Activist’s Letter to Camarillo Council Urging SB54 Opposition

By Bruce Boyer


Letter to Camarillo City Council

In reference to your meeting of May 9th, 2018 

I want to thank you for your willingness to address the issue of the SB54 Sanctuary State Rebellion. This Issue should and could be solved by the County Sheriff. If our Elected Sheriff was not in Rebellion then the City would not have to deal with it. If he was upholding his Oath of Office there would be no Rebellion. May I suggest that you offer Sheriff Dean the opportunity to come to Camarillo. The Council Members should have him face you and answer your questions. That he answer publicly to you, the elected representatives and the citizens for his actions. Also offer a Town Hall where he will fully answer the direct questions of the citizens. That he be fully accountable to the citizens.  As Sheriff Dean is retiring, may I suggest that you also offer the two candidates for Ventura County Sheriff the forum as well; Mr. Bill Ayub, who lives in Camarillo, yet he can’t seem to find the time to come to a Council meeting, and myself, to come before the public in an open meeting/forum/debate and explain our positions and what we will do as Sheriff as to SB54.

 If you have a Sheriff that will obey his Oath of Office; the problem is solved. Unless you form your own P.D. you will have one or the other of us as the Sheriff come January 9th 2019. FYI my attorneys have filed our Appellate writ; I fully expect that I will be on the ballot for the Sheriff’s election on Nov. 6th.

Allow me to provide some background on the group of women of Guatemalan descent who came to speak. Unlike the Marx Brothers, the Marx Sisters are not at all funny, they are dangerous Marxists.  The civil war in Guatemala was initiated by the Communist/Marxists who received massive military support from Castro’s Cubans and the Soviets. They attempted to overthrow the governments and impose Marxist dictatorships throughout all of Central America and into South America. The Marxists prevailed in Nicaragua where today the people suffer under a brutal dictatorship. In Guatemala and El Salvador the Governments fought back with U.S. aid and assistance. It was a war because the Marxists initiated it and the Government defended the people from the attack and took years to bring about victory. The Communists had infiltrated the Catholic Church with what they called “Liberation Theology” using priests and nuns who were Marxist to support the rebels. The President of Guatemala; Rios Mont, was a genuine Christian, a devout member of the Pentecostal church. His skills, integrity, diligence and leadership was an essential component of the victory. As the Marxists were defeated, they fled the Country. Many came to the U.S. as alleged refugees (as one Marx sister referenced when she said that nuns helped her family get out) assisted by powerful people in the U.S. that supported the Marxists and opposed Pres. Reagan’s actions to defeat them. It is not surprising then to hear that women who were brought here by their defeated Marxist rebel parents denounce the United States and blame us for defeating their rebellion in Guatemala, who now wish to bring about an invasion of the United States using a flood of millions of illegal aliens. They are clever in that they play to the sympathies of our hearts so that our minds are not engaged. Engage your minds.

I call on you to uphold your oaths of office. To defend the Constitution of the United States against ALL enemies, foreign and domestic. As to specific actions to repudiate the SB54 Sanctuary State Rebellion.  These actions would be:

 #1 Order the VCSD to enforce the law, all of it. Demand that the VCSD enforce the law immediately; not be Rebels. Put them on notice that if they do not that the City will refuse to pay them as they are in breach of their agreement.  Put forth a special committee to plan to set up a Camarillo PD if the VCSD refuses (this will force their compliance). This is very doable and can be done for less money than is paid to the VCSD and by enforcing Federal Immigration Law; the City will have nearly zero Illegals which will eliminate 40-50% of the crime.

#2. I ask that you formally request the Federal Government; AG Sessions to intervene, to bring U.S.  Marshalls to put down the Rebellion, to restore our republican form of government and the rule of law. That those who have aided and abetted in subverting Federal law and as to the sheltering of Illegal aliens, those being in our County the Sheriff and the officers of the Ventura County Sheriff’s prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

 #3 Joining the litigation is purely symbolic. It does nothing to defeat the Rebellion or protect the citizens. If that is all you are doing; just draft a resolution to oppose the SB54 Rebellion; to call for the return of our Federal Constitution, support for the lawsuit and be done with it.  I and Patriots from other towns will have to do the fighting to defeat these Rebels and defend our Country from this invasion.

All that is necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing.

Bruce Boyer, Candidate for Ventura County Sheriff

[email protected]          


Editor’s notes:

  1. A recent court ruling blocked Boyer’s placement on the ballot,. He has appealed.
  2. The council will discuss its stance on SB54 at the May 23 meeting.


After Action Report: Calling out the City Councils: May 10th; 2018

 Monday night in Port Hueneme: Candidate for Congress Jeff Burum received a resounding roar of applause from most of the one hundred plus citizens in attendance, most of whom were there for other Council matters. The Council was not at all receptive to Burum and remarks were made by one member that were far out of line. Port Hueneme Council will need convincing to repudiate the Rebellion!

Tuesday night Burum addressed the OxnardCity Council and Boyer addressed the Fillmore Council. Oxnard is a Council that opted to be a Sanctuary City on it’s own, so look to November elections to replace them. Fillmore is unknown. I have received no answer to my previous emails, sending again.

Wed. night, Camarillo!  Nearly twenty speakers against the Rebellion spoke out again. The Mayor announced that they will agenda as toSB54 on May 23rd!  There were three ‘local” SB54 sympathizers and the Marx Sisters who are Marxists of Guatemalan descent who told their stories of oppression by the U.S. Govt and how they have been treated so poorly in this Country and subjected to racism and persecution.  I batted cleanup and cleaned up on the Marxists’ deceit and called the Council to be Patriots stand for Law and Order and to hold the Sheriff accountable.  I again pointed out to the Council that the VCSD is in breach of their contract with the City in it’s Rebellion and that the City should demand the VCSD refund monies paid to it and that if the VCSD did not adhere to the contract that the City should establish it’s own patriot PD. The Camarillo Council needs very little pushing as Council member Mike Morgan and Mayor Craven took the time to make it clear that they did not want Camarillo to be a Sanctuary for Illegal Aliens and that the City is moving forward to make that happen! Camarillo will be patriots!

Bruce Boyer candidate for Ventura County Sheriff (805) 339-9202 [email protected]

Bruce Boyer is a civil liberties activist. He is commencing litigation over ballot access to run for Ventura County Sheriff

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