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By Tom Dunn

As most of you know that are participating in posting on Next Door PH the smelly odors from the New- Indy Recycling Plant and the Oxnard Waster Water Treatment Plant over the last couple of months that there is an ongoing project to get to the root of this problem and see how it can be fixed.

Robert Bromberg PhD and founder of Hueneme Foundation has been working for a year to get city officials, government agencies and corporations to help in finding a solution for the 70 year old waste water plant that is deteriorating at a rapid pace. Now we also have the New-Indy Recycling Plant involved in the odor issue. Robert and I went to the New-Indy plant a couple of months ago to inquire if they were aware of the odor issue. They were willing to work with us to investigate the issue and Robert has been pursuing ways to get a plan together to hopefully clean up the causes of the odors. Below is Robert’s recap of what is taking place.

The pace is slow so he and I wanted to let you know what is currently happening and that we are doing everything quickly as possible though we all know how slow these thing can be. Also, after this recap there will be links to view videos of the Oxnard Waste Water plant’s problems and a new type of waste water treatment system developed by Stanford University and is in use in several California cities.

Also, there is a link to the Hueneme Foundation that explains its purpose. Thanks for everyone’s contributions to this issue and posting of incidents that we are recording. The more eyes, ears and voices we have the more effective we will be in securing a successful solution and outcome in returning Port Hueneme to the paradise we love.

Tom Dunn – Publisher Port Hueneme News (facebook @huenemenews)

The communities close-by to the Oxnard Wastewater Treatment Plant (OWTP) are aware that the plant generates hydrogen sulfide which, when certain weather conditions prevail, sends an odor somewhat akin to rotten eggs. Recently, surrounding communities report a smell that is different. Long time residents are convinced the “new smell” comes from the New-Indy Containerboard Plant located across the street from OWTP.

Both facilities are governed by multiple regulatory agencies and, according to those agencies, are generally in compliance. An online site, established by Tom Dunn, records and maps some of the reports. While useful, the reports are anecdotal but the data does not have adequate scientific weight to take to the regulators.
On September 25th, representatives of the Hueneme Foundation met with representatives from the City of Port Hueneme, City of Oxnard, and the New-Indy Containerboard Plant management. The meeting was focused primarily on emissions mentioned above.

The Hueneme Foundation, whose primary mission is to facilitate the replacement of the aging OWTP, participated on the invite of the municipalities and the paper mill. It is understood that our mission is directly connected to elimination of pollutants and potentially noxious emissions.
It was agreed at the meeting that the foundation would fund and deploy a sensor system that would track, record, and make available data of all airborne pollutants and particulate matter in the Perkins Road corridor. Both the Wastewater Plant and Paper Mill front on Perkins Road. The data will be shared with both facilities and accessible via App so residents and neighbors can track the data in real time.

The Foundation has reached out to local homeowner’s associations and has tentative commitments to host the sensors. The City of Oxnard will provide space for the base station for the system as well as provide electrical power to the unit. The sensors are battery powered. The Foundation is taking donations to help with the acquisition, installation, and deployment. All donations are tax deductible. If you wish to donate please click on the link below.…

Robert Bromber PhD
Hueneme Foundation

Click on this link to view Oxnard Waste Water Plant :



Click on this link to view Stanford Univ new water treatment system:…/CODIGA-Factsheet-FINAL-1-2016.…

Tom Dunn is a Port Hueneme resident who is publisher of Port Hueneme News, a digital newspaper (facebook @huenemenews)  and host of  “Hello Port Hueneme” a video interview show about people, places and things in Port Hueneme.

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