“Ain’t it awful” is no way to formulate political strategy


By Richard Eber, California Political News and Views  

I remember this conversation game that my grandmothers used to play. These ladies, who grew up in the social morays of Victorian San Francisco at the start of the 20th century, would gossip about people they knew had fallen into hard times.  After telling these tales of woe which often involved bad marriages, or unfortunate accidents the retort, was always the same “Ain’t it awful.”

This disease of negativity is having a relapse today with Progressive Democrats who when dealing with anything Donald Trump proposes, a draconian response can be found no matter what the issue might be.

In line with this thinking, I was startled to receive an email by one my progressive friends who showed concern with the impacts on the national debt that Donald Trump’s tax cut proposal might have.

“Bush averaged about $600 billion per year as the annual deficit; Obama averaged about $1.1 trillion per year.   Spending on all kinds of new things, then lowering taxes will only build the annual deficit and total debt.   We’ll see how Trump does.    Now that he has a really smart fellow named Jared Kushner in there to totally revamp how the federal government “does business,” we should have limited confidence about how that will go.”  

Imagine, a president who wants to use tax cuts to stimulate the economy, create jobs, while broadening the income tax base.  An individual who intends to make the country energy independent to avoid being held captive by OPEC and tyrannical Middle East dictators?

A chief executive who desires to improve the efficiency of how the government does business?   A president who wants to protect the country’s borders and not strangle the economy with unnecessary governmental regulations created by faceless unelected bureaucrats.  And to really bust up the ain’t it awful crowd, help pay for government with good paying manufacturing jobs, bringing corporate profits into the USA to invest in the country’s future, and cutting inefficient entitlement programs.

In deploring this vision which gives hope to the middle class and several generations of inner city poverty, all  Senate Majority leader Chuck Schumer can do is organize a filibuster of a totally qualified Supreme Court Nominee who meets the highest standards of the American Bar Association?  This along with using rulings of obscure Federal judges to formulate policies that reside with the Executive and Legislative branches of government,  seems to be all  he can counter with.

Give me a break!  This is complete madness by a group of ultra liberal democrats who can’t believe the skunk perfume they are wearing might be the reason why voters don’t want to dance with them or have them control governorships and legislatures in over two thirds of the States.

In California this case of ain’t it awful is even worse with the State government where the leaders in Sacramento think they can change national policy on energy, education, urban planning, immigration, race relations, and a myriad of other issues because of their Blues Brothers “Mission from God” attitude about their socialistic visions.  This they feel this gives them the right to.

  • Conduct their own foreign policy oblivious to the other 49 states.
  • Let everyone, regardless of legal status, reside in California while providing a free education, public assistance, and governmental services
  • Impose Cap and trade along with layers of environmental regulations many of which duplicate one another under the guise of saving the planet. At the same time these people complain that there is not enough housing while failing to realize that before a shovel is placed in the ground there is nothing affordable without providing costly governmental subsidies.
  • Impose their PC culture on the entire country never realizing that movie actors, musicians, and overpaid athletes are not necessarily the social conscience of the nation.
  • Failing to realize their liberalism, which dominates the political process in California by controlling the entire legislature and State offices with progressive office holders, actually stifles dissent and alternative solutions to the States problems.

As a result we have a  bunch of  cowboys in Sacramento who feel living in the Golden State entitles to be exempt from having common sense. Instead we have “off the grid” leaders who are out of touch with the rest of the country.  Examples can be found with:

  1. Senate Pro Tem leader Kevin de Leon trying to pretend that SB-54 he is sponsoring which protects dangerous undocumented resident felons from being deported somehow protects innocent women and children from being separated.
  2. We have new United States Senator Kamala Harris whose first utterance in the chamber was concern for LGBT rights with the qualifications of the new CIA director. Apparently, keeping terrorists from plying their trade is less important to her than the “spooks” personnel policies.
  3. Gavin Newsome pretending he is lowering crime by making it difficult to purchase ammunition for gun owners. It would seem in his mind that criminals desire to comply with background checks when they procure firearms to rob banks and conduct carjackings.
  4. Jerry Brown goes to Washington D.C. and expects to be dealt with like he is prime minister of a country that the United States is trying to curry favor from The Governor thinks that he has special ex officio powers because Hillary Clinton carried the State by such a wide margin.

In reality The Trump Administration views him as a stoned snotty kid with his high speed rail toy who breaks curfew with his immigration policies.  If Jerry Brown doesn’t comply with Federal law, the Trump administration is threatening to send him to bed without bread and water (or in his case matching Federal grants for the state)

Even Jerry Brown knows this and he cannot completely defy the Trump Administration.  During his recent trip to Washington he met with both his own party and the Republican delegation saying at one point “We are trying to find ways to get along.”  Unlike his colleague Kevin de Leon, who called threats to take away law enforcement funds for non-co-operation with ICE in California to be “blackmail”, Brown acting like the adult in the room dialed down caustic remarks during his visit.

It will be interesting to see how all of this translates to law makers in the legislature.  Are they willing to lose funds for their defiance of the Federal Government?  With weak Republican opposition to thwart the progressive tide, what role will Jerry Brown play to look after California’s interests in his last two years in office?

Will the cry ain’t it awful be replaced by outright rebellion or the retort “Buddy can you spare me a dime”.


Richard Eber studied journalism at the University of Oregon. He writes about politics, culture, education restaurants, and was former city and sports editor of UCSB Daily. Richard is president of Amerasa Rapid Transit, a specialized freight forwarder.

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