After Action Report: Week one of calling out the City Councils , on the Sanctuary State: March 29th 2018

By Bruce Boyer

Monday night in Simi Valley. Regrettably I was the only one who was willing to speak, who showed up on time! Thank you to those who attended, your presence made an impact. They were not expecting a call to stand up and be Patriots, they chose to be cowards… The response from the Council was; Mike Judge (active LAPD) rambled as to ‘ never enforced Federal Immigration law… ‘ “ Sanctuary is idiotic, but….” nowhere to hold them…” Not our job…”  Mashburn dittoed him. Bob Huber ( who wants to be elected County Supv on June 5th) only argued with Councilman Becerra as to who instituted E Verify for City workers… Becerra stated that Simi Valley is a ‘law and order City” but that it’s a Federal problem… ‘they need to solve it…” Member Cavanaugh was mute.

Watch video- Speaking 2:37-5:41, Commentary 11:04-12:37:

Tuesday AM County Board of Supvs. 9AM on a weekday is not doable for a lot of folks. Thank you to those who showed up. The Board was also not expecting this call to be Patriots. More cowardice. Likely two are straight up rebels. I hoped Supvs Foy and Long would stand up…. I emailed them as well….Waiting…..

Tuesday PM Fillmore. The Patriots were there! Thank you! The Council def. took notice. I expect that we may see Fillmore stand up! The citizens who were there for other were ALL pleased with the call for Americans to be Patriots, not rebels. Not one person even looked askew at the call to defeat the rebels, many in attendance would be categorized as ‘Hispanic” by some. They were ALL Americans! WE will be back and work’n Fillmore! The Patriots there expressed such heartfelt gratitude for our actions that one could not but carry on!

speaking 29:37-34:51:

Wed. night, Camarillo!  The other candidates were off working the Repub Central Committee, Boyer chose to be at the Camarillo City Council, greeted each citizen as they entered. After a presentation by the VCSD as to crime in the City (without one word as to any Illegals committing even one of the crimes) calling out the fraud of the VCSD in not reporting the Illegal Aliens committing 30-50% of theses crimes and the rebellion that is the Sanctuary State. Boyer was able to comment on the report and general public comment. Called the Council to be Patriots. To agenda a public forum and a vote. They will have to make a choice, Patriot or Rebel, there are no spectators, doing nothing means they are complicit in the Rebellion. If a standing ovation from people who had never heard of him prior to that evening is any indication of their sentiments; then they were clearly against the Sanctuary State Rebellion!

Speaking 1:24:23-1:27:12:

Next week we will be in Port Hueneme; Oxnard and Thousand Oaks, back t the County Board on the 3rd.

Bruce Boyer

Chatsworth Lake Manor; VC (805) 339-9202 [email protected]


Editor’s note: Bruce Boyer filed, paid fees, took the oath to run for Ventura County Sheriff. Ballot listing is now in dispute.

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