7-17-18 Hot Oxnard debate on Gang Injunctions-Renewal Delayed; Secret Starr Lawsuits Discussion; Housing Code Enforcement Crackdown Coming

By George Miller

7-17-18 Oxnard Council Meeting: Hot debate on gang injunctions- agrees to do community discussion before trying to reactivate; New Dioji Day Care Pet Resort approved; More resident-initiated discussion on chronic parking problems; Secret discussions on Aaron Starr lawsuits; Special needs housing complex cleared to apply for private funding; Campaign signs law, public drinking restrictions and housing code enforcement all to be strengthened


No announcements from the closed session on City of Oxnard v Aaron Starr as follows:

C-1. Conference with Legal Counsel – Existing Litigation
CC (Government Code section 54956.9 (d)(1))
Name of case: City of Oxnard; et al. v. Aaron Starr
Ventura County Superior Court, Case No. 56-2016-00479696-CU-MC-VTA

The City Attorney requested that this item be discussed in closed session under the Brown Act authorization for the City Council to confer with its legal counsel regarding pending litigation.

C-2. Conference with Legal Counsel – Existing Litigation
CC (Government Code section 54956.9 (d)(1))
Name of case: Aaron Starr and Nancy Pedersen v. City of Oxnard
Ventura County Superior Court, Case No. 56-2018-00510828-CU-CO-VTA

Starr and Pedersen seek refunds for utility over-payments, as reversed by Starr vs City of Oxnard ruling, for themselves and others in this class. Oxnard is mulling over its next move, if anything, which could involve an appeal on the first case, or steps to arrange refunds. We have lots of articles on the Starr lawsuit sagas on Measure M.


E-1. SUBJECT: Presentation of a Commendation to Future Leaders of America and Oxnard Union High School District for Aligning Graduation Courses with College Entrance Requirements.

We were told that OUHSD ncreased graduation requirements, working on how to prepare students for college entrance. Introduced students who collaborated on this program.

E-2. SUBJECT: Presentation of a Commendation to the Public Works Employees who Repaired the 48-Inch Pipeline Bypass.

Assistant Public Works Director Ng Thien accepted the honors for his staff for this repair, which did not initially go according to plan and became an emergency, as the new repair leaked just as daily peak load was starting. The crew set up a temporary pipeline in record time using a temporary bypass to an abandoned line and alerted an emergency repair contractor who came in to save the day. A spill hazard was completely avoided. It could have been a  potential 20+ million gallons/day flow of partially untreated sewage into the ocean.



Jerry Lucero- Live next to Rio Lindo Park- has talked about overcrowding there for years. But his current beef is promises from 4 Mayors to resolve have not been acted upon. Thinks a dog park should be put there.  Mayor Flynn says this item will be agendized, pending completion of the Partks Master plan, likely this Fall.

Woody Thomas- Oxnard is a City that supposedly cares. Wants a settlement with the city on defamation, discrimination and more. He has been talking about this at Council meetings for years and said to us previously that he was considering legal action.

Jim Carr- Concerned about weeds thorough the city, untrimmed palm trees and debris throughout the city.  Has attempted to get the city to act. all he has heard was they were not sure which department is responsible. Most recently., Rosemary Gaglione promised abatement but hasn’t delivered. No date has been set- he has received no further response.  He suggested using civic groups or probationary people.  Mayor Flynn said he has talked to Carr and that we have limited crews to do this. He said areas of town are deplorable.

Jackie Tedeschi-  Good presentation from Todd Housley of Environmental Resources (solid waste disposal en inglés)? Why are we watering plants inadequately?

Christopher  Moore- CA Public Utilities coordinator for VC. Forming energy sector group to meet CA climate change goals. Help promote city policies to help conservation, costs, develop local jobs and subsidize utility bills.

