Filed VC Sheriff Candidate Boyer’s statement on Clerk’s disqualification ruling

Bruce Boyer; campaign for Ventura County Sheriff: Press release 3-16-2018 rev.


The Ventura County Clerk announced on Mar 15th and was carried in the media that ‘ ——- heads for election as Ventura County Sheriff… will face no formal opposition…”.  The candidate was not “Bruce Boyer”              

The County Clerk informed the media that Bruce Boyer was ’deemed ineligible because he did not show he has the required law enforcement experience or training”. 

The ramifications, costs and outcome of the action of the County Clerk to deny the people their choice of candidates remains to be seen. Bruce Boyer has retained the services of two attorneys who are now preparing the legal challenge to overturn the County Clerk’s tyranny and restore the rights of all to run for office and the right of the people to elect the candidates of their own choosing. There is solid precedent to challenge this action as the ‘qualifications to run for Sheriff” are restrictions. A CA A.G. opinion from 2003 was used to overturn a voter referendum as to the restricting of a candidate to run for Sheriff as any restriction violates the State Constitution in that the election of a Sheriff is specified in the State Constitution. The legal challenge is expected to be ready and filed by March 20th.

The County is proceeding with the printing of sample ballots. When and the Court orders Boyer to be placed on the ballot then how will that affect the timely delivery, and the cost to the taxpayers? If the County opposes Boyer’s petition (they will) then the taxpayers will have to foot that bill, and Boyer’s as a candidate should not have to incur the cost of an attorney to get on the ballot. Then there is the damage done to Boyer’s campaign by the action of the Clerk, and to the voter’s loss in the lost campaign time.  It is a ‘very big, ugly can of worms”.

As a candidate for Ventura County Sheriff; Bruce Boyer submitted all the documentation required, including a declaration as to “qualification” as required by the CA Election Code 13.5 (a) (1) and paid the $2,825 filing fee, receipt issued and was sworn in, taking the Oath of Office (as a candidate) on Feb 22nd 2018 well ahead of the dead-line of March 9th. All nominating signatures were submitted and they were confirmed. Nominating signatures are required as they express the will of the people to have the opportunity to vote for this candidate.

 There is no specific requirement that a candidate detail all of the requisite qualifications that are required, submitting conformed transcripts or specific documentation. A ‘statement of qualifications” is all that is required. That was submitted with the filing according to law.

The County Clerk, Mr. Lunn, asserted that the Election Code (EC) gives him the authority to determine whether any candidate is qualified (which it actually does, there is no appeal, no review, no ruling, the Clerk is the sole arbiter) and he determined that Boyer was not “qualified”.

 The CA AG has not issued any opinion as to whether a County Clerk has the authority to strike otherwise filed candidates from the ballot. This authority would also be un-constitutional as the Clerk would become literally the kingmaker.

While clearly the law and action of the clerk essentially destroys any pretext of a Govt of, by and for the people, any semblance of an elected democracy; it begs the question of, why would the Clerk do this? The short answer is of course. Power. Political power and money go hand in hand.  

County Clerk Lunn is a retired CHP officer and is deeply connected in the Republican Party through his family (you do not get to be on then Gov. Reagan’s security detail as a 19 yr old and the youngest CHP Officer ever w/o connections). The Current Ventura County (VC) Sheriff is also of the same Party, and his anointed successor as well. The Clerks ‘decision’ leaves only that one candidate in the campaign, now a race of one. By coincidence… the other County Offices that also require ‘qualifications” also have no challengers to the incumbents, who are also of the same Party as the Clerk. They are the D.A.; Tax Collector/Treasurer; Assessor; School Supt and Controller.

Why go to these lengths to eliminate Boyer? While Boyer is also a “Republican”, though clearly of the “wrong sort” as he is a Constitutionalist; a VERY outspoken Constitutional Sheriff and Peace Officer (CSPOA) member.  It may be a combination of factors ranging from their bias and resentment that Boyer is NOT a career Law Enforcement guy and not playing their game; or that Boyer has publicly laid out that he will be ‘Sheriff Chainsaw” as he will take a chainsaw to the obscene salaries paid to the Sheriff’s Dept officers and deputies;  or could it be that they do not want the issue of the SB54Sanctuary State  Rebellion to go before the voters? Clearly, THEY are VERY concerned that Boyer would of course, win!

Because the legislation and actions to make CA a Sanctuary State, is rebellion. The VC Sheriff’s Dept’s participation in and support of the rebellion makes the Dept. rebels. The deputies may not support it, but they have no say, they have to just shut up and do as they are told, or quit. The cannot transfer to remedy as every other Police and Sheriff’s Dept in the State is either actively supporting the rebellion or at least cooperating in it. The other candidate, ‘qualified” by the Clerk, is the #2 man at the VCSD and endorsed by the current Sheriff, an outspoken Sanctuary State rebel!

This rebellion is extremely unpopular with the people of Ventura County, and if given the choice, the people will elect a Constitutional Sheriff to end the Sanctuary State and to defeat the rebels. They will elect a sheriff who will turn over ALL the Illegals to ICE. The people will NOT support the other candidate who will continue the policies that HE personally set up to enable and support the Sanctuary State rebellion.  

 The Status Quo also do not want the people to be given the choice to elect a Sheriff who will restore our Constitutional rights and liberties; end the enforcement of laws as to victimless crimes; support the citizens’ right to be armed; investigate and end the trafficking in slaves and of human body parts; not wage the unwinnable drug-war

There is no denying that the actions of the Clerk impeded the Boyer for Sheriff campaign especially as to fundraising ( that being Illegal if one is not a filed candidate, as determined by the Clerk). Boyer continues in his campaign with the expectation that justice will be done and he will be on the ballot to allow the people of Ventura County to make their choice for their County Sheriff.


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