A message from Next News Network, our TV news partner


Recently, NextNews Network, our partner in delivering your news from an unbiased and clear perspective, sent out a message explaining how they started and why.  They share many of the values that we do, giving our readership honest reporting without agenda (editorials are another story).

From Gary Franchi, Executive Producer, Next News Network: 

Next News Network

“It’s been a personal mission of ours to take the truth to more and more Americans — and today, I’m releasing a report with a  former FOX News reporter that discusses real reforms to fundamentally rethink how we report and deliver media in this country.

“Right now, the average American watches 34 hours of TV each week. Of the 34 hours 90% of them are produced by just 6 global corporations. Something’s got to change — it’s not enough just to tinker around the edges. We’ve got to shake up the current system.

“Truth isn’t popular with everybody, especially those who profit from the way things are. But we owe it to ourselves and our families to make sure that media doesn’t work for the politicians on Capitol Hill but instead works for ‘We The People.’

“The Next News Network will continue to do what we can to make sure quality, free, investigative journalism is readily viewable for millions more young Americans.

“We broadcast to 8,000,000 homes each night on WHDT, we stream live to Roku devices, created a mobile device compatible website, and partnered with the greatest minds and media figures in the Liberty Movement.

“But there’s much more we can and should do — just watch and share this special report with Ben Swann — this is key to creating better media for America.”

We at Citizens Journal urge you to share Next News Network and our publication with your friends and family.  As Americans we deserve the truth.


Gary Franchi is President and Executive Producer of Next News Network and also Executive Producer and Lead Anchor of multiple WHDT World Television Service (Miami, Boston) news programs

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