Jeff Burum- CD 26 primary candidate, retired CPA and financial planner- Re: Our accounting system, audit problems and Aaron Starr lawsuit. Must meet accounting reqmts. Must do profit and loss, balance sheet, cash flows/burn rate.  Need to have Treasurer Phil Molina to sign off on statements. Mainly need training, not new software.  Flynn blamed out of date software and asked Asst City Mgr. Nava to speak on it- City Atty Fischer said that would need to be agendized.

Yolanda Galvez of Doris Ave.- horrible parking situation. Wants parking permits approach. What effect will all these news dwelling unit permits have on this problem?  Mayor Flynn says do via Neighborhood Council to Traffic Dept.

Angel Garcia- Troubled by newspaper reports of drugs, violence. Says there is a “youth outreach problem.” Spoke to kids at the Corner Pocket recall debate about a skate park or community recreation center.

Paul Lemos- Good news- Grandfather came here illegally in 1917, came to Oxnard in 1919 at 18 years old. Father became Citizen in 1952, put up pic of President and took down pic of Pancho Villa. Will have family reunion of 300 members next month. We don’t criticize the city.

Pat Brown- Enterra was supposed to leave 23 years ago. Bring in 7-8 trucks at a time on Wooley Road, which needs to be widened or get rid of Enterra. Wants to pressure County Supv. John Zaragosa to help oust them. Camarillo Air Show is next month- August 18-19.


G- City Manager Report-

Reports are all on line, per City Mgr. Nguyen. Tour of public works Wednesday- membersof public welcome

Council Members

Madrigal- 530 PM Wed. Carnegie Board meeting. August 9 deadline for running for City Council. Wants curb cut svs parking permits.

Ramirez- Residents want speed bumps in their areas. Procedures for requesting should be explained. Asked City Mgr. to post info on it. Will be at PACC board meeting Wed. 5PM. LASCO- 0900 at Govt Center. Also concerned about Enterra’s 30 years permit request (out of city, but affects it). Could affect City aquifer.  Clean Power Authority seeking members cleanpoweralliance.org for info. Concerned about children not reunited with parents.

MacDonalds- Participated in Coast Coordinating Rail Board meeting.

Perello- Enterra dumps oil field waste- there are concerns about water table, Went to Electrical Workers Union training, requires 1080 hrs. training hrs and 8000 hrs on job, 6 hrs/week training, and more. Police Officer Mike Johnson injured on Job. Met w/Channel islands task force.

Flynn- Look forward to August meeting break, posting agendi 12 days in advance. First meeting after break is 9-11-18. Says new 7 person council will make it impossible to vert every item at council meetings. Wants to use committees to do this more, streamline council meetings. (Council has shot down his plan- twice).



No objections.Immediately passed unanimously with no questions/objections. We can’t remember this  happening in quite a while.


L-1- Planning and Zoning Permit No. 17-500-17 (Special Use Permit) for the Property Located at 633 Ventura Boulevard (Dioji Dog Daycare)  (5/5/5)
RECOMMENDATION: That the City Council adopt a resolution approving Planning and Zoning Permit Number 17-500-17 (Special Use Permit), subject to certain findings and conditions.
Legislative Body: CC Contact: Ashley Golden Phone: (805) 385-7882

