American Exceptionalism | Blessed With Stability



By Kim Payne

We are blessed with stability. It is truly amazing to me to realize that we as Americans are under the longest continual constitution on earth, no other country with a constitution comes close. It is a testament to the brilliance and forethought of our founders, and the wisdom in laying the foundations of our republic. Our constitution went through many debates between anti-federalists and federalists with much consideration. From committee to committee with numerous re-writes and amendments before finally being ratified by the minimum number of required states (9) under Article VII on June 21, 1788. By the end of July, eleven states had ratified and the Federal Government began to be organized. On September 13, 1788 a resolution was passed by the Continental Congress to put the new constitution into operation and the Federal government began operations on March 4, 1789 with our first Federal president, George Washington being inaugurated eight weeks later, on April 30, 1789. Our Constitution was enacted with seven original articles delineating the operation and function of each aspect of the federal government. During the debates of 1788 it was promised that a section similar to the English Bill of Rights would be included so the ten original amendments that made up the Bill of Rights were added in 1791.

France closely followed on with their revolution and formed a constitutional government in 1789. Since that time they have replaced it 15 times, Ecuador has theirs 20 times since 1830, South Africa, 5 since 1931. The average age for a constitution in the world is 17 years. Ours is 229 years old.

It was in this incredible document that our governing principles and methodologies were established. Our founders labored to create a system of government rooted in a unique governing philosophy unequaled anywhere else in the world. President Abraham Lincoln once wrote that our Constitution was the silver frame around an apple of gold, our Declaration of Independence. What was that “Unique Governing Philosophy”?

It is found in 5 absolute principles that every clause in our constitution goes back to …

1.We acknowledge that there is a Divine Creator (This is the 1st step in limiting government)

2.Inalienable rights come from God (this is the 2nd step in limiting government, acknowledging jurisdictions) John Adams stated that “Inalienable rights are antecedent to all earthly governments”

3.The purpose of government is to secure the rights of its people

4.There is a fixed moral law.

5.The consent of the governed, or the will of the people shall prevail

There is much talk today of tearing down and changing our system, They say that it is outdated and needs to be overhauled. Some voice the opinion that we should change it to a socialist system that is kinder. One that is not biased, one that is more fair. But all those have been tried, nothing else has the stability like that birthed by our founders. It is a system built upon the individual not the collective, as such nothing is more free, nothing grants more individual liberty. Our system does not seek to grant equality of outcome but rather equality of opportunity.  It is up to each of us to reach for the heavens.



Kim Payne was born and raised in California.  He laughs at himself declaring that he was a crazed hippie youth when he was younger.  He grew up to be an aerospace test engineer in southern California and resides in Thousand Oaks. 

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