Activist Linda Paine exposes major CA Election flaws on KRLA

 By George Miller

EIPLogoLinda Paine founded Election Integrity Project (EIP), a volunteer based organization formed to provide non-partisan education about the electoral system, as well as training and oversight for individuals who want to help protect and preserve fair and honest elections in California.


Linda Paine

Ms. Paine was interviewed by Larry Marino on KRLA about serious deficiencies in the voter registration system. The interview was good, but only scratches the surface of what EIP has done/is doing. We listened to it and subsequently interviewed Ms. Paine.

“The voter rolls are in chaos…. 40% of the 2012 provisional ballots in the U.S. were California’s” – Linda Paine

Voter rolls in chaos, many voting anomalies

She said that the Help America Vote Act (HAVA) requires every state in the union to have a statewide, top-down voter registration database. California is the ONLY state not in compliance with this law and continues to operate under a memorandum of agreement (waiver to laymen) with the U.S. Department of Justice. It mandates that California use a system that requires each of the 58 counties to update its own voter roll and send a weekly report to Sacramento for the statewide database, when it finally exists, we suppose.

In March of 2013 the Secretary of State hired a contractor to build the new HAVA compliant “VoteCal” database. It was awarded to CGI Technologies and Solutions, a part of the same company as CGI Federal, the tech firm that built most of the failed website.

CGI was awarded the project with no competition because the RFP financial requirements for vendors were so written that only CGI was determined to be qualified. VoteCal, the new state database, is not slated to be ready until mid-2016.

California is the ONLY state in the U.S. without a centralized voter registration database. This is required by the federal HAVA law, yet the state has been granted waivers since 2003. This prevents the accurate, comprehensive and timely maintenance of the state’s voter rolls and creates a fertile field for mistakes and possible fraud. The state is now working on a centralized database, which  is being done by CFG, the same company that screwed up the Obamacare web site- on a non-competitive bid contract.

Accurate and timely list maintenance is required by federal NVRA law, yet it appears that our state is in serious violation. Based on an in-depth 2012 analysis of 14 geographically-dispersed counties representing 66% of the electorate, Election Integrity Project (“EIP”) estimates the following levels of anomalies in our voter rolls state wide:

  • Hundreds of thousands of “inactive” registrants—those that have not voted in 4 years or
    more but remain on the active rolls. These “puffed up” rolls create an understatement of
    true turnout figures and may hide situations of excessive– possibly fraudulent– turnout. In
    addition, inactive voters are easy to impersonate since they will not notice someone voting
    in their name.
  • Hundreds of thousands of “duplicated” registrants—the same person registered more than
    once at the same address, at different addresses in the same county, or registered in more
    than one county. Few have voted more than once in an election, but these duplicates, many
    of whom received two VBM ballots, are temptations for fraud and need to be removed as
    soon as possible.
  • Tens of thousands of deceased registrants, with up to 10% of them “voting” after date of
    death. Unfortunately, the Department of Health’s Death Index files, a key resource for our
    election officials, is currently only available through 2010, leaving over two years of recent
    deaths missing from this important database. This may violate EC §2206.
  • Thousands registered at invalid addresses such as businesses or non-existing addresses,
    illustrating a lack of registration oversight by county elections officials.
  • Thousands registered at addresses in numbers too large for the residence (E.g., 12 people in a two
    bedroom home), illustrating a lack of attention to tracking voters that move, die or do not exist.

There are also concerns that voter registration is not being restricted to U.S. Citizens.  The driver’s license application form for illegal aliens  includes a voter registration form and instructions for how to complete the form.

They found over 60,000 anomalies in just L.A. County’s records.

Some previous activities

Paine previously told that EIP received 1740 documented written election incident reports for the 2012 election, signed under penalty of perjury. EIP inquiries to the State and a request for a meeting with then Secretary of State Debra Bowen, Secretary of State, resulted only in a meeting with her Chief Counsel. The Chief Counsel told the EIP delegation some things that turned out to be incorrect. For instance, Chief Counsel Finley said that the Secretary of State has “no line authority over the conduct of county election officers,” which, while possibly technically correct, ignores requirements in California Code 12172.5.

It seems that the SOS office was also sending out memos to County Registrars threatening loss of funding if they checked provisional ballot signatures against voter registration.



 Listen to interview podcast ….

Sunday Morning Newsmakers with Larry Marino – 02-08-2015 Segment 3

Linda Paine, President of the Election Integrity Project, She heads a citizen funded non-partisan election oversight group that works to safeguard the voter election process. Paine explains how California remains at risk for voter fraud, and the steps needed for the state to become compliant with election law.

Posted 2/8/2015 9:02:00 AM


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