A View Beyond

By Brynne Betz

If I could, tadalafil I would take your hand. Right now. Wherever you are. And I’d place it in mine. You wouldn’t shudder. You’d just smile. Because I’m an old friend. One you forgot you had. Someone who loves you.

Just as you are.

And then, I’d lead you away. Away from all your worries. Away from all your fears. Away from all the things that make you sad. We would turn our faces toward the sun, toward the things that make you happy. And you would grow a smile. A deep heartfelt, natural smile.

There are so many things I’d like to show you, with your heart open and this softness about you. So I invite you. To see with me. And you smile a smile I remember from when you were seven. Awash with the wonder of the world.

We see trees and flowers and birds, and the beauty in stranger’s faces, tucked away, deep behind their eyes, hinting at who they really are. I teach you to see beyond, to read the stories of nature and people, to encounter the souls of every living thing you meet. And your tears flow again. Not in sadness anymore, but because of the magic. The magic all around you in the souls you forgot to see.

I show you what that man with the mean-talk is carrying, why he lashes out and why he hates. I tell you of the pain he carries, and that he can do no less than release his anguish onto those around him. You find a new tear of your own. For the man who carries sadness. Like a halo around his neck. And you send him love, not hate, for you can do no less, especially for someone who needs it as much as he. And that tear? It dries right there on your beautiful face. From sadness into hope. Especially since I show you that he will return to love. Someday. When the time is right.

And then we walk on. Further into light.

You tell me of the blips of worries you often carry, of the things you fear, of the things that clog up the love that you are . . . and I remind you that I met those parts of you before you spoke, that your heart is open and your eyes are soul. I tell you that you have everything you need, that you are safe and held and loved by someone and something larger than your mind can see. And I show you your light. An energy between my hands and yours. As bright as the sun’s rays, as warm as a red-orange flame, and you, all you. In your rawest, realest form. You, your heart, your soul. You, pure love.


Look around. With eyes, but more with your heart. Feel externally for essence. Sense truths. Perhaps start with a tree. Or a blossom. Or a stranger passing by.

This week my Wish is that you empathize—with the trees, with the birds, with the people that you encounter every day. See beyond faces, beyond words, beyond image to the truth that is. But how, you say? How do I see the beauty in the midst of my pain? Here, let me remind you.

1. Slow your breathing down to gentle, down to peace. Find that place that feels like Center. No anxiety lives there. No fear can get in. Because it’s safe there. And it resonates with a solid, constant sound. To remember that space, play the ‘I AM’ meditation by Dyer and Twyman. It will remind you of your home. Of who you are at your core. This is You.

2. Look around. With eyes, but more with your heart. Feel externally for essence. Sense truths. Perhaps start with a tree. Or a blossom. Or a stranger passing by. Let that soul speak to you without words. Invite it to unfold itself into your hands. Share your resonance, share your peace within, give of yourself with no requirement of anything in return. Love. Outward. From afar.

3. Connect. Find a person you have never met or have never really talked to. Ask them how they are. Look at them in the eyes, with your own eyes vulnerable, open to receive. Look deeply. With the eyes of your Self, your heart, your soul. Sense who that person really is, beginning with who they are projecting, but then with who they really are. Don’t expect anything in return. Just love. Love them where they are no matter where that may be. Love them with the same love you feel for yourself in your deepest core. There is space there. I know there is.

When we truly empathize, with everyone and everything around us, life unfolds in our hands like a magical gift. It’s new and it’s beautiful and it comes wrapped in different pretty paper every single day. So here, take my hand, remember me as a dear old friend, and let me show you the way. Let me show you what seeing beyond, what love, can do.


Brynne Betz

Brynne Betz

Brynne Betz is a lover of the sea, of soft eyes, gentle hearts and the wonder in life that escapes even the best of us. She is trained as a transpersonal psychologist and would love to hear from you. Please visit her website at www.brynnebetz.com or send her an email at [email protected]

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