A Constitutional Crisis



By Dan Reynolds

Problems with so called legal Scholars/Professors giving testimony at Impeachment Hearing: Political Bias was a key role in their testimony and evidence that they claimed was evidence against the president. Instead the evidence was lack of evidence and was actually geared as Political hate toward the President.

Political alliances have taken priority in the testimony hearings of the Impeachment instead of facts and concrete evidences to prove the President has in fact denied monies to Ukraine in order for an investigation action to take place. The Presidents language was not direct enough to be insinuated.  Yet, the Law Professors including Stanford law professor have made this allegation as fact and not hearsay. However, the law professors were not present during this conversation and have only meager news reports, conjectures and 3rd party information. 

Pre-bias testimony provided by Law Professors…so called legal scholars at a constitutional hearing of Impeachment. One so called Legal Scholar from Stanford did a public talk on C-SPAN about how she was more than willing to walk across the street to avoid Trump Tower because she doesn’t like Trump, and did walk across the street to avoid Trump Tower. Maybe she meant this as a joke but the joke was taken as literal? Uncertain, but it paints a picture of her bias. Then Weeks later she was more than willing to provide character and objective viewpoints that were personally motivated against the President of The United States during the impeachment hearing.

When in fact Her testimony was to be about Constitutional Law, and Regulations that dictate the duties of the President of The United States. Meaning, Her Testimony was not about the Constitution or duties of the President – as much as her presentation at the Impeachment hearing was geared toward the violations of the duties of the President based on character and conjecture.

The way she presented herself was well written in her body language, facial language and her tone that she did not like the President and had no ability to keep the subject solely on the duties the President, the constitution and the separation of powers of the Three Branches of Government that all elected leaders are sworn to uphold.

With this said, Where does Stanford Law School fit into this?  Simply Constitutional Law. The Constitution of the United States does not RECOGNIZE one political party over the other.  In fact it is a neutral document. Meaning no party affiliation what so ever. Yet, Constitutional law professors and “legal scholars” are politically aligned and have been making legal decisions based on party affiliations. This act on its face violates the very foundation of Constitutional law. When Professors and Legal Scholars

are making decisions based on personal political biases or loyalties to a political party such as Democratic or Republican parties before the Constitution then this act demonstrates to their students the very nature of political life takes priority over the Constitution and is something that is approved to do so without ramifications. So where is the oath? Where are the Guardians/Custodians of the Constitution? 

How is the student able to think for himself or herself as a neutral body of protecting and defending the very Constitution that the student is learning to protect and defend when the student himself or herself cannot make that neutral distinction of Law vs. Politics…? Especially, when the student sees his or her professor/teacher violating this very duty every single day!  Not just on campus, but in public speaking engagements…in this case Testimony before Congress in an impeachment hearing..or a prior public speaking engagement where she said she needed to walk across the street to avoid Trump Tower.

But does this put a preset condition of Bias on the issue of Constitutional Law and the ability to be a neutral party of presenting legal (ramifications (testimony?) based on the neutral nature (of (a comma n the?) foundation of constitutional law? Yes, in fact there is political and personal polarity here and this is the question at hand and must be looked into.

Why is all of the above important? Dysfunctional Government leads to collapse of Government. Dysfunctional Law leads to collapse of Justice Agencies and Government Sovereignty.

Currently we have two political parties at large who control by force and legal systems the very nature of who is allowed to run for President and be on Presidential ballots across the United States and never allows some U.S. Territories to actually vote due to their distances. Though, other U.S. Territories do vote because it is their right. Whether or not they actually count in the vote, we don’t know. They sure as heck don’t have seats in Congress. If they did, then they would be receiving the proper aid for their Territory… yes?  What a Dysfunctional Government !!!

No room for third parties. No room for third party candidates or fourth party candidates because an independent and/or liberal party are too against the main stream media, corporate interests, and financial institutions who rape, rob, steal, lie, deal death upon the world at large. Such sociopaths have been allowed to run wild upon the world. Here Sociopaths is the proper term.  So the Sociopaths are running the Hen House and the innocent are victims of Genocide. Somehow the Democratic Professors of Constitutional Law all these years have stood by and watched with delight while doing nothing but working on what they can work on and let the world around them collapse. Which is where we are at now….200+ years later.  Am I putting too much weight on the professors here? Maybe. But lets look at this a bit further then you can decide for yourself. 

We are talking about our Constitution’s gatekeepers and reminding them their duties and the oaths they have taken to protect and defend the people of the United States by upholding Constitutional Law by understanding this law and not only teaching but upholding it…But this can only be done when the Justice system…Judges and Elected Leaders abide by the very oaths they have sworn to uphold for the People of the United States first and foremost above all donor contributions by wealthy companies, wealthy foundations, and 1% wealthy individuals….i.e. George Soros and Koch Brothers.

Evidence: Standing Rock, Wyoming, Wisconsin, Alabama, Louisiana, Florida, Georgia, Mississippi, Arkansas, and Texas are just examples of areas where Constitutional law has failed. Why? Political Alliances. Corporate Alliances. Foundation Donor Alliances.  When Treaties are denied based on Corporate Alliances…when protections of United States Citizens are denied their Constitutional protections based upon Corporate Alliances or Foundation or Donor Alliances then the law being taught as Constitutional Law and practiced as such is no longer Constitutional law but Corporate Law of convenience, or donor law of convenience. Therefore we have lost any and all law schools of importance and we have lost any and all representation and protections of the very Constitution these schools profess to have sworn to uphold, protect, and defend from foreign and domestic enemies.

So are we in a Constitutional Crisis? Yes, and have been for well over 100 years.  The educational institutions who profess themselves to be the safeguards of the Constitution have to re-evaluate their standings and their allegiances to the Constitution of the United States, the People of The United States of America, House of Representatives, Senate and The White House. Apparently (If (omit) anyone (insert–who)is a well known Lobbyist and never learned Constitutional Law can be appointed to the Supreme Court which indicates the Supreme Court is and always has been just a puppet show! Yes Clarence Thomas, Monsanto Lobbyist, this is directed at you just to be crystal clear here!

Where is our Justice System? On vacation or in hiatus? Or in the way of criminal activity? Or hired by the criminals to usurp prospective do gooders? Or hired by murderers to murder people who stand up for their constitutional rights?  Everything in this section 7 has happened in the United States for over 100 years and is still continuing to this day. Basically any Educational organizations/institutions who are taking money from the Koch Family and their foundations, or from George Soros and his foundations are in this mix and are not part of the solution to protect and serve the United States Constitution. The educational facilities have sworn an oath to uphold, protect and defend the United States Constitution by teaching the values of the Constitution of The United States to their students.  It is the people of the United States, and our Constitution and our Founding Fathers who gave these institutions the ability for the position of Professors, Teachers, Deans, University or College Presidents, or School Principles to be created and filled with educated individuals. Instead, what is happening is these educational institutions have allowed themselves to in-fight over scraps of funding from the Federal Government which gave them the right to exist in the first place. To demonetize public school funding to create a for-profit, low education facility called Charter Schools. I declare that the very educational institutions that have been presented here have left their duties of Guard and Protectors of our United States of America and disavowed themselves from their duties in real education for the prospect of financial delights and party favor endeavors above and foremost instead of protecting the people of United States of America and the Very Constitution that gave them life.


Impeachment hearings video below ! Its a must watch from Justice Watch.

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Dan Reynolds resides in Ventura County

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