An attack on Syria now will be a war crime

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By Thomas Scott Nelson
September 6, 2013
An attack on Syria now will be a war crime.

It will be a war crime for all involved.

It will be a war crime for those that encourage and propagandize, enable and order, and for those that carry out those orders.

It will be a war crime for Representatives and Senators who think it is patriotic or in our national security interest, for those that are bullied into participating by president, party, and intelligence agencies, or out of personal cowardice, and it will be a war crime for those supporting the cynical ‘Doctrine of Humanitarian Intervention’.

Syria is in an ongoing brutal sectarian and geopolitical struggle, fueled by outside ‘interests’, countries and players. We are told to, “Do something, now!”, based on evidence that can only be presented in secret sessions; gathered and presented by those agencies that criminally involved our country in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Yes, it is awful. The deaths are horrific. They always are.

For those of you that profess to be religious, who will throw the first stone…

For those of you that condemn the weapons used, look at our use of depleted uranium in Iraq providing birth defects for centuries to come, and half a million children born with birth defects in Vietnam from the twelve million gallons of herbicides containing dioxin used by the US Air Force, or our use of white phosphorus as an offensive weapon in Fallujah to avenge the deaths of four contractors.

If the reason to attack is the use of chemical ‘weapons of mass destruction’, don’t our leaders often threaten a nuclear attack with, “All options are on the table”?

The hypocrisy is stunning.

This is an international issue. If the “intelligence” is good. It is time to present it to the world in its entirety. If that evidence is conclusive, our partners in the United Nations Security Council and General Assembly will have to work together to defuse and control the situation.

It will be a war crime for our country to act out of revenge or pride.

I urge you to participate. Call your representative today.


Thomas Scott Nelson is a Citizens Journalist residing in Moorpark

One Response to An attack on Syria now will be a war crime

  1. Stefan Djordjevic September 8, 2013 at 11:54 am

    If we do it, it is not for humanitarian reasons. It is to make sure that neither Iranians nor Russians nor Al Qaeda get to have their way. There can only be one biggest kid on the block. Better it be us than someone else.

    Having said that, we need to choose our battles wisely.

    You can argue that the world would be the same or even better, had we never fought anywhere, but can you prove it?


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