ALERT – Common Core – Smarter Balance Pilot Test Coming to your School in a few short days

CommonCoreOptOutsq1By Tony Dolz

If you have not yet filled out and submitted your Opt Out form to protect your child’s privacy, your time has come.

Parents are receiving a cheerful letter from school principals describing an “exciting” computer administered Smarter Balance assessment (pilot) test to be given in the few short days.

If you have not done so already, visit and download the Opt Out form and submit it to the school as indicated in the instructions.

The Opt Out form is the most effective way to keep the education establishment, the federal government and the private companies partners in Common Core from touching your children’s privacy.

The Opt Out form protects your child and you for the entire school year from participating in data mining of your families most sensitive information through prying surveys, assessments and any questions relative to personal beliefs or practices in sex, family life, morality, religion, personal behavior including but not limited to honesty, integrity, sociability, self-esteem, political affiliations, mental or psychological problems, sexual behavior or attitudes, illegal, antisocial, self-incriminating, demeaning behavior, critical appraisals of other individuals or family relationships, legally recognized privileges or analogous relationships such as lawyers, physicians and ministers, religious practices and affiliations, and income (unless necessary to determine eligibility to financial assistance).  The legal citations are stated on the Opt Out form.

What the cheerful letter from the principals do not say about privacy and the assessment tests is that,

  1. It is voluntary . . .
  2. That you can opt out  (The PJI Opt Out form will opt the parent/child out of ALL assessment tests and all privacy risks for the whole school year)
  3. That the parents will not be allowed to see the results of the test (These test are given for the benefit of the private for profit companies that design the school books, tests and surveys – they are market studies)
  4. That whether taking or not the assessment test, will not affect the grade or the progression to the next school year of your child.
  5. That California law does not allow punishment or reprisal for not participating in these voluntary assessment.

You might be told at the last minute, before the test, that you have a choice, but since it will be last minute, judging from past experience, the notice may be lost inside your child’s backpack or similar.   If we OPT OUT of all of it (submitting the Opt Out form), including the data mining, we don’t have to worry about missing any notices from the school.  It would be the school that will feel the stress of knowing which child is opted out and which one is not.  Making a mistake will leave them open to a law suit.

REMEMBER, the only safe data is date that we do not surrender.  No government agency or private company can guarantee the security and appropriate use of data that they collect and secondly that once data is collected it will follow your child for life, theoretically to resurface one day when you least expect it or appreciate it.

The Concerned Parents of Conejo Valley is doing what it can to educate and help protect the children in CVUSD.  This work is done through volunteers and contributions from parents.  We have printed 5000 copies of the Opt Out four page brochure that contains the Opt Out form.  We welcome help from parents to reach as many other parents as possible.  The management of The Oaks Mall among others have authorize us to have a table at their food mart.  We will try to reach out to parents by whatever means are available.  We will welcome your help in reaching out to other parents, inviting speakers to meetings, granting interview to the media, posting in community calendars and letters to the editor.  Would you like to volunteer or contribute?  Please contact me Tony Dolz at [email protected] or call me at 310 371 7500.

If you know of other parents that would like to be in our email list for news and warnings, ask them to email us with the request including their contact information.


PS     The Pacific Justice Institute Opt Out form (copyrighted) is valid anywhere in California.   The Concerned Parents of California and Concerned Parents of Conejo Valley has negotiated agreement with PJI to represent Pro Bono any California parent who uses their Opt Out form and whose rights have been violated.  The 17×11 inch four page brochure (see enclosure) editable file will be sent to any parent organization in California who wishes to print their own – substituting the contact information to reflect the name and contact information of their own group.


Editor’s note: This is from “Concerned Parents of Conejo Valley,” an education rights group.

Tony Dolz is a Thousand Oaks business man running for the Conejo Valley School Board

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