Aaron Starr For Oxnard Mayor | Refocusing Oxnard’s Priorities, Vote For Change

By Aaron Starr 
My wife and I love living here in Oxnard, but we are disappointed in Oxnard’s failed leadership. Consider what is happening under Oxnard Mayor Tim Flynn’s watch:
  • Deteriorating Streets — Mayor Flynn boasts about all the roads repaved since 2012 … but doesn’t mention that it takes 20 years to pave each street once at that rate … that the roadwork projects are often just short-term fixes … and that Oxnard has the worst pavement condition index in Ventura County.
  • Inadequate Service — Even the most basic services suffer. For example, there’s a 2-1/2 year wait just to get trees trimmed … and you’ll get fined if you try to trim them yourself.
  • Increased Gang Violence — Crime has soared by more than 51% since 2011. Other cities in our county have seen their crime rates go down during the same period. Yet Mayor Flynn voted to cut the police budget and eliminate 16 police officers.
Other cities in Ventura County are better served … even though we Oxnard residents often pay higher property and sales tax rates.
You see, under Mayor Tim Flynn’s administration we experience a double whammy: HIGH TAX RATES, but LOW TAX REVENUES.
Other nearby cities take a different path. 
Those cities have additional funds because they attract more businesses that generate property, sales and other tax revenues. In fact, you’ll find more businesses in Ventura or Thousand Oaks, even though Oxnard has nearly double the population. As a result, those cities deliver vital services … while Oxnard can’t. Having more businesses is the reason why Ventura can spend a lower portion of its budget on public safety … and yet has more police officers per capita than Oxnard does.
We suffer in Oxnard because our city’s broken permit system chases away businesses that offer higher paying jobs … and revenues.
Tim Flynn has been on the City Council since 2004. It’s been a mess for years … and won’t get better if we keep re-electing him. Our city deserves a brighter future … and we have so much potential. If you elect me as Mayor of Oxnard, I will bring in businesses that offer higher paying jobs … so Oxnard families can better afford to live here. And with the additional revenues those businesses bring, imagine how we can finally:
  • Fix Oxnard’s crumbling roads and sidewalks.
  • Provide Oxnard’s police with resources to protect our families from criminal gangs.
  • Support non-profit groups to better address Oxnard’s homeless problem.
  • Modernize Oxnard’s schools so our children will succeed in tomorrow’s world.
Oxnard needs new leadership if our city is to ever realize its full potential.
I offer my experience as the financial controller of a local billion-dollar manufacturing company to fix our city’s management and revenue problems. And I offer my experience as a CPA to make Oxnard City Hall transparent and accountable so that we spend taxpayer dollars wisely. With your support, I’m positive we can achieve so much more.
Aaron Starr
P.S. While incumbents typically win re-election, overcoming their advantage is doable … but only if you vote for change! Say “YES” to a better future by casting your vote-by-mail today or at your polling place on November 6.

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Gloria Postel

Thank you Aaron for running for the position of Mayor of Oxnard, FOR ALL THE RIGHT REASONS. You volunteered your services to our City as an experienced and knowledgeable financial professional. The mayor gave the impression that it was welcomed. I guess he did that for the cameras. In reality he attempted to stymie and to bully Mr. Starr, another citizen, bringing to bear on one man the full force of the government in order to force you into silence. Tim had our City hire lawyers and go to court against one man. Then the brightest and best lost to a novice attorney, and this wasn’t a one-time event. Now the mayor, if re-elected may decide to appeal. The mayor made it personal thus demonstrating lack of sound fiscal judgement. He has mismanaged the office of Mayor in this and in other areas as well. He talks a good game. Mayor Flynn is known for being bombastic with strong autocratic tendencies excusing himself from the rules that others have to follow (political signs come to mind as well as limiting citizen input). It is time for a change to the better. Mr. Starr has demonstrated calmness under duress, the ability to think clearly, to exercise professional and personal courtesy and patience, and what I like most of all that in his business life he is comfortable both in the board room and “on the floor.” In business you don’t achieve longevity through tenure. We desperately need good leadership at the helm and I think Mr. Starr is an excellent fit.