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Michael Greer

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By Michael Greer

On Thursday night the President defied the Constitution, the Rule of Law, the American people and the Country. This was an historic event, one I never believed could happen in this country. By his own admission, this man took authority the Constitution does not give him. http://insider.foxnews.com/2014/11/19/caught-camera-obama-called-exec-immigration-action-illegal-25-times

The purpose of immigration is to benefit the country, not illegal aliens. We have 93 million Americans who have stopped looking for work. How does legalizing five million (or more) illegal aliens, who can now compete with Americans who are working, benefit America or Americans? How does legalizing millions of mostly poor, uneducated people benefit America? In a struggling economy, why would we legalize more people than jobs created since 2009? We don’t have jobs for legal citizens.

We have a President who put illegal alien lawbreakers above the citizens of this country. He spoke at length about the hardships illegal aliens face but not once did he mention the hardships illegal immigration has imposed on American citizens, especially Black American citizens. He never mentioned the jobs Americans have lost to illegal aliens or the lower wages. Or the burden they impose on law enforcement, on our schools, on our healthcare system, on our culture or, most importantly, on the taxpayers. Illegal immigration costs California taxpayers $25 billion (with a B) a year and has turned a red state blue. Think what we could do with that $25 billion a year for our own children.

Obama pulled out every heart-wrenching, guilt provoking reason he could conjure up to justify his actions. He even quoted the Bible. I love when Liberals use the Bible to back up their socialist agenda. In an attempt to reassure people, he said he would direct more resources to the border. What does that mean? It can mean anything, but what it doesn’t mean is that a double fence will be built. And why would he need to do that when he has told us the same thing as 60,000 children and families crossed it this summer–the border is secure.

Obama keeps saying he had to do this because the House wouldn’t pass the Comprehensive Immigration bill passed by the Senate. Did I miss something? Does the Constitution require the House to pass a bill because the Senate passed it? Or that they must pass a bill the President wants? Aren’t the members of Congress supposed to represent their voters? Isn’t that how a republic works?

Let’s examine why the House wouldn’t pass the bill. They heard from their constituents. You know, “We the People.” Aren’t they supposed to govern with the consent of the governed? The people don’t want a “Comprehensive Immigration Bill”. We don’t want any huge, two thousand page bills. We want the border secured FIRST. Period. If the President really had the illegal aliens’ best interests in mind, if he was truly driven by compassion for “people who just came here for a better life,” he would have agreed to securing the border long ago. But he won’t agree to securing the border outside of a huge “comprehensive” bill.

The House and the American people want immigration dealt with one piece at a time. We want the border secured FIRST and nothing else until it is. Why is it so “radical” to want to stop this from happening again? If you had been robbed would you leave your door open or lock it? It’s common sense. Have we lost all common sense?

This administration argues, on one hand, the border is more secure than it ever has been (as if that means anything). Still, he claims that it isn’t secure because the House won’t pass “Comprehensive Immigration Reform”. Why does that stop us from securing the border? Congress (both houses) passed a border fence bill in 2006 that required 700 miles of double fence. I believe only 36 miles have been built and construction stopped. Why?

Americans were fooled (as was President Reagan) in 1986 into believing the amnesty bill would be “one time and one time only” and would secure the border so that it never happened again. The border was never secured, nor did we have the infrastructure in place to do background checks, teach the new citizens English or any of the other provisions of the bill. The 1986 bill brought us three million new citizens but it also brought us 20 million more illegal aliens. We might have been fooled in 1986, but we can’t be fooled again. We have made it clear to our representatives that we want the border secured to OUR satisfaction before having any discussion about what to do with the aliens.

When the talking heads tell us the newly legalized aliens will get background checks, pay back taxes and fines, learn English, etc. ask them how? Ask them how many people have been hired to do it. And ask them how they can verify any of that information. Many have numerous identities. If they have been living here for any length of time, they have false or stolen ID’s. There is an entire cottage industry supplying forged documents. Just go down to McArthur Park in Los Angeles and you can get a drivers license or social security card in fifteen minutes. The talking heads are trying to provide enough arguments to get us to agree to “Comprehensive Immigration Reform”, knowing the only thing that will happen is amnesty. Remember these are the same people who repeated over and over, “If you like your doctor/plan you can keep it. PERIOD,” and “It was a spontaneous protest over a video,” and “there isn’t a scintilla of evidence the IRS did anything wrong.”

We are in a Constitutional crisis. Professor Jonathan Turley, who supported this President, has warned us that he is doing what our founders tried to protect us from. http://jonathanturley.org/2014/05/21/a-question-of-power-the-imperial-presidency/ We can’t allow this to happen. Do people not understand if this President can take power he doesn’t have, even if you support what he does with it, another President you don’t agree with can do the same. This President has demonstrated he doesn’t care what law says, he doesn’t care what limitations the Constitution places on him, he isn’t interested in working with Congress and he certainly doesn’t care what the people of this country want. Just weeks ago we made our position clear. We voted against his policies. He doesn’t care.

This was a sad and frightening day for America.


Michael Greer retired from the film/television industry and is the co-organizer of the Santa Monica Tea Party and the Los Angeles Tea Party, on the board of directors of the Citizens’ Alliance for Property Rights and was a member of the Republican Central Committee for the 41st Assembly District.  Her website is: http://madderthanhell.wordpress.com/

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