Ambitious woman will run for California Governor

By Jim Sullivan


Stasyi Barth is an ambitious woman–she intends to run for California

Governor in 2018.  And her political goals are just as ambitious.  Among other things, she wants to:

         o  restore the rule of law in California

         o  give control of their state back to Californians

         o  reform the California tax code to make it more attractive

              for businesses to come to and stay in California

         o  stop the passing of state laws in the middle of the night

         o  reduce state taxes on people and corporations in California

         o  offer Californians free online civics classes

Ms. Barth has a wide-ranging background.  She states the following about her background:  she was a civilian contractor for Navy Foreign Military Sales (China-Taiwan).  Stasyi also states she was a computer programmer for fifteen years and currently owns an acupuncture and holistic health practice with her husband in Lake Elsinore, California.  Stasyi says she is an Air Force veteran.

Stasyi states she is also quite active politically:  She was in the District of Columbia for the week prior to the Obamacare vote, and says she visited with every Representative she could to plead her case for a NO vote on Obamacare.  Stasyi says she has also visited and testified with California Assembly members several times on topics relating to illegal immigration, sanctuary status for the city and state, Proposition 47, releasing inmates early, laws to allow illegals to practice medicine and law in California without the knowledge of their patients and clients of their illegal status or which country they received their degree in the U.S., the Motor-Voter law, and illegal aliens having access to California universities and colleges.

In addition, Stasyi states she organized an effort to shut down the southern border from California to Texas, making international news.  This was following the Murietta Border Patrol–Stop the Buses event, which she says she was heavily involved in for four weeks.  She says she has written several political articles for publication and given speeches to many social and political groups.

Ms. Barth indicates she was very upset that our laws were being broken in the Obama Presidency, the highest office in the land.  She writes that ‘Our Declaration of Independence clearly states that it is not just our right, but our duty, to stand guard in defense of the future of America’.

Stasyi is running for Governor of California to do her part in serving our state, our nation, and our fellow Americans.  She believes we need to return to the vision of our Founders and make the U.S. Constitution official in practice, as well as in law.  She also writes that our physical and human resources, economy, healthcare, environment, housing, taxes, immigration and other issues are of immense importance and will be addressed by her.  None of that will matter, according to Stasyi, if we are not free citizens of the great State of California, and the United States.

More info:

Ms. Barth declined to provide a resume when asked. Barth responded: I didn’t decline to provide a resume; I had wrist and knuckle replacement surgery and can’t type, just yet.

Jim Sullivan is a Citizen Journalist and retired  businessman with graduate degrees in political science and business.  He lives in Ventura with his wife Juliette and two family cats.

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3 Responses to Ambitious woman will run for California Governor

  1. Ronald L. Lyons December 14, 2017 at 9:34 am

    I hope Stasyi has a strong constitution, on level with Sarah Palin, as she fights for every rational citizen’s vote and takes on the California bear that is disguised as entrenched liberal union supported leftists.
    On November 6th 2018, the wall of ‘Fortress Inanity’ will tumble as we elect Stasyi Barth Governor of California. Then the real fight for freedom will commence in spite of all the Democrat sniping, complaining, prevaricating, procrastination and irrational voting.
    Then our children can read good literature again.

    • William Hicks December 14, 2017 at 10:09 am

      My question to your comment is…..How many “rational”citizens are left in California?


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