Activist: CA SB54 a Big Mistake, also thanks bill opponents


Eric Eisenhammer

 Editor’s note: This was an email sent to the Energy Users Coalition email list.  Mr. Eisenhammer laments bill’s passage, requests a Governor Brown veto and cautions about major cost increases, mandatory union workers and danger of under-skilled employees that would allegedly occur under this new statute.


Thank you to everyone who signed the petition to the Governor opposing SB 54. Last week, we delivered nearly 1,000 petitions opposing the misguided proposal, which will expose consumers to higher gas prices, jeopardize workplace and community safety and cost up to 5,000 good jobs.

How now Mr. Brown?

VetoSB854Unfortunately, yesterday Governor Brown decided to sign this bill despite strong opposition from a broad coalition of consumer, business and labor organizations.

Click here to read the Governor’s signing message.
SB 54 will displace highly trained refinery personnel with workers who have received as little as 10 hours of training and set a precedent extending costly project labor agreements to private sector projects.

While the bill was ostensibly designed to enhance safety, in effect the bill will reduce safety standards in an industry already ranked as one of California’s safest by far according to Bureau of Labor Statistics data.

Although this decision is disappointing, your activism this year has been largely successful. This year, CEU has helped to defeat $2 billion in oil taxes that would have raised gas prices on us all. We also have helped stop numerous proposed bans on advanced oil extraction technology which would have relegated California to the sidelines of America’s energy boom.

Thank you so much for your support.

Eric Eisenhammer
Coalition of Energy Users-

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