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As covered at Save California, Simi Valley City Councilmember Ruth Luevanos, who used city resources to create and post a video encouraging illegal aliens to avoid ICE and obstruct justice (while seated in front of a defaced US flag), has been served with a Notice of Intent to Recall signed by 27 Simi Valley registered voters.

Joe Piechowski, representing those voters, served the Notice during the public comment period of the August 12 City Council meeting, saying:

“This pattern of unethical conduct has to stop, and that’s why, in addition to again asking the Council to put a censure on a future agenda, I’m here to serve the Councilwoman with a Notice of Intention to Recall. The people of our community deserve to have someone who will not misrepresent herself publicly, will not lie about the actions of law enforcement in our community, and who will adhere to the Municipal Code when it comes to proper campaign finance reporting.”


In addition to her lie-filled video, Luevanos lied during a City Council meeting about an ICE raid being conducted at a local business. The Mayor and another City Councilmember contacted the business Luevanos mentioned, and both the store manager and a corporate representative confirmed that there had never been an ICE raid at their business and that, in fact, they use E-verify.


In an effort to be good stewards of the contributions our hard-working supporters have entrusted us with, for this initial phase of the recall process we have partnered with the Save California Political Action Committee to take advantage of their existing infrastructure. All funds raised through Recall Ruth donations and t-shirt sales will be used only on Recall Ruth expenses.


KABC talk radio host Larry O’Connor covered the recall effort on Wednesday’s show, spending 90 minutes on the topic. He described it as an example of people doing something to fix the problems in the state instead of sitting back and complaining online. He said:

“You don’t write off California. This is how you win back the state. Neighborhood by neighborhood, city by city…it’s got to start somewhere, and it’s starting in Simi Valley.”

Larry is absolutely right, and he’s committed to helping the recall effort by emceeing a signature-gathering rally we’ll be holding in September (once we have petitions available to sign). 

This is a grassroots-driven effort and relies on volunteers, but there will also be costs for data, website, legal fees, event expenses, signs, digital and traditional advertising, et cetera. Please join the battle by making a contribution to the Recall Ruth effort today! You can also sign up to volunteer or to be notified when petitions are available.

If Ruth is left in office, she will continue to use her seat to focus on divisive national issues instead of concentrating on things that Simi Valley needs. She and her supporters will use her platform to bring their socialist agenda to Simi Valley, putting the city’s residents at risk. She must be stopped!

The fight to Save California has started, and it’s started in Simi Valley. Join the fight!

Committee to Recall Ruth Luevanos recallruth.com

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