An Interview With Rafael Dagnesses, Republican Congressional Candidate for California’s 26th District

73351_08648a1d53b70db92aa4c99314157600_bbb4ebeb42c532da772c44f5779baa9a by Shari Goodman

Last Wednesday, I sat down at a local Coffee Bean for a question and answer session with Rafael Dagnesses, Republican Congressional candidate for the 26th District.  I was asked by Citizens Journal to interview the candidates running for the 26th Congressional District, and so I contacted Julia Brownley, a Democrat who now occupies the seat, and Assemblyman Jeff Gorell’s ® office.  Although I spoke to the staff of both, neither Brownley nor Gorell replied to my request for an interview.  As chapter leader for a local ACT For America, perhaps the subject matter of Islam and the civilizational Jihad scared them off.  The only one to respond and grant me an interview was Rafael Dagnesses.  My interview with him is as follows.

SG:   While the economy and health care may be on everyone’s mind, we at ACT are very much concerned with national security.  The Muslim Brotherhood is here in the United States and they have been very successful at infiltrating all of our institutions in what they refer to as a “civilizational Jihad”.  Are you aware of the threat?

RD:  Nothing exists without national security and people tend to forget that.  People are so busy with their lives that they forget what keeps us and this country safe.  National security is the first priority because it effects everything else.

SG:  Our southern border is wide open and we know that terrorists from Muslim countries are crossing it.  How would you address the issue?

RD: The focus on the border is not only an immigration issue.  My focus on the border is from a national security issue.  I don’t hear enough politicians discussing that factor.  The fact is that we have a border that allows terrorists, criminals, narco-terrorists, and individuals who seek to do us harm to enter illegally and that is a huge problem.  I believe that our border needs to be secured before we can begin to discuss immigration.  We need a real wall that would deter people from crossing over.   In addition we need more boots on the ground and technology to bolster our security since a wall alone will not stop them.

SG:  Many Islamic civil rights organizations such as CAIR are fronts for the Muslim Brotherhood.  How would you handle them?

RD:  I am not privy to intelligence information regarding a specific group.  Once I am in a position to acquire that kind of information I will be an open book with a loud voice.  I would be calling for investigations and a review of who is allowed to come into this country.  Remember, the 9/11 Islamic terrorists came in here legally.  We have a huge visa issue, and the immigration issue is not merely a Hispanic issue.  It is a national security issue.

SG:  Would you seek the information?

RD:  Absolutely!  If I had the information on specific organizations, I would expose it.  The present problem with government is that it is hiding things from the American public.  We have to have an honest conversation.

SG:   Have you ever heard of the Exploratory Memorandum and Strategic Outline for North America by the Muslim Brotherhood?  They specifically outline how they will destroy our “miserable house” by our own hands from within.

RD:  Back in the 90’s during the Clinton administration, they buried their heads in the sand when every intelligence agency said we have an issue.  Ironically I worked military intelligence in the 90’s.  We knew that things were being ignored and that bad things were going to happen in the future.  We just didn’t know when and how.  Their agenda is no different from the Soviets who too wanted to take over the world.  They are very patient and they will wait until their grandchildren will execute the process if needed.  I have a few Muslim friends who are not of that ideology.

SG:  This interview is not about Muslims because many Muslims do not know their own doctrine, but Islam is not interpretable because they believe the Quran is the direct word of G-d.  Sharia Law is their civil code and there is no separation between church and state.  Man made laws are forbidden within Islam; thus, Sharia supersedes all man made laws.  Several states have enacted American Laws for American Courts to prohibit our courts to adjudicate cases through the use of foreign law.  Would you favor such a law in California?

RD:   Sharia Law has no place within our borders the same way that the laws of any other country should not be imposed on us.

SG:   But would you support such a bill?

RD:   I don’t think Sharia would be allowed here.  We use English Common Law and our Constitution as our guide.  There is nothing in our books that would allow this unless you get Leftist judges to allow it.

SG:  We have had over 50 court cases in over 23 states adjudicated through the use of Sharia.  So would you consider such a bill?

