Amnesty hidden in trillion dollar “Omnibus Spending Bill?”

By George Miller

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Happens every year

At one time, Congress put forth a series of spending bills on different topics, each designed to support, with spending authorizations, what they wanted done. In recent years, because of gridlock in agreeing on priorities and the resulting delays, that has not occurred. Instead, massive catch-all “omnibus” bills have been created to encompass many areas of endeavor, to rubberstamp past policies and slip in a few new ones.  Not enough thought has been given to spending within revenue constraints, although Republicans have exerted some weak downward pressure.

In effect, the status quo has been maintained, year after year.  The House of Representatives has sole  constitutional authority to originate revenue bills, but has allowed itself to be bullied into not exercising its prerogatives to do so.  Instead it has been pressured into doing eleventh hour rush jobs while “government shutdowns” were threatened. When these huge bills are dropped on Congressional reps at the last minute and sometimes even changed in the dead of night before voting sessions, what results is coercion, if not outright fraud. Republicans bitterly complain about the illegal tricks used to pass Obamacare, but now they are doing some of the same things.

This editorial focuses on the legality of actions being taken, not on whether or not amnesty is a good idea.


“Continuing Resolution?”

Right now, Republicans are under huge pressure to pass a “continuing resolution” to sustain spending until the end of the fiscal year.  By the way, that’s not this New Year’s eve- it’s September 30, 2015.  So, the new Congress would lose the ability to set policy for nearly another whole year if the current Congress allows it. Supposedly, this would have to be done by December 12, before they go home for the year. Others want a much shorter leash- a month until the new Congress gets in, or three months.

To envision how that might unfold, one only has to look at last year, where weak Republicans quickly caved under orchestrated pressure from Democrats and the powerful news media.  When Republicans didn’t totally capitulate to Obama by FULLY funding everything he demanded (they did offer almost everything except Obamacare funding), he ordered a phony “government shutdown,” by closing down certain high visibility functions- such as parks in Washington DC and self-funding ones elsewhere, to make his point.

The compliant media then trumpeted that nationwide at maximum volume.  Republican leadership, which didn’t want to defund Obamacare anyway and was fighting the rank and file on it, quickly caved, using next year’s election and the shutdown as an excuse. They proposed a “compromise” bill, which was nearly everything Obama wanted and it passed overwhelmingly, with only about 100 dissenting votes.  Keep in mind that it was actually Obama who shut down the government because he would only settle for nearly all of his demands.

So, in that manner, Obamacare and some other objectionable programs, have been fully funded every year, even though an overwhelming majority of Republicans don’t want it and a comfortable majority of all Americans don’t either. Now, amnesty has been added to the growing list of impasses with the White House.

Interestingly, “government shutdowns,” so-called “racist” Republican immigration policy and opposition to Obamacare didn’t hurt Republican prospects much in the recent election. In fact, it was a historic rout of Democrats, whose leader Obama said that all his policies would be on the ballot. Yup. 


On to immigration and “amnesty”ObamaHoldup

One continually marvels at the machinations of officials of both major, corrupt “parties” and the “MainStream Media” on the immigration situation.

Sure, we know that the USA was built by immigrants.  However, the U.S. has immigration laws which reflect its priorities and its absolute right to determine who is admitted to the country, how many, when and under what terms. That is one of the properties of a nation.

Regardless of what you think about those laws, it is the sole job of Congress to establish them, not the President’s. Presidents are supposed to ENFORCE the laws, not make them. As for “prosecutorial discretion,” that is to handle exceptions and special cases, not to waive the law for entire classes of people- 5, 10, or even 15 million, as Obama is now attempting to do.

 Amnesty advocates point to past Presidents’ “executive orders” which abused the law, as if that paved the way for the Obamnesty.  They even point to Reagan’s granting amnesty to 3+ million people.  An executive order without backing of law would be illegal, but Reagan signed the Immigration Reform and Control Act, IRCA, which was an actual bill, passed by Congress.  Presidents don’t make law- remember? If someone got away with murder successfully, does that set a precedent that all future murders are legal? No. Same with amnesty. It was also part of an agreement with Congress that the border security would be greatly tightened and that this was the last “exception.”  

Congress lacks the courage and at this point, the ability, to rein in Obama via its most potent tool- impeachment- which has never been directly used with success (it has indirectly, in situations  such as Nixon’s). So, that leaves only jawboning, toothless resolutions, more laws, which he might  also ignore- or the second most powerful weapon- the power of the purse- via defunding the activities not approved by Congress. In spite of all the propaganda you may have read, it IS legal and it IS effective.  It may also be the most effective and least bloody way to resolve a constitutional crisis created by an out of control, lawless executive. Obamnesty is only one of dozens of potential impeachable offenses committed by Obama and his administration.

For those of you who approve of Obama’s amnesty, we ask you to consider his methodology, which shreds the constitution and erodes respect for the rule of law. A future administration may also use such illegal powers in ways you really don’t want to see and there may be no checks and balances left.

This nation was not designed to run by mob rule or by dictatorship. Neither is it a “Democracy.” It is a Constitutional Republic, operating under rule of law, with Democratic elections. At least, that’s what it’s supposed to be.  The Constitution is a legal framework for our nation, which is designed to protect rights and the process of the Republic.

As far as the Congressional machinations, it is evident that leadership wants to torpedo the clear will of the majority to enforce the law, while also allowing the law to be violated by fully funding the illegal  actions of a lawless executive.  

Some say that only the executive branch can enforce the law. But, if it is the  one breaking it, then extraordinary measures may be necessary. You are witnessing a constitutional crisis right now. We can not only hope and pray it will be righted, but can express our will clearly to representatives, “The Media” and the public.  And then there is also the 2016 election.


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George Miller is Publisher of and a “retired” operations management consultant, active in civic affairs, living in Oxnard.


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