A pardon Obama forgot?

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I keep reading that in his great compassion, Barack Obama pardoned or commuted sentences of a record number- thousands actually- of federal prisoners, including murderers, rapists, terrorists, drug dealers, gangsters and even cartel chiefs and a transexual thief of national security information.

So some are puzzled why an exemplary career Army Lt. Colonel, a medic, decorated veteran of multiple foreign war deployments, highly rated, looked up to by his peers and subordinates alike, was treated so harshly: court martialed, not allowed to defend himself by presenting vital evidence, convicted, ejected from the army, pension taken away, then imprisoned.  Somehow, Obama termed-out before he could pardon this man.

His name? Former U.S. Army Lt. Colonel Terry Lakin.

His “crime?” Requesting proof of command authority before he would do his upcoming next deployment. Technically, he was well within his rights to do so, as it is part of military protocol. Technically, it had never been provided, nor is there any law saying that proof must be provided.

The problem? The commander he was questioning was none other than the Commander-in-Chief.

This had happened before, but in each case, the initiator was quietly escorted off stage via a discharge. Because of Lakin’s higher profile, outstanding record and public insistence on his point, the Defense Dept. decided to make an example of him and that they did.

Lakin was vilified and mocked by DoD and “MainSteam Media” (MSM), called a malingerer, obstructionist, traitor, even a racist, for his stand. Said MSM embargoed the information and claims which Lakin wished to present, leaving only smaller, lesser known alternative sources to do so.

He has since served his sentence, but all those other penalties are still in effect. Pleas to pardon him and restore his status have been ignored. Not long after Lakin was convicted, Obama released a purported birth certificate, on 4-27-11. So, essentially he did what Lakin had requested (although some still claim it is invalid). Yet, Lakin was allowed to languish in prison and all of the harsh penalties remained in effect.

White House petition to Pardon former Lt. Col. Terry Lakin

A Ventura County, CA man, Gary Wilmott, has started a White House petition for President Trump to pardon former Lt. Col. Lakin. You can access it here:


Also read:  https://www.scribd.com/document/327525501/Natural-Born-Citizen-to-Constiutional-Standards-Some-Writings-About-Same-by-CDR-Charles-F-Kerchner-Jr-Ret

Mr. Wilmott told us today that Lakin informed him last week that he wishes to resume his Army career and is ready and willing to do so. He envisions no deployment problems, either.

Whether you agree with former Lt. Col. Lakin or not, whether you support Barack Obama or not, whether you agree that actual valid legal proof of eligibility for office is needed or not, whether you think proof had been provided at that time, or ever, or not, whether you think the war is/was even legal or not (Lakin didn’t challenge that)–  the question is: is the nation’s best interest served by destroying Lakin’s career, making it far more difficult to get employment, disgracing him and depriving him of earned pension income?

Some say he did it to himself by not simply shutting up and complying with the deployment order. Some say he is a hero for standing tall and demanding that the law be adhered to.

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William Hicks

If this was all that he was charged with, then he probably has a great chance for a pardon from President Trump