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    Activists Arrested While Distributing Flyers at UCSF’s General Hospital

    News Release

    San Francisco, CA — On Friday, February 24, 2023, members of Pro-Life San Francisco and Survivors of the Abortion Holocaust arrived at an outdoor plaza of Zuckerberg San Francisco General at about 2:20 PM to hand out literature, display signs, make speeches, and engage in street theater to increase public awareness of unethical activity and the likelihood of crimes taking place on the 6th floor of the hospital.
    They were soon interrupted by uniformed Sheriff’s deputies who declared their gathering an unlawful assembly. According to video footage, two participants were arrested at 2:52 PM: Tim Clement, Outreach Director of Survivors and Anastasia Rogers, a San Francisco resident and animal-rights activist. They were taken into the hospital and detained in a holding cell — their ability to exercise free expression denied — on false charges of violating Penal Code § 602.1(b). All other participants were forced to leave the plaza under threat of arrest. This blatant violation of activists’ rights to speak freely in public will not be tolerated.
    UCSF ARREST Tim Clement Photos by Tim Clement

    After his release, Tim Clement stated, “We were arrested because of our pro-life message. UCSF and the administration at Zuckerberg don’t like being exposed for their Frankenstein-ish plots targeting unborn babies before abortions take place and harvesting their organs afterward to use in unethical research. Unfortunately, the administrator here thinks he is above the law. We were in a public area — not blocking customers from entering, walking past, or leaving — and we did not enter or obstruct the facility. We did nothing to break the law. Sharing information with the public is not a crime. It is a sad commentary on our society that the government puts law-abiding citizens in cuffs just because someone doesn’t want a message to be heard. We must continue to stand against institutions that act like they are the magisterial authority for all.”

    UCSF ARREST Ana<br >Photos by Tim Clement
    UCSF ARREST Ana Photos by Tim Clement

    UCSF ARREST Ana<br >Photos by Tim Clement

    According to the Society of Family Planning, labor induction abortions have a 50% risk of leading to a live birth at late gestational ages when feticidal injections are not used. This is the practice of UCSF, and the institution has failed to demonstrate their compliance with California Health and Safety Code § 123435. Anastasia Rogers stated, “UCSF continues to exploit human mothers, their preborn children, and non-human animals in order to perform senselessly cruel experiments that target unborn children before abortions, involve implanting their organs into rodents to create humanized immune systems, and risk crimes by their employees. Instead of addressing this injustice by implementing alternative research practices and opening an investigation, UCSF continues to send police after nonviolent activists who have tried everything to get this to end. The arrests of myself and Tim are just two more on a long list of arrests used as an attempt to silence human rights activism and free speech on the UCSF campus. We will not be silenced by unlawful arrests and will continue to demand fetal organ harvesting to come to an end.”


    Kristin Turner, Executive Director of Pro-Life San Francisco, said, “UCSF employees filed an illegitimate restraining order against me last year to intimidate activists protesting their gruesome fetal organ harvesting. This order has not stopped other activists from standing up for the unborn and their families. We will not be intimidated.” Reflecting on the day’s outreach, Survivors organizer Anna Tran stated, “It was a blessing to have the opportunity to be able to share with visitors and employees at UCSF about the malpractice of harvesting the organs of innocent — and likely born alive — babies. When doctors have taken an oath to save lives, they must uphold it!”

    See the arrest footage here :


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