911 Photojournal

By Celeste Greig


Good morning glory everyone!

We all remember very vividly where we were and what we were doing the morning of Tuesday, September 11, 2001. Here in California a great many of us either were still in bed, or getting up to shower, or having breakfast, or driving the kids to school, or going to work, When we first heard the most unbelievable news of our life time, that were being attacked!


Look at 911 Photo Journal- click: 911_Jour-2 (then scroll to view photos)

More Pics: 911_Aerial_Photos

It just did not make sense–that does not happen to the United States of America.   Not on our own soil.  Who were the perpetrators? Then with hysterical tears we stared watching the news and the horrific pictures of the destruction and slaughtering of people, all happening in front of millions of American people.  Very soon we learned who the criminals were who committed such an atrocity.

Once again this a reminder that there were no guns involved in the horrible and vicious attack on 9/11 against our Country, where thousands of innocent people were killed, beautiful buildings were destroyed. The same extremists who want to populate our cities and continue indoctrinating the liberal media to dismiss the fact that they are oppressive, dangerous, anti women, anti freedom and crazy fanatics- continue their jihad.

Today is the 13th anniversary of that horrific attack on our liberties and freedom. Even after what has been going on most recently, the lack of leadership in DC, losing our credibility abroad, we are still and exceptional country- the land of the free because of the brave.  We must never forget- we must keep alert and vigilant so it does not happen again.

These are without a doubt the best and most poignant photos we have ever seen, they are priceless. Download the above link and prepare to have a tissue handy.

May God continue blessing and  watching over the United States of America!

– Celeste Greig





It’s hard to believe it’s been 13 years since that horrific terrorist attack on American soil. That day on 9/11 in 2001, four coordinated attacks were made on our nation, including the unforgettably, frighteningly horrible fall of the Twin Towers at NYC’s World Trade Center. I was lucky: I worked in Tower Two of the WTC for five years before moving to California. My cousin Fred was not: a bond trader at Canter Fitzgerald on the 106th floor of Tower One, he was one of the thousands of innocent people who never made it home that day; one of the thousands of lives needlessly lost forever.

(a play in Torrance—a reading of 101 stories)

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Marty Ferguson
Marty Ferguson
6 years ago

For years prior to 9/11 (and today) I had been listening to news/talk radio stations as an alternative to my cassette tapes and music cds. I remember getting up and showering that morning, then driving the short distance to Pelican Bay State Prison, a few miles from home. On the way there I kept hearing references to the World Trade Center but I wasn’t paying too close attention, my mind being on my driving, mainly.

I entered the prison grounds and made my way to my work site, expecting the same old grind of dealing with ‘care and upkeep’ of convicted criminals. When I got to my station the other correctional officers were gathered around a TV set. Only then was I updated on the events in New York City (at this point, only the Twin Towers had been hit). In fact, I watched a replay of the second aircraft hitting the second tower from an inmate’s TV while I was delivering breakfast to the cellblock. All I could say was, ‘God!’

As the day wore on we were witnesses to the most heinous and horrifying episodes this country has ever experienced in its then-225-year existence. Word finally came down from upper staff that all regular operations within the institution were ON HOLD UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE. We were effectively ‘on lockdown’ and stayed this way for weeks after. I actually had one inmate ask me if they were going to ‘eliminate’ all inmates nationwide, an action performed back at the onset of World War 2.

A few days later and with tears in my eyes I went to my supervisor and asked him if there was a way for us to show support and give our condolences to the People of New York. I suggested that all staff should wear Red, White and Blue ribbons on their uniforms or suits. Soon after that we held a wake in one of the parking lots there at work. Again, I could not hold back my tears.

In the following weeks and months, as I can remember them, several other events and images surfaced around the country;the anthrax attacks, another aircraft disaster a few weeks after(NOT attributed to the WTC event), the NYC firefighters, a grade-school boy testifying and crying in church about a friend who had perished on one flight, President Bush’s reactions WHICH WERE PROPER, major sporting events cancelled that weekend, the Budweiser Clydesdales’ TRIBUTE during the 2002 Super Bowl, online sites of the late Red Skelton’s explanation of ‘The Pledge of Allegiance’ and images of people hanging from ledges on the World Trade Center…more than I can remember at this writing.

Two political cartoons came out during that time that I can remember fondly. One is the image of a U.S. soldier grabbing a U.S. flag from a New York firefighter. The caption reads, ‘I’LL TAKE IT FROM HERE!’ The second shows a large-capacity U.S. bomber in an aircraft hangar with a huge arsenal in front of it. The caption reads, ‘The enemy has won the toss and has elected to RECEIVE!’

A nighttime satellite image of the United States had been taken about three weeks later. I can’t remember who took it but ALL AMERICANS were asked to stand on their front porches with lit candles in memory of the 9/11 victims. There was also a video of a neighborhood street with one U.S. flag flying before 9/11. After the attacks another video was taken of that same street. EVERY HOUSE HAS A U.S. FLAG FLYING! For one brief moment, one short, historical second in America’s timeline, EVERY AMERICAN IN EVERY STATE WAS UNITED! I can also remember that only a few weeks after 9/11 the country SPLINTERED into at least five different factions, each with a issue that may or may not have been directly attributed to those events; MOVE ON.ORG (a.k.a. ex-hippies), conspiracy theorists, hypocrites, flag burners, atheists and ‘apathysts’.

Last year I was communicating with people through an online game site and the subject of 9/11 came up. When one of the players identified himself as a New Yorker I couldn’t help but tell him, in a tearful voice, how I remembered that day and what my actions and reactions were then. In short, I let him know that we ‘have your back’…3000 miles to the west! Today, I still feel that way.

In closing I will reiterate what then-President George H.W. Bush said: ‘WE WILL NEVER FORGET!’

Marty Ferguson

[email protected]

Citizen Reporter
6 years ago
Reply to  Marty Ferguson

Great story- thanks for sharing with our readers, Marty!