America On The Precipice Luncheon In Ventura

By J. A. Caviezel and Greg Albaugh- Citizens Journal

Hugo Goerner, Kevin McNamee and Steven Coughlin present at the EPAC luncheon

A collection of Americans gathered on August 15, 2021, for the America on the Precipice Luncheon at the Poinsettia pavilion in Ventura, CA. The event was hosted by Ensure the Preservation of America and Our Constitution (EPAC). EPAC was created in January 2021 by Hugo Goerner to do exactly what the name says. Hugo owns a construction company in Ventura county. Has held elected office and is also the author of “United Socialist States of America “which is available on Amazon.

The keynote speaker was Steven Coughlin, a retired Pentagon Intelligence Analyst. He spoke of his time in the Department of Defense and how in 2005 the Afghan constitution was written as part of the nation building efforts. Coughlin stated, the campaign was lost with the ratification of that document. In the document it stipulates that Muslim law will supersede any law of the new government. As the Biden administration is withdrawing troops over the last few months, Taliban forces have been regaining territory and influence through violence, most recently the capital of Kabul.(as of this publication, the Taliban has overthrown the Afghan Government and taken control of the country).

Mr. Coughlin spoke extensively to a very engaged audience about the current state of our Republic and the issues of apathy that plagues it. He emphasized the fact that the progressive agenda seems to have won over the popular narrative, relegating any dissenting opinion to the dustbin of low-level name calling such as blanket racism, xenophobia, homophobia ad infinitum. He asserts that these are all well-orchestrated plans to keep independent thinkers off balance so they will eventually self-select out of the broader political discourse.

Steven Coughlin spoke again about republicans being the controlled opposition to the left. “The Republicans are playing a linear game of checkers and the Democrats with the help of the neo-Marxists are playing a 3-dimensional game with multiple angles of attack. Most republicans have no idea the nature of the game and they have already lost before they start”. “As voters’ choices are placed on a bell curve, the left and mainstream media blame the 8% on the far right which resist the whims of progressive politics. As politics progress and the divide deepens, there is no middle ground. You must choose a side becasue every republican move to the middle is actually a move to the left”, he stated.

Kevin McNamee, a city council member from Thousand Oaks was the MC at the event. He presented for Clare Lopez (ret.) CIA Director Of Operations who was unable to attend.  He stated on her behalf that “Currently, the CCP has control of thirty-three international ports. A move which is strategically meant to advance their goal of total global domination. Information control, trade wars, intellectual property violations that cost the US approximately 60 $ billion a year.”

Kevin McNamee looks on as Caroline Abate describes the crisis in our schools

Caroline Abate with the California School Choice Foundation  spoke about the appalling state of California Schools and the concerted effort to undermine parents and the quality of education. Caroline organization is collecting signatures for a ballot measure on school choice. They need 1.5 million signatures to make it on the ballot. The education of our children is the last bastion before the collectivist left takes total control of our last remaining freedoms. She urged parents and the community to get involved. Email [email protected] for more information on how to support this cause.






Hugo Goerner, a real patriot and fighter for his convictions, implored attendees to get involved in their governance and therefore, their destinies. Hugo is willing to fight to bring awareness of corruption in local and national politics. He will continue to bring his message to the masses with everything he has. An inspirational figure, Hugo encouraged attendees to learn to think and write and use their articulation to counter destructive leftist narratives.

Learn more about EPAC 

Much information was presented by the speakers at the luncheon. The most salient point presented is that the enemy to any resistance of political Marxism is inertia. “The opponents’ objective is not to win the game but only keep you at the table. When you are told to let the system work or something big is going to happen soon, your forward movement is halted”. The luncheon was a call to action for Americans to defend the American way of life. The progressive Marxist movement is a direct threat to your individual freedoms and must be defeated by any means possible.

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Mike Smith

It falls on LOCAL LEVEL patriots and constitutional sheriffs, police departments and city councils to rebuild our republican form of government, AND restore America’s ability to effectively stop national security threats. Help is not coming from Washington, D.C. And here’s (partly) why:

The U.S. no longer has a counter-intelligence framework. It was sabotaged over 10 years ago, from within the FBI and multiple other agencies. Ergo this country has been wide open to multiple domestic and foreign enemy threats for a long time. It’s far worse than most people know. More here.