A new definition of a homewrecker

By Jennifer Felten

A woman in Florida wanted a mobile home demolished, so she hired a land-clearing company to accomplish the task. Though not problematic in and of itself, she was still arrested for doing so. Why; because the mobile home was owned by her neighbor.

Apparently, the woman was upset with her neighbor because she thought the neighbor had broken into her car and because she considered her “unsavory.”

According to an arrest report, the woman told the land clearing company that she owned the mobile home. The authorities were called when the mobile home’s real owner arrived home to find the demolition underway.

Reports suggest that the mobile home was worth about $25,000 prior to the demolition. For the former owner of the mobile home, this economic loss likely pales in comparison to the loss of irreplaceable personal possessions and the inevitable feelings of helplessness and insecurity.


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