A Turbulent Day in DC Due To Alleged Election Fraud

By George Miller

Some election protesters “stormed” Capitol Hill today, which led authorities to shut down Congress and bring leadership to more secure places. We heard that it is to reconvene tonight. A protester, presumably unarmed, was killed by law enforcement.

Today, Congress started its review of electoral votes. This year, there is an unprecedented number of Congressional objectors- we heard that thirteen Senators and seventy seven US Representatives are objecting to electoral fraud and demanding either further investigation or reassignment of electors. Update: It appears that Congress certified the election early Thursday morning.

Although establishment media, many politicians and most courts say the claims are “baseless,” those that have seen the hearings, testimony, affidavits and evidence (some featured here in Citizens Journal) should know that is simply untrue. Since the establishment media have omitted, soft-pedaled or distorted them, it is understandable that many don’t have the full picture. That is what is creating great anger in many people who do know- that they can’t even get the evidence heard and open up discovery/subpoena power to get more which is not available to them.

But the other side believes that because the elections have been certified, that it’s a done deal.

Scene from 1-6-21 Maga/Stop the Steal rally in DC. by Karen Siegmund

“Thousands of angry Trump supporters broke through barriers preventing them from even getting close to the Capitol,” said Citizens Journal Author Michael Greer, in an interview from Washington DC today, after the huge rally and its aftermath. She said that they were angry about being illegally stiff-armed on election fraud and being blocked from access to the Capitol grounds. Establishment media says a mob tore down the barricades and descended upon the Capitol en masse, forcing a congressional shutdown by authorities.

But what actually happened is very different, according to Greer. She will write us a more comprehensive story on this, but a few highlights she gave us today:

  • The early morning Trump rally was packed and she couldn’t even get in.
  • So she walked over to the Capitol, but couldn’t even get close, due to layers of barricades erected far from the buildings. Many people, including her, simply went over or moved the barricades and ascended the first level of steps to what she described as a vast “patio.” There was little or no resistance to this.
  • Some others kept going up more steps to the building.
  • The police came out with shields and some guns, even though protesters were just chanting.
  • Heard and saw flash bang grenades going off. Then she saw people who were holding hands retreating after being pepper-sprayed. Finally, she saw and smelled the tear gassing of the crowds. At that point, she withdrew from the area.
  • We were peaceful, did not riot, burned nothing.
  • It looked like only a small group actually attempted to breach the building from where she could see, but there were probably more on the other side of the building. She described those people as being “dressed in camo” or “Oathkeeper types.” She disapproved of that initiative. (videos showed others as well)
  • In spite of reports of armed protesters and gunshots, she said she saw zero armed protesters and heard no gunshots. It seems the only gunshots were from Secret Service or police who killed a female protester indoors at the Capitol, according to The Epoch Times.
  • Some people were attempting to agitate the crowds – suspected that they could be ANTIFA/BLM.
  • Greer said that this is her 9th trip to DC for a mass event. The first was a Glenn Beck event in the Tea Party days, said to have 600,000 people. She said that this was a much larger event- a million seemed like a reasonable estimate to her. She said all of the open areas as far a she could see were packed with people, as well as all of the streets as far as she could see.
  • People are really pissed off over what they believe are their legitimate claims being dismissed and that all recourse is being cut off. Despite claims of “no widespread fraud,” she says that there is copious evidence. “If they want peace, they should at least look at the evidence.”
  • Media are trying to make us the bad guys, even though we were peaceful, non-violent, did not riot, did not burn things like ANTIFA.
  • But people have been pushed too far. Trump got no credit for all the things he has done right and now the election is being stolen from him. They are even blaming the Georgia Senatorial election results on him not conceding.

XII Amendment Electoral Review

Today is what is said to be a pro forma rubberstamping of the electoral college vote of electors. Establishment “news” services claim that the Congressional review of Electoral College results is “purely ceremonial” – ABC news actually stated that today. I heard it on my car radio on the way to covering an election fraud protest in Thousand Oaks (story later). But, actually, it is part of the checks and balances built into the Constitution to help stop election fraud. It has been used for more than ceremonial purposes- in 1801,1877 and more recently by Democrats. Many feel that needed to be invoked again today.

It seems Trump supporters all over the DC Capitol area finally had enough of what they believe to be official lies and obfuscation about the election and stormed the Capitol grounds, shutting down Congress. A few went even farther and entered the building. They had hopes that Congress members and U.S. Vice-President/Senate President Mike Pence would hear the objections of Congress members and do something to address allegedly fraudulent elector assignment.

Scene from 1-6-21 Maga/Stop the Steal rally in DC. by Karen Siegmund

But after Pence put out a statement before the session saying he wouldn’t turn away the state-certified electors, the protesters reached their limit. Trump had feared that happening and had asked Pence not to do that. In a Wednesday speech, he again insisted that the election was stolen. There is a case to be made for that, although it seems that the judiciary isn’t willing to hear it. Opponents claimed that incited a riot. Not long after that protesters stormed the capital and forced their way in by sheer force of numbers. Trump tweeted to his followers to keep things peaceful.

Republicans who didn’t object to the electors claimed that “rule of law” wouldn’t allow it, which is untrue. While it wouldn’t be a good idea to do it just on allegations, many feel that further investigation./auditing would be justified and would be a good compromise. Wouldn’t adherence to “rule of law” also extend to dealing with election fraud?

Trump’s Twitter Account Locked

Twitter locked Trump’s Twitter account claiming that he directly called for violence. He did nothing of the sort, but did say that the election was stolen. He also advised his supporters to be peaceful and to go how, but that wasn’t good enough for Twitter, or the establishment media. It seems that he isn’t allowed to mention that the election was stolen.

Scene from 1-6-21 Maga/Stop the Steal rally in DC. by Karen Siegmund

Establishment media treatment:




DC Trump supporters pass barricades- 1-6-21 (source withheld)


George Miller is Publisher/Co-Founder of CitizensJournal.us and a “retired” operations management consultant residing in Oxnard.

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