A Great Big Beautiful Tomorrow?

By Phil Erwin

Way back in the Dinosaur Age, 50-some years ago, the folks lending their collective genius to Walt Disney came up with a little ditty that perfectly described how the world viewed America, and Americans viewed their own future:

There’s a Great Big Beautiful Tomorrow

Shining at the end of every day!

There’s a Great Big Beautiful Tomorrow,

And Tomorrow’s just a dream away!

Vintage Disney Tomorrowland Posters3For those of you who were not around back in those Jurassic years, I’m here to tell you: That is precisely how the future looked. Disney’s Tomorrowland was where we were headed, and everybody knew it. We trusted it. Cars were getting sleek, not just powerful; television was going color-full. We were well on our way to landing on the Moon, fer cryin’ out loud! What could stop us?

So: How’s that Tomorrow looking to you now?

No offense to Disney and crew, who have done their level best for decades to illuminate that bright Future; but things just don’t seem all that Big and Beautiful anymore, do they?

What happened?

Well. Lessee: Vietnam happened. Camelot was killed, along with both Kennedys. And MLK. Jimmy Carter happened. Oil shocks. Hyper-inflation. Black Panthers and the Weather Underground happened, as terrorism came calling for the first time. Then Al Qaeda happened. Bin Laden happened. Terrorism grew real, and powerful. Afghanistan happened. Iraq. Iran. Syria…

You get the picture. Many barriers have separated us from that Disney future.

But that was always true. And yet, post-WWII right through to the early ‘Seventies, it seemed America was on a truly brilliant path. And although we sensed a collective stumble in the Carter era, it felt like Reagan righted our course, and gave Clinton’s crew one Hell of a tailwind.

Then 9/11 happened. And we haven’t recovered yet. The 2008 financial blow-up took the wind out of our sails. And thanks to the “brilliance” of Obama-Crew and their signature anchor, ObamaCare, we’re still in the doldrums.

Now, it’s easy, and in some ways reasonable, to hang our collective psychic hat on our Presidents. They’re just one guy at a time, it’s an easy hook to find. Of course, it is way too simplistic to see our national ups and downs as being caused by any one guy.  

But our President is supposed to be our Leader; our visionary Commander, guiding us out of those doldrums and into our (presumably-deserved) collective Eden. And many Americans, perhaps most of us, still look forward; still hope to step out from under the clouds, and find the Future shining brightly.

Tonight President Obama will step to the podium before a skeptical Republican Congress and a disillusioned populace and try to convince us that the way forward to that shining future is simple:

Steal from (Ooopps…I meant “Tax”) everybody with money and give it to everybody without.

Somehow, that just doesn’t seem like a very progressive approach. Even though it is the Progressive agenda.

Since when did large-scale public theft ever pave the way to a brilliant Future?

When did Robin Hood replace Uncle Sam as our national icon?

I think we need to get clear, as a nation, on a few simple, obvious facts. One of them is that America did not cause terrorism; terrorists cause terrorism.   Another is that open borders eliminate the ability to have a national identity; if you have no border, you have no country.

And a third misconception which we need collectively abandon is the notion that rich people cause poor people. The plain fact is: Rich people cause richer people. They also cause jobs, which causes poor people to become middle-class, and middle-class people to become rich. And the rich also cause charity. Which is a pretty good thing if you are poor.

Now, the concept of charity, of helping those less fortunate than you, is deeply ingrained in the American culture. It’s a common thing for wealthy Americans to do with their excess wealth, and a rewarding thing for members of the Middle Class to do with whatever they can manage to give up.

But the Progressive perspective, that taking more from the wealthy in order to make the lives of the poor better, is a perversion of the Christian concept of charity. You cannot make charity happen for others by taking from some. You can only decide to make charity happen by giving of what is yours. So, although the Progressive goal of aiding the less-fortunate among us is a worthwhile goal, the mechanism by which Progressives seek to accomplish that goal is an inherently dishonest, unfair and anti-American one.

Americans can be said to stand for charity. They are the most giving nation on earth, and in history. But Americans do not stand for theft.

Only Progressives stand for theft.

So when you hear President Obama proclaim to the Congress and the nation that we must take (“tax”) more from the rich and give (“invest”) it to the poor (which he’s calling “Middle Class” this week) – because that is the “fair” thing to do – ask yourself this:

Since when did theft become “fair”?

When did America become the Land of the Free-Stuff and the Home of the Stolen-From?

And when Hillary comes a-callin’, be sure to ask her that, too.

You might want to know how your Presidential hopefuls feel about stealing.


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Phil Erwin is an author, IT administrator and registered Independent living in Newbury Park. He sometimes wishes he could support Democrat ideals, but he has a visceral hatred for Lies and Damn Lies, and is none too fond of Statistics If his writing depresses you, he recommends you visit Chip Bok’s site for a more lighthearted perspective.

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One Response to A Great Big Beautiful Tomorrow?

  1. DavidMStewart January 20, 2015 at 3:22 pm

    A perfect statement of our times this very day. MLK never asked for “Charity”, he asked for a equal shot for all citizens. When the government eats the pie all that is left are crumbs. Get ready to line up for your crumbs.


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