where people move to, specifically to rear their kids.  Because of this suburban, family atmosphere, most people generally maintain a somewhat polite demeanor.  Political discourse is generally protected but,  that was all tested at the town hall Friday night.
My position was:   Judy Chu, don’t come Santa Clarita and try and ruin it with your open borders, Pro illegal, America hating amnesty crap!  Judy Chu go home!  And if anybody has a right to deliver that message to Judy Chu in Santa Clarita, it’s me!
The Audience, and the organizers made a concerted effort to shut me down, they threatened to have the Sheriff’s remove me, and squash all descent from the audience,  but I wasn’t going to be intimidated, I knew the correct boundaries.  
The audience and the organizers genuinely wanted a warm reception for Rep. Judy Chu, but I think it is fair to say that there was enough vocal dissent that Judy Chu and the “Adopt A District” organizers couldn’t claim that she truly received a warm reception in Santa Clarita.
Judging by the Democrat audience’s reaction, the  message “Judy Chu go home”  was the right message to deliver.
It was an effective message, because this in fact is not her district, and she has no right to pretend to “adopt a district”.
It’s very irregular and probably  unheard of for one member of Congress to go to another district and hold an “adopt a district” town hall. Judging by how sensitive the audience was to my  message “Judy Chu go home” I think their reaction validated my point.
Local school board Politician Christy Smith (Democrat),  moderated the town hall,  and in a way alluded that during the next redistricting it’s possible that Santa Clarita could be blended with a different district.  Judy Chu mentioned that Santa Clarita is a great entrance to the San Gabriel mountains, a core area that she currently represents.
Is this blending of the district’s something that’s being talked about in Democrat leadership circles?  
Or are they just trying to cover up for the embarrassment of holding an “adopt a district” town hall in a district that Judy Chu, doesn’t represent?
Who knows?
Let the record show that the Judy Chu “Adopt a district” town hall in Santa Clarita did not go as well as the organizers planned, and Judy Chu can not claim that she received a warm reception in Santa Clarita.
Until next time,
Greg Aprahamian


Greg Aprahamian is a Santa Clarita resident who is concerned about illegal immigration


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William Hicks
William Hicks
3 years ago

Good man for facing off with this charade.