Document: L-1 Presentation
Document: L-1 Staff Report 
For Dog Day Care and Boarding. Construction of 7599 sq ft cage-free dog care and boarding,. plus retail and grooming area. Not zoned for this, Zoned for Commercial General.  Needs special use permit requires Planning Commission recommendation. Claimed no public opposition or concerns. New issue just raised today. Project in northern El Rio near 101, Near Sherwin Williams store. Would demolish existing building on slightly less than 1 acre site. Dog capacity for 100, 75 evenings. Addressing noise, odor and lighting concerns. SW style building, 8′ redwood fence around open dog play era.
Public Comments
Applicant-Diogi Day Care Pet Resort- NOT a kennel. Have 3 other facilities in SoCal. Have had no complaints,
Council Comments
Madrigal- Parking at most northern portion? Yes. 80 ft. to residential area.
Ramirez- Just came up today. Two non-resident letter writers from Nevada- Morales family has concerns about noise, smell, pests. How do you handle noise? Applicant: Employee training addresses this on how to control dogs properly. Also, dogs are screened.  Infrastructure buffers any noise. Highway noise will be louder than the dogs.
MacDonald- Dogs sleep inside? Yes.
Perello- Want new business. Now have facilities in Agoura, Santa Barbara- Goleta. Do any facilities abut residential areas? Applicant- Goleta- across Fairview Ave. Water meet fire dept specs? Mallory- Cloverdale water now supplies- Project will be required to meet all Oxnard requirements and be instead connected to Oxnard water. Who approved? Mallory: Not El Rio MAC, but Neighborhood Council.  Fischer: owners within 300 ft radius were mailed. Cleaning up excrement? Applicant: Drainage goes to soil, retained by berms. A special compound absorbs, deodorizes.
Flynn- Facilities have to meet really high govt stds and customer expectations. Turf use is typical for such facilities.  High demand for such facilities. Supports and appreciates vetting.
Approved 5-0
L-2- TEFRA Hearing – Garden City Special Needs Housing (5/10/10)
RECOMMENDATION: That the City Council:
1. Hold a public hearing regarding the issuance of up to $5,250,000 of multifamily housing revenue bonds by the California Municipal Finance Authority to finance the development and construction of the Garden City Special Needs Housing Project, a 30-unit special needs rental housing project to be built at 5600/5690 Cypress Road, Oxnard CA; and
2. Adopt a resolution approving the issuance of bonds.
Legislative Body: CC Contact: Arturo Casillas Phone: (805) 385-8094
Document: L-2 Staff Report
Document: L-2 Presentation
Carl Lawson of Housing Dept.: This will replace a farm worker housing complex of  100 beds with a 30 unit special needs housing facility. Initially said his will not be a tax credit deal (likely incorrect). Bonds will not be govt issued and city has no financial responsibility.  Goes through normal planning commission approval cycle.
Development Director Ashley Golden– already went through planning commission, outreach meetings and approved. It is an AHOP site, so does not have to go to Council.  MacDonald- it did come to us as a parking issue. Golden- no, that was the Saviers Project..
Applicant Orento Castillo of Castillo-Cypress LLC was present.
Council Comments
Flynn- Because it is an AHOP site , City Council does not vet
Madrigal- supports
Ramirez- Excellent project, desperately needed. Questions about child predators- covered by Megan’s Law? Macri-Ortiz every lease addresses this.
Perello- No local residents here at meeting to object. Parking requirements are waived. How will parking be handled? Will there be prison released people with criminal backgrounds- will they be allowed there? Lawson- Special needs requirements are statutory. He doesn’t think criminal record is considered, but only special needs categories, Doesn’t really know answer. He says there were big concerns about criminals/sex offenders. Does refusal of tax exempt bond status have any impact?. Developer rep- will be tax exempt bonds via SIDLAC (CA Debt Limit Allocation Committee is most advantageous approach) to make this project feasible. Regarding special needs classification- 4 needs , mental disabilities, threat of homelessness and more. Same guidelines as any affordable housing would be subject to. Developer rep- I’m not an attorney, but they would have to follow laws. Perello – meetings were well-attended- several concerns.
Barbara Macri-Ortiz- private atty representing applicant-  There are criminal background and credit checks. Meeting attendees had already decided that they hated us. Facility will have first  preference for people who live and work in Oxnard.

