A Dumb Almost Law–Moorpark, Creative Taxing

With the plug pulled on state redevelopment funds, and the small city of Moorpark having gone on a spending spree buying up property around their fair community, the Council directed staff to, as Mayor Janice Parvin, put it: “Be creative.” Never do that with a bureaucrat, guaranteed you’ll live to regret it.  Staff came up with a tax, imagine that.  They suggested charging every golf game played in their city an additional user’s fee, in other words – a tax.  CJ article  As justification they sited the only two cities in the State of California that have such fees, Half Moon Bay and Rancho Palos Verdes (both with world class courses, by the way), and those cities have had those taxes for years.

The city fathers, or in Moorpark’s case the city fathers and mothers, quickly discovered, they only have one golf course in their city, the Moorpark Country Club, and it’s been running in the red.  The fee/tax their creative staff proposed would drive the struggling business – out of business.  And if Moorpark were anything like neighboring Thousand Oaks, the Country Club would have to get a permit to do that. CJ article

So after the staff studied the Club’s financial records, proving just how much they weren’t going to get, the Council, with a blush rejected staff’s proposal.  Maybe they learned their lesson, never ask a bureaucrat to be creative. It could be just downright embarrassing.


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