Activist again challenges VC Sheriff over civil rights issues- 11-10-15 VC Supervisors meeting

 press_release_iconBy Bruce Boyer, Sons of Liberty, 11-4-2015


I have been attending the meetings of the Ventura County Board of Supervisors and taking my minutes to express my opinions SonsofLibertyLAduring the Public Comment time (which is available throughout the meeting on any agenda item). The next meeting is Nov 10th, starts at 8:30 come anytime. I invite my neighbors to join me.

I have been calling to the Board’s attention the criminal abuses committed by the Ventura County Sheriff’s Dept and the refusal of the D.A. to take any action or investigate.

I have been well known to the VCSD as I have  confronted them over their thuggery and abuses over their practices of:

– The taking of vehicles through ‘impounds’ whereby owners are denied due process and lose their vehicles;

– Their operation of checkpoints where citizens are subjected to warrantless searches.  

– Their ‘seizure ‘ of property whereby even if the person is not charged with a crime, or found innocent, they ‘legally’ may keep property, if ‘valued’ at under $25,000! Which they do! Legalized theft!

– Their pursuit of ‘quality of life crime’ criminals..

In response they have not been shy about slandering myself, my business to my customers on top of seizing over a dozen of my company’s licensed and legally parked vehicles.

They are NOT heroes, they are just Union thugs with badges doing what the politicians tell them to. It is not about keeping people safe or and such delusions, for much of what they do. Yes there are many ‘good deputies’, I know many in the Dept who are. t is the Dept and the leadership that is corrupt- the deputies. just follow orders and will do nothing against ‘their brother officers or anything that might endanger their jobs & pensions….

On Oct 15th of 2014 apparently they decided that they were going to shut me up! I chose to attend a public forum at the Conejo Park and Rec center. The forum was sponsored by the Park and Rec Dept and the VCSD so when I called Park & Rec and asked about it and they told me the VCSD would be there and we could address them as part of the forum, I informed them I would be early to get the best seat! There was no charge for admission, no ‘invitations’ it was a ‘public forum’ ( yes I have the announcement) I was early and when it started I was just sitting there listening. I happened to be sitting next to Eric Kramer, the former NFL quarterback. Two men in blazers asked me to come outside, I politely declined. Two minutes later I was bodily yanked out of my chair as four men dragged me out the side door and threw me up against the windows ( in front of perhaps fifty attendees)  As they held me against the large windows ( could have been pretty painful if the glass had broken) they showed me badges (no uniforms) and informed be that they had orders to remove me from the meeting. They allowed me to walk away, just not into the meeting. I called the Station and demanded that the Watch Commander take action as my Civil Right were being violated and I had been assaulted by the officers of the VCSD. They recorded every one of those dozen calls. They sent other officers out, who informed me that they ‘knew who I was’ and they would not allow me into the meeting. For two hours they refused to allow me into the meeting, until it ended, then I was allowed into the empty room. I was not arrested, not charged with any crime. I was assaulted, battery and falsely imprisoned. My Freedoms of Speech and assembly were seized by order of the VCSD.

The next day I contacted the DA’s Office, VCSD Internal Affairs  via phone calls Emails with letter follow-ups. I personally went to Supervisor Foy’s office  and met with his deputy. I have made follow-up calls and letters and visits. Nothing. There has been NO investigation by the DA or the VCSD. I Have decided to bring this to the attention of the Board, as they control our tax dollars that pay these people. I Went in March and several more times over the summer. I have sent them letters and phone calls and gone to their offices. Nothing. At the July 21st meeting, Sheriff Dean happened to be in attendance. I publicly challenged him to respond to my charges, to publicly tell the Board and the people that I am a liar, or a lunatic. He left his seat and walked out. When I confronted him in the lobby, politely but firmly (I treat people with respect, that does not mean I will allow the people who work for the taxpayers to spurn us) His rebuttal was to threaten to take me to jail, for speaking to him! 

The Board controls the Sheriff’s Dept. as they control the money. They are using our tax dollars to allow the Dept. to abuse us and violate our rights and liberties.  Their refusal to deal with these crimes and abuses make the Board fully culpable. They may not be the exact perpetrators, however if they refuse to exercise their authority and vote Sheriff Dean money to abuse the citizens, they are the enablers. How can they sit up their after they pledge allegiance.. ‘with liberty and justice for all’ and pretend that Sheriff Dean cannot just drag citizens out of meetings or do anything else that he and his officer’s wish to the citizens? They re NOT ‘sheep dogs’ they are wolves who think we are sheep!

I will again ask that The Board demand that Sheriff Dean be fully open and publicly accountable in this matter. To set an agenda item for the Board to hear evidence of the Actions of the VCSD as to 10-15-2014 at the Park & Rec. Center. Request the County Employees, the officers who were present and Sheriff Dean to attend. Have this put out in the open, the truth will come out. If the Sheriff refuses to cooperate,  conduct it without him or his officers.

I will again ask that the Board demand that the Sheriff’s Dept comply with my public records requests fully and promptly, that the Board designate a deputy to be a part of the compliance.

I will again ask that the Board censure him for his conduct where he threatened to ‘take me to jail’ for speaking to him in a direct manner in the lobby of the building.

I will again ask that the Board make a recommendation to the County Grand Jury to investigate.

I will again ask that the Board  demand that the D.A.s office make a full and public investigation.

I will again ask that the Board  request that the U.S. Dept of Justice investigate these violations of citizen’s civil liberties.

On Oct 28th, I  again met with my attorney, George Wallace, who has represented me in three other Federal Civil Rights cases, to review our legal options to bring the V.C.S.D. into compliance with the law and hold Sheriff Dean and the other officers and deputies who violated my rights fully accountable. This process will cost the taxpayers’ money that the Board is entrusted to safeguard. It could result in A Federal Judge ordering a compliance Agreement entered into with Federal Monitors and U.S. Marshals stepping in, at the expense of the Ventura County taxpayers.

On Tuesday I will again ask the Board to defend the liberty of the Citizens. I will keep at them until justice is done.

 I can only wonder if my fellow citizens will come with me and stand up for liberty, or will they wait until they get dragged out by Sheriff Dean? Might be too late then.

Bruce Boyer

Ventura County

[email protected] 818 341-0811


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William "Bill" Hicks
William "Bill" Hicks
5 years ago

Understand how public sector Union’s affect County Supervisors decisions. The Supervisor positions are elected positions. Public Sector Union’s, including the Sheriif’s Union(s), are so grateful for the one sided decisions, at the cost of the tax payers, that Supervisors make for them, they help fund their continuing elections.

It is an incestuous relationship between elected officials and Union’s. Only it’s the tax payer getting screwed. Before you elect your County Supervisor, I suggest you put them on the carpet and insist they sign an agreement with the taxpayers that they will not accept Union money for their elections.