America’s Cup Tour replica yacht hosts visitors in Channel Islands Harbor

By George Miller

Visitors were all over the replica yacht America, built in 1995, on Wednesday morning and afternoon at the tony Pacific Corinthian Yacht Club. This stop in Channel Islands Harbor is only one the America’s Cup Tour, undertaken to build enthusiasm and support for the America’s Cup campaign and 2017 competition in Bermuda. America is a replica of the very first American yacht to win a storied race around the Isle of Man in Great Britain, taking home the 100 lb. silver tropy which came to be known as “Amertica’s Cup,” spurring many challenges, traditions and legends since.

While there, we met a Westlake woman who grew up in Bristol, RI, was a sailor and had relatives in the Coast Guard. Kids enrolled in the yacht club’s sailing program were all around,in little boats, or coming aboard the America. Local boaters and curious visitors from all over were there, too. All were exploring and feasting their eyes on the beauty of this wonderful and very functional craft.

America2 021

Visitors were aboard the America, replica of the original race-winning yacht which gave the America’s Cup its name. Photo: George Miller,

Connoisseurs of wooden sailcraft will really appreciate the rugged construction, seaworthness, sleek design, liveability and condition of the ship. While I wouldn’t say she was in “Bristol” (top) condition, she’s remarkable for a wooden craft which has sailed the seas for so long, on a budget.  The rigging, decks, brightwork and machinery shows evidence of much loving care. She’s also an interesting mixture of traditional and modern elements, but mostly very true to the original design. Thousands of square feet of sails are complemented by the latest low emission disel engines and electronic systems. Wooden block pulleys are threaded with state of the art synthetic lines. Antennae are hidden in the rigging. Top yacht quality Lewmar winches abound.

Captain Troy Seals was not on board when we came by, but Michael Ash, America’s First Mate (below) was. He has been with the ship 4 1/2 years, joining the crew after graduating from San Diego State University.  It’s a dream job for the right guy, but hard work and being away much of the time. He told us that the America’s Cup Tour will be visiting ports of call (next stop Morro Bay) all the way up the West Coast  to Vancouver. They forecast arrival there in late August. While the ship has been clocked at up to a very swift 18 knots, per Ash, that is unlikely on this trip. So to meet that ambitious schedule, they require an assist from their husky twin John Deere 6068 diesel engines (3 photos down) to do that, since they will be opposing the prevailing winds most of the way up. The engines are used for close quarter maneuvering, docking and to assist when conditions are not favorable for needed rapid transit. He says the best that this schooner rig can point upwind is about 50 degrees, which would have made for much slow, torturous tacking..

America2 061

Michael Ash, America’s First Mate, at Pacific Corinthian Yacht Club, Channel Islands Harbor, Oxnard. Photo: George Miller,


America2 051

Constant maintenance is needed aboard America. Here, a winch, used to trim sails, is meticulously cleaned and polished by crew. Photo: George Miller,


America2 059

The America packs two husky John Deere 6068 diesel engines inside its sleek hull, with 40″ folding propellers outside of it. Photo: George Miller,


America2 044

Visitors inspect America’s stout, intricate rigging. Photo: George Miller,



From the last America’s Cup in San Francisco- very hi-tech U.S. Entry from team Oracle.


14/07/2013 - San Francisco (USA,CA) - 34th America's Cup - Louis Vuitton Cup - Round Robin - Race Day 5 - ETNZ Vs Artemis Racing (DNS) - A replica of the schooner America

14/07/2013 – San Francisco (USA,CA) – 34th America’s Cup – Louis Vuitton Cup – Round Robin – Race Day 5 – ETNZ Vs Artemis Racing (DNS) – A replica of the schooner America


21/08/2013 - San Francisco (USA,CA) - 34th America's Cup - 162nd America's Cup Anniversary

21/08/2013 – San Francisco (USA,CA) – 34th America’s Cup – 162nd America’s Cup Anniversary

More info:

First America’s Cup winning boat replica awaits your visit Wednesday

First America’s Cup winning boat replica awaits your visit Wednesday

By George Miller-The  America, a beautiful replica of the boat that gave The America’s Cup its name, is at the visitor’s dock at Pacific Corinthian Yacht Club as this is being written.  She will be available for your inspection on Wednesday, July 15.  There will be tours, a ride aboard and a dinner event (see […]



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