Attorney Barbara Macri-Ortiz

City Atty Fischer- Megan’s law governs  registration; Jessica’s Law governs distance from residents- was overturned in 2015.
Ramirez- unfair to discriminate against criminals who have served their time. Need a second chance. Especially minor offenses.
Flynn- Some can only afford dormitory style place to live. Others live on street, in cars. Agree with Ramirez. Projects like this are needed. Easy for people to decide with incorrect info. To Golden- what about parking?  Cypress neighborhood has some of most severe parking problems in Oxnard. What about parking permits? Golden- have suspended pilot projects on permit parking, being sent to transportation policy committee for review.  Committee felt it wasn’t adequately addressed.  Flynn favors council ability to get parking permits system and /or curb cuts. When will study be completed? Unanswered.
MacDonald- we are way off base from TEFRA hearing (caused that line of discussion to be dropped quickly and moved t a vote)
Approved 5-0 unanimous.
M-1- Response to Grand Jury Report – Campaign Signs. (5/10/5)
RECOMMENDATION: That City Council authorizes the Mayor, the City Clerk, and the City Attorney to respond, on behalf of the City Council, to the Grand Jury report titled “Campaign Signs” dated April 5, 2018, in the form included as Attachment A.
Legislative Body: CC Contact: Stephen M. Fischer Phone: (805) 385-7483
Document: M-1 Staff Report
From Staff Report:
The Grand Jury concluded the City of Oxnard’s sign-placement policy provides insufficient direction regarding placement of campaign signs on private property.
The City agrees with the finding, conclusion and recommendation, and has implemented the recommendation by updating the election sign information provided to candidates in City elections to cite relevant City Code provisions and provide information in a format similar to the
format recommended by the Grand Jury.
The City is required to respond by July 17, 2018, to certain findings and recommendations presented in the Grand Jury report. A draft of the response is presented as Attachment A.
Public Comment
Barbara Macri-Ortiz- Supports moving the item ahead for legal dept.,to address. . Propsoed code not really designed for campaign signs. Please sit down and do  a coherent policy for campaign signs.
Madrigal- Simi has campaign signs all over the businesses and Oxnard is better
Ramirez= How do we get this enforced, will it be abused? Roger Brooks- Not a lot of time spent on campaign signs, very few complaints s except on public property.
Ramirez- much ado about nothing. supports recommendation
MacDonald- supports, We do better than Ventura
Perello- must answer Grand Jury. What is direction to candidates now? City Clerk Ascension- signs must not go out until 60 days before election, be taken down within 10 days after with some location limitations.
Flynn- biggest complaints are for signs on public rights of way. Report says complaints are about signs on private property.  This  an unfunded mandate.  This is an invitation for political chicanery.
Approved 5-0
M-2- SUBJECT: Alcohol Possession and Consumption Ordinance. (5/5/10)
RECOMMENDATION: That City Council approve the first reading by title only and waive further reading of an ordinance amending Chapter 7, Article VIII, Section 7-125 of the Oxnard City Code regulating alcohol possession and consumption in public places.
Legislative Body: CC Contact: Stephen M. Fischer Phone: (805) 385-7483
Document: M-2 Staff Report
Document: M-2 Presentation

Possession of open containers and consumption of alcohol is only prohibited in city parks. This will be added to other public places, with some exemptions. , such as transporting corked bottles from restaurants.


Public Comments

Dana Aten- People drinking may not causing a ruckus. People are in the skate park with no helmets and cars are driving unsafely.

Council Comments

Mafdrigal- Cut and dried, but enforcement difficult.

Ramirez- Sopport

Perello- Support. Hard liquor bottles in park adjacent to PACC. People break into skate park and skate without helmets. Lights are on after closed. What about mini-bottles. Asst Chief Sonstegard- 8-9 location sell these, based on permitting.

Flynn- shares concerns, enforcement resources tin. May not be top priority.

Approved 5-0 unanimous.


