Ammon Bundy shares what happened to his brother Ryan today at the jail

Protested federal authorities in Bunkerville, NV and Burns, OR

by 8-10-16

Ammon Bundy would like to share with you what happened to his brother Ryan today at the jail. We still live in a country where men are innocent until proven guilty, don’t we? We need your help to stop these abuses, Please listen and share….


Editor’s note: So who are Ammon and Ryan Bundy? They are sons of Cliven Bundy, who successfully resisted efforts of the Bureau of Land Management and FBI to shut down their Nevada cattle ranch a couple of years ago. After the Bundys put out a call for help, hundreds of people, including armed militia, showed up to defend them.

Ammon and Ryan Bundy mugshots

Then, last year, they went to Burns, Oregon to protest the treatment of other ranchers: Dwight Hammond and his son, Steven Hammond, who were, they say, unjustly convicted and imprisoned (federal prison in San Pedro, CA, far, far from their home) for another four years, of trumped up charges of arson, when they set a backfire, as is often done, to save their ranch. It ended up burning a small amount of federal land- actually the very land that they hold a lease on.

They sprung a trap on occupation group leaders who were driving into town on a lonely road to meet with the sheriff. Authorities pulled over a two car convoy heading for the meeting, to arrest the group members. One car fled, but ran into a roadblock about a mile down the road. The authorities (not clear if FBI or police did it), shot to death Lavoy Finicum, the driver exiting the vehicle, claiming he was pulling a gun on them. He was unarmed and video evidence suggests they might have shot him first before he clutched himself. The passengers remaining in the car insist that the authorities were shooting into their car. A cell phone video seems to confirm that and the previous sentence.

One of the bullets struck passenger Ryan Bundy and is still in his arm. This is potentially a very important piece of evidence, which the feds are attempting to remove by force- Ammon Bundy was resisting that. Ammon Bundy claims that his jailers abused Ryan badly, injured him while he was not resisting at all and that he has additional witnesses to back that up. The govt. has refused to have defendants’ witnesses present for the surgical removal of the bullet and is refusing to pass the bullet into neutral hands for custody and testing. The Bundys and their legal counsel claim that they are unaware of any legal court order to obtain this bullet or perform any surgery. The Bundys believe that  the government is attempting to “disappear” or tamper with the evidence.

The federal government is systematically trying to shut down vast areas of ranching around the country. We won’t even get into why here. But, they are using highly questionable methods to shut down these operations, including attempting to regulate a steady reduction of what ranchers and other land users  can do, how much and what resources they may use, such as water and grazing land. Some ranchers have had right to use, then later lease the land via BLM,  for over a century.

It is highly questionable that the government has any legal right to even make such demands, since they are constitutionally constrained from owning most of the land that they lay claim to- over half of the Western United States.  This land is supposed to be under the control of the states to disposition as they see fit, but the federal government continues to control it, often by force or intimidation.

Most of the mainstream “news” media portray the Bundys as out of control outlaws and deadbeats. All male Bundys have been imprisoned on questionable charges. However, as more evidence has come to light discrediting the government’s version of what went on, some media have been covering it more accurately

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6 hours ago – (AP) — Oregon standoff defendant Ryan Bundy’s confrontation with sheriff’s … firm that they do not have consent to take the bullet out of his arm,” Bundy said. … Oregon State Police troopers fired the rounds that killed Finicum, …

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Mar 17, 2016 – The 12-minute video — released by The Oregonian — was recorded inside Finicum’s truck on Jan. 26. The group was staying at the Malheur Wildlife Refuge during a 41-day showdown with federal agents. “You can go ahead and shoot me,” the 54-year-old Arizona rancher says, taunting authorities. “Boys, this is gonna get real.

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Mar 8, 2016 – Oregon State Police troopers were justified in fatally shooting LaVoy Finicum during the occupation of a wildlife refuge in January, the …

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Jan 4, 2016 – BURNS, Ore. (AP) –The father-and-son ranchers convicted of settingfire to federal grazing land in Oregon have reported to prison, Harney …

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Jan 4, 2016 – They were convicted in 2012 of lighting public land on fire adjacent to their ranch land south of Burns. They are returning to prison for the …

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Dec 31, 2015 – BURNSRancher Dwight Hammond Jr. paused while loading cattle … He’s headed back to federal prison to serve nearly five years for arson.


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Eventually, this could be the fruits of SOAR in the hands of Ventura County Supervisors.