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By Leo G. Alvarez

President Trump’s inaugural speech was probably not given a title by its author.  It obviously evolved, as do all speeches, first in thought then in words, then in edits.  And it is well that it did.

It was made clear that there is great need to change the status quo in our Federal government.  And it makes sense that such power does not benefit the voters who seem to have little choice on who runs.  But recognizing it for what it is and speaking about it will not change anything.

Moments after the speech was uttered it’s words were being dissected as to what each meant in the context of the times, the speaker, and what may have been implied.  And that is before Historians began their analysis and comparisons to other Inaugural speeches.

First it was written by a man with an extensive background in business, entrepreneurship, and a will to succeed.  And you can see hints of those philosophies between the lines. 

It included many references to America and its role in helping not only individuals but foreign governments and their people.  It included a reference to rampant crime, and it mentioned gangs.  And it emphasized the toll and cost to America and Americans.

But all throughout it was filled with promises of how things were to change and the area of changes that would benefits America and Americans.

If I am not rich, I cannot give you the financial help you need for you to grow in strength so that you can prosper

If I am not strong, I cannot help you to fight off your enemies..

If I do not teach you, you will not learn how to help yourself. 

Unfortunately, all the help we have given others has been at the expense of Americans and America.

Since the end of World War II our Country has taken on the task of making this world a better place to live for all its citizens.  It made Britain and Russia stronger economically and militarily.  It conquered its enemies and then offered them a helping hand that has made them and Europe and Asia stronger economically and our commercial and industrialist competitors.

But in doing so it has made us weaker economically and militarily.  It is now to the point that any further help we extend to others only weakens us more.  And we cannot help anyone from a base of weakness.

Trump has promised he will change that.  Though he did not say “America First”, we simply can no longer afford to continue bleeding ourselves to help others.

Realistically, we cannot just “cut the cord” and set others adrift in the shark infested waters this World has become.  We saw it in Syria when the void left by Gadhafi was filled by warring factions, and ISIS.  We saw what happened in Afghanistan when the Russian gave up and pulled out.  We have seen it in in Iraq, Iran, North Korea, Viet Nam, and so on, over and over.

But we cannot continue to weaken ourselves and our Country so others can prosper.  That is so obvious now.

It will be interesting to see how Americans feel they will be affected by this new Administration and how things will play out for them.  As we speak  some Americans are asking, “…what’s in it for me?”   

But another inaugural speech, that of John F. Kennedy, resonates in my memory.  President Kennedy said, “Ask not what your country can do for you – Ask what you can do for your Country”.  That should be the focus of every American and especially its President and all its elected officials.


Leo Alvarez is a Native Ventura Countian with a law enforcement background and is the President of the National Association Against Child Cruelty (501c3), The Children’s Wall of Tears™



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