M-3-Safe Homes Safe Families Program Ordinances and Resolution. (15/10/10)
RECOMMENDATION: That City Council:
1. Approve the first reading by title only and waive further reading of an ordinance adding Article XXVII to Chapter 14 of the Oxnard City Code to establish a Safe Homes Safe Families, Repeat Offender Program;

2. Approve the first reading by title only and waive further reading of an ordinance repealing uncodified Ordinance No. 2726, and adding Article XXVI to Chapter 14 of the Oxnard City Code to establish Tenant Relocation Assistance; and
3. Approve the first reading by title only and waive further reading of an ordinance adding Article XXVIII to Chapter 14 of the Oxnard City Code related to substandard and improper occupancies; and
4. Adopt a resolution amending the fee schedule for civil fines to include fines for properties registered in the Safe Homes Safe Families Program, and substandard conditions and improper occupancy fines.
Legislative Body: CC Contact: Ashley Golden Phone: (805) 385-7882

Document: M-3 Staff Report
Document: M-3 Presentation
Development Director Ashley Golden:
This is part of a two year effort to improve code enforcement for safety/quality of life.It is primarily directed at abusive landlords who provide significantly substandard houising., Will be funded via Measure O. Several people will be hire and a vehicle purchased. In new budget via Measure O funding. Got feedback from multiple stakeholders who said symptom s rater than problems were addressed. also cost to property owners was discussed and why not ficus on abusive property owners from a quality of life program. Not dealing just with rental units but ALL units in the city, Focus is on repeat offenders> Eliminating inspection fees. Doing a tenant relocation procedure. # serious violations within three years triggers action. 325 owners in 550 locations are eligible, with 115 cases currently open.  Focus is on how do you get OUT of the program. Mandatory yearly inspection, dropped after 2 successful inspections. Doubling civil fines for properties within the program. Added receivership final option for resistant owners. ref: Code 17290.3. Will define areas which cannot be used for sleeping. Will codify health and safety code to pay relocation for displaced tenants. Significant penalties- up to $10,000. Code 2726 affected.
Jason Zaragosa and Roger Brooks to address questions.
Public Comments
Barbara Macri-Ortiz- Thanks to Ashley Golden and Roger Brooks,. Through dialogue this got much better- is are ordinance to address substandard housing- not just parking, occupancy total. Having an attorney/paralegal assigned to the program will be very helpful.
Dan Pinedo- This program is a great leap forward to deal with substandard housing conditions., Root problem is actually economic. this is not a rich city. Will require a lot more funding.
Pat Brown- Substandard mobile homes just continue. also, Seniors getting so old that they need family me members living in with them and bring their families in, too.
Woody Thomas- Health and safety for all houses. Code enforcement is now a joke. Friends get away with things. Money talks.
Jackie Tedeschi- Wonderful subject. Council has always advocated safe homes/safe city. This has more meat. Will there be surprise visits? Golden- no. Not going out and looking fir new problems.
Council Comments
Madrigal- Gone a long way since the beginning. What about school attendance if tenants relocated? Brooks- Owner will pay for displacement. It’s rare to move a family out. It will be their choice of  where they go.
Ramirez- Many people are vulnerable/don’t have good choices due to income. Landlords threaten tenants. Need more housing at all levels. Landlords should shape up, comply with law. supports.
MacDonald- Wasn’t a strong advocate of program, but like this version. a garage, closet, is not designed for habitation, can’t rent under civil code. Relocation the obligation of owner. Want incorporate code from 1940-1954 into this. Should have inter-district transfers so kids can stay in same school if relocated. Supports.
Zaragosa- We can add this language.
Perello- This has been a long time coming. Tenant may fear inspectors and being relocated. What did Measure O ( 1/2 cent sales tax fund) Committee say? Will we take reserves down too much? I support this.
Ashley Golden- Garages can be converted, haven’t recruited staff, because budget wasn’t approved, about $200,000/yr is collected in fines to general fund. R: relocation- get on books uncodified ordinance, get funding stream. Didn’t look at student relocation issues. Will do. Can collect relocation coats and fines .Perello- how much is uncollected? Golden- don’t know.  Budget already improved.
Ramirez- can we put liens on property for unpaid fines? Yes.
