LaVoy- Dead Man Talking

LaVoy – Dead Man Talking is a bio-documentary on the life and death of LaVoy Finicum – the Arizona rancher killed in Oregon on January 26, 2016. This film is the organic progression of an unfolding epic drama in the “Governed V Governing” series, produced by Center for Self Governance. The Finicum family and Center for Self Governance are raising money to complete this ongoing project. Will you join with us?  We invite you to  SUPPORT HERE.
Jeanette, LaVoy’s widow, urges you to, “come with me on this journey to showcase the real man LaVoy Finicum. Our family’s mission is to continue his mission to educate and teach. We have partnered with Center for Self Governance, in this documentary, to help educate and teach about the delicate line between preserving or losing life, liberty, and property.”  
Center for Self Governance plans to use the “Governed V Governing” series, as an education and teaching tool in its Foundational and Applied Civics training programs nationwide. “Our vision is to train the public to maintain political boundaries and preserve life, liberty, and property,” says Mark Herr, producer.
“I am very happy and excited to be working on this project with CSG. The compelling perspective offered from someone who has passed away offers both challenges and creative rewards.” said director Jeremiah Lofthus. We are now campaigning to raise the minimum goal of $12,000 for Part II using the KickStarter crowd-funding platform. We invite you to  SUPPORT HERE to contribute or visit the websites and for additional details.
Thank you for joining with us in the epic journey!

Affectionately and Mutually Pledged,

The Finicum Family, The CSG Team, and JCLOFTHUS FILMS

Affectionately Yours and Mutually Pledged,

Mark Herr

C0-Founder, President, Instruction Development Director

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