Advisory | Women Should Not Walk Alone at Hueneme Beach


By Christina Zubko


The homeless problem at Ormond Beach is two fold. One is the homeless that will accept assistance and two the ones that don’t want help. There needs to be a two prong solution to solve this issue. Solution One: The city of Oxnard has received funding of $1.5 million to set up a shelter to assist those that want help. Solution Two: The city will remove those not wanting assistance, vagrants, from Ormond Beach because they are destroying the Ormond Beach wildlife sanctuary and are becoming a safety threat to people who go to the beach which I discuss in the next paragraph.


This last week, a vagrant on the beach of Port Hueneme tried to assault a 10 year old child. Additionally, a vagrant kicked a dog on Hueneme’s beach. A needle was found in the sand on Hueneme’s beach . A cement trashcan on Hueneme’s pier was thrown down the stairs, (see attached photo), causing damage to the structure (while it is true I do not know who did this, one could argue it was unlikely done by a law-abiding Hueneme resident–regardless, the pier is dangerous at night). A video from Perkins Road, showing a mushrooming of the encampments on Ormond Beach, also went viral (see link). No longer is it accurate to say that women should not walk alone on Oxnard’s beach. Rather, it appears that no one should walk alone on the Hueneme beach, too.


I had decided that I should keep my focus on protecting the endangered fish and foul of Ormond Beach. But after what happened last week, I can no longer in good conscience keep my focus there and I have to advocate for Hueneme residents–both children and adults alike–who should not have to lose their beach. If we don’t fight for our beach, we not only let ourselves down but more importantly we let down our children and grandchildren. Safety needs to be Hueneme’s first and foremost priority. Oxnard’s vagrants are moving in and they are taking over. When word gets out that Hueneme is allowing this, watch out. Visitors will pass on Hueneme and instead stop just south of us in Malibu and drop their tourism dollars there. Or maybe they will just keep heading north on the 101 and stop at Santa Barbara. Solid upstanding citizens-the backbone of Hueneme–will sell their homes (and hopefully they can still get top dollar for their homes as the market will devalue them when crime reports are published). Lawsuits will ensue. Fire season has just begun and already this summer I saw two fires at Ormond Beach. To add insult to injury, Oxnard advertised that they are giving themselves until next March to vacate the vagrants on Ormond Beach. Is it any surprise that the vagrants are not nonplussed by this announcement? Their encampments are swelling–not shrinking.


I implore you Port Hueneme City Council to make our beach a place where women, men, and children can again walk alone. You are the kings and queens of our city. Make it safe. Work with Oxnard to stop their growing encampments on Ormond Beach. Look to other cities who are effective in protecting the rights and property of their law-abiding citizens from the crime and disease that encampments bring. Let your attorney use language as protective skin for your backbone–the taxpayers and residents who make our city an attractive beach community. Enough is enough.

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Christina Zubko, Writes for Hueneme Voice

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Dotty Pringle

Let’s see if the whole 1.5 million stays intact and whole as that amount and NOT used as Fungible Money. That whole $1.5 needs to be watched and totally accounted for.


Advising the homeless to state that they are here illegally in order to get benefits is a REALLY ignorant statement. They DO get benefits and can even qualify for welfare and housing IF they are actively seeking employment. This is a deeper problem stemming from mental health issues and drug abuse or mental health issues from years of drug abuse. The encampments are filled with people who aren’t just down on their luck… it’s (most of the time) consequent to their poor choices.


They should just say they are here illegally so they can get free housing and medical


I think I heard you on the John and Ken show talking about this issue. It really is ridiculous that the city is allowing this to happen. Where are all the environmental activists? If nothing else they should be suing the city of the protected lands being demolished.


The Port Hueneme Beach Lifeguards should be getting Hazard pay for not only lifeguarding one of the most dangerous beaches in Ventura County for rip currents and drownings, but for one of the most violent and unpredictable beaches due to the homeless situation at Ormond Beach.

Jimmy Nichols

David J. Norman the past fired city manager wrecked the poor city, from the mismanagement of funds to poor leadership. Begs the question, how did he land the job in Camarillo…inquiring minds want to know. To top it off, he then goes and hires his former staff to lead the city of Camarillo Administrative Services Department.