Flynn- this has taken 14 years, gratified. appreciate skills of those who worked on it. Nothing hits closer to home than the safety of the home. “Everyone in this community deserves to live in a safe first world home” (but who will pay for this?). He later differentiated safe place from nice place.
Note: Council people were very concerned bout students being able to continue going to their original schools. However, several people I talked to said it might be a blessing for these kids to go to better schools in other County cities.
Zaragosa. add text to ordinance
Approved 5-0 unanimous
M-4-Gang Membership Determination Ordinance. (10/10/10)
RECOMMENDATION: That City Council approve the first reading by title only and waive further reading of an ordinance amending Chapter 7 of the Oxnard City Code to establish a hearing process to determine whether individuals are active gang members of a criminal street gang subject to a lawful gang injunction.
Legislative Body: CC Contact: Scott Whitney Phone: (805) 385-7624
Document: M-4 Staff Report
Document: M-4 Presentation
Asst PD Chief Eric Sonstegard-, also Mike Schwarz  from DA’s office. Were 368 gang members under injunction. about 150 rested annually,. Have temporarily suspend gang injunction rules pending litigation. Gang detective serves as gang injunction manager, collects info, prepares injunctions for service.
Major rulingVasquez v (Orange). Shouldn’t be subject to injunction without due process). So we developed notice of right to contest gang membership assignemt, Three applied- STILL in litigation.
People vs Sanchez- Stanislaus Cty. Same basic issue, violated due process.  We suspended Oxnard rule based upon this. We are going very slow on this to develop new hearing process to meet court guidelines. Will have hearing officer, City rep and person in question. Burden of proof is on the city. Officer then decides which can be reviewed if alleged gang member so opts.  No one else is attempting what Oxnard is at this time.
Need to pass ordinnance, then develop structure of process
Mike Schwartz- DA supports. a good tool to help deter crime, Must have a process to determine if someone is a gang member. If we have to do this for every gang member, it will be impossible. 9th Circuit Court of Appeals suggested administrative ratHer than court process. We think this could work and provider due process and allow us to get back in the busines of gang injunctions to enforce the law.
Public Comemnt
‘Sean Garcia Lays- Staff atty at Urban Peace Institute. Want to reduce gang violence and is on team which stopped injunctions. This costs  law enforcement support by people it needs to enforce it. In places where its been eliminated, homicide clearances are over 100%.  Injunctions make regular activities illegal. Should solve crimes, not invent them. Would open up Oxnard to litigation. City of Oxnard, not DA, would become defendant.
Francisco Romero- Came out of left field – no community dialogue. DA shoving down to city to have taxpayers pay for it. $15,000 for hearings is super-low estimate. Complex issues require complex discussions, how about real dialogue, staff time. If writs are filed, taxpayers must cover it. We’re told it is an effective tool, no proof. How many of this people are already under orders/parole. Can already be surveilled, searched. We have opportunity to abandon this relic- vote no. Explore
Armando Vazquez- We’ve been fighting this racist,m unfair unjust law for 13 years. We need to get to the issue of due process.  Destroying peoples’ lives without opportunity to rebut, Not a transparent process. Cops have not been forthcoming. Have another process- not using. How can you get trust if you don’t have honest conversations? (Ed. ne: Mr. Vazquez has an editorial on this published recently in Citizens Journal).
Barbara Macri-Ortiz- Have many such cases which never got ruling, because issues never resolved. Spend a little more time with them, dealing with them as human beings., Gang criteria are all superficial, not including their records, . You can be classified as gang member if your father was one.
Pat Brown- Gangs will take over, have a western movie shoot (sarcastic). What can we do to calm the situation down, interest the kids in something other than gangs? How do we turn them around to be productive Citizens without any violence? How are we going to dissolve this situation? I don’t know.
Dana Aten- Starts at home with respect. Don’t be tardy, disrespectful. It starts at home, school. There are consequences when you cross the line. Kids programs could help. Marines would deal with hard cases. Go to a military type boot camp. I’m in  criminal justice- alcohol and drugs,. Throwing people in jail makes them mean. Some do because they’ve been molested, beat. When they have that glare in their eyes and bruises on their arms….
Julie Medina- Do I look like a gang member? Do I have a tattoo? Worked with Cafe on A. What it takes is to open up your heart, really take them in, not label them, put them in a lower place. Takes loving people, jobs, really helping a human being and helping that person long term.
Council and Staff Comments
Police Chief  Scott Whitney- Sees a conflation of two issues. Discussion on whether the city wants to move forward. Police would lead that conversation if we want to move forward. This was not for discussion of validity and effectiveness of gang injunctions. We have NOT placed non -gang members on injunctions. Some counties to the south have not been, though, with thousands of gang members to deal with and their procedures. Oxnard gang injunctions have been named as models.
Madrigal- Have family members on injunction. People can be classified as gang member by dress. Not easy to see who is a gang member. Some people wear out of local Oxnard pride. Colonia and Southside are only injunctions. But what about Lemonwood, El Rio? What is process to get out of injunction? Parenthood and job change lives. Asst. Chief Sonstegard- procedure is laid out. You can’t be classified a gang member just for clothing- lots of other criteria. Prohibitions only apply to safety zones. Madrigal- now it’s cool to be a nerd
Ramirez- has some very deep concerns about the injunction. Never mentioned to community. Biggest concern is due process, now addressed to certain extent., Can an individual bring a representative? yes. I thought it gave our city a black eye, but many like it because they feel very threatened. Injunction now suspended for several months. We can hear from people with many perspectives.  Good that Police Dept.picking up guns, keeping people from hurting each other. I subscribe to Father Boyle’s “nothing stops a bullet like a job.” Really appreciate work PD is doing. Sonstegard agrees that they should not rush. Ramirez would like to propose some community conversations.
MacDonald- local officer to do hearings? How many served with injunctions? 368.  This is only one small tool in the toolbox.  This isn’t about intimidation, it is about helping our community do the right thing.  People make mistakes. How do we help them get around the mistakes. Better to fund from independent sources
Perello- I don’t agree. I grew up in a sheltered time. Too many violent incidents. A lot of people killed. Comments it’s being crammed down their throat. This is an attempt to make it safe. I am for health, welfare and safety. Tremendous amount of crime and violence. Lifelong member of ACLU. There are predators. I’m here to support police dept. Youth programs are good programs. There are a lot of outside influences that affect young kids. When I was  a kid, disputes were resolved with fist fights. Now, someone gets shot., OK to delay a bit- some extra time.
Flynn- Very strong supporter of gang injunction. Like a house arrest. Intention was to deal with a very expensive and troubling problem. Initially had an amazing effect. Then fewer and fewer injunctions issued, attributed to gang members changing their tactics. Time to re-evaluate after 13 years. We must demonstrate whether this has been effective or it wasn’t or not invest further. 2500 gang members is 1% of the city. Cheaper to invest money up front. Need intervention program. If accepted, expand it , strengthen it it and expand to all gang members., We’re gonna give you help, but if you refuse over and over again, then enforcement is needed.
Ramirez moved to continue the injunction renewal  pending a community conversation, to be organized by Police Depot and City Manager.
Flynn- supports, will take some time to review, discuss what police think they were able to accomplish for community with injunctions.
Perello- agree, but don’t want public to think we’re kicking can down the road.
Nguyen- this has implication from the history of this country. Just one tool. Seems more interested in intervention program- Home Boyz, Stockton, Salinas programs, in addition to straightforward law enforcement. Weingarten Foundation interested in investing. Will look at multiple tools, not just putting it on the police.
One more public comment
Woody Thomas- supported gang injunction in 2004. FDA/agencies inspect everything before it goes in your body. Dealing with drugs is dealing with the mafia. It’s like stop and frisk, violation of civil rights, profiling , etc. That tool (injunctions) is like stop and frisk. Could result in litigation against the city.

George Miller is Publisher and Co-Founder of CitizensJournal.us and a “retired” operations management consultant residing in Oxnard. 

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