RD:   Of course, but I never jump into anything without studying the matter.

SG:   Are you aware there are over 2000 mosques in the United States and over 100 in California?

RD:   Yes, and growing.  The fastest method of recruitment is in the penal system.  The mosque is a meeting place and a community center.

SG:   It is also a commend center where the call to arms goes out.

RD:  We dealt with the Nation of Islam and Louie Farrakhan.  President Obama went to church where Farrakhan preached.

SG:   Are you familiar with the Quran?  It contains over 100 violent passages that commands Muslims to wage war upon all non-believers such as Sura 9:5 “slay the unbelievers wherever you may find them”.  Islam is a supremacist political militaristic system of governance in direct conflict with the values of human rights embodied in our Constitution.

RD:  That is no different than Stalin’s and Mao’s doctrine which was all about submission.

SG:   We see mosques being built and a whitewash of Islam within our school children’s history books due to Islamic infiltration into our institutions and I am often asked: “what can we do?”  What would you do?

RD:  The Islamists use hard core Leftists to facilitate their process into our system.  The Soviets did it and the drug cartels are doing it as well.  I would like to be an optimist and believe that at one point people will have a breaking point and become fed up, but too many Americans are naive or ignorant about what is going on within our country.  They are so busy with their own lives that they have no clue, and those in leadership positions are not bringing is up.  I praise the guys who have not dropped the Benghazi issue because this Administration and Justice Department have been pushing back.

SG:  Would you then support Rep. Frank Wolff’s Res. H 36 which calls for a Congressional investigation into Benghazi?

RD:  Absolutely!  This issue cannot be dropped.  The message to our military and the American public is that our government will not be there to back them up when something goes sideways.  That is what Benghazi is about.

SG:   Are you aware that we no longer monitor mosques?  We have not done so in three years.

RD:  Right now I am an outsider and I don’t have that information.

SG:  If you had that information would you be in support of monitoring them?

RD:  Absolutely!  We have to monitor any group that is subversive and would like to overthrow the United States.  If you are going to monitor White extremists, why would we not want to monitor Islamic extremists?  It is political correctness gone wild and it is killing us.

SG:   Political correctness is responsible for shredding any reference to “Islamic terrorism” from all of our training manuals used by the FBI, CIA, our military, and local law enforcement.  Would you be in favor of restoring our manuals to include reference to Islamic terrorism?

RD:  Absolutely!

SG:  Currently, the Muslim Brotherhood has a seat at the table with this Administration.  What would you do to call attention to them?

RD:  When we started to look at these organizations after 9/11, we started to follow the money.  I believe that some of these organizations get their 501 tax exempt status too quickly.  Entities that have connections to groups outside of this country should be vetted and investigated not by the IRS, but by the FBI or third party that asks “who are these people and where are they from?”  “What have they been doing and where is their money coming from?”  If there is any concern they should not be approved.

SG:   Are you aware that there have been six attempts on our water supply?  The last attempt was only a few weeks ago in New Jersey.

RD:   I know that we have stopped a number of attacks from occurring.

SG:   Is there anyone who has had a political influence on you?

RD:  Ronald Reagan!  He was an optimist who came into office when this country was in a dark place.  It was post Viet Nam.  We had a horrible economy with high interest rates between 18% to 21%, and our military was depleted.  The man stuck to his principles and he executed what he said he would do. The press thought he would start World War III, but he had a plan and he did it with a smile and at the same time reached out to his enemies.  He knew how to communicate and that is something we have lost.

SG:  We have lost the principles of what we stand for.

RD:  I was in the Marine Corp when Reagan was in office.  We called him Uncle Ronnie and when we stood at attention we had tears in our eyes because there was a relationship with him.  We felt he had our back.  He had the back of our country.  He was the read deal.

SG:  The media hated him.

RD:  Oh they hated him, but because of his communicative skills he was able to bypass them.

SG:  So what motivated you to run for Congress?

RD:  I am not a politician.  Never have been!  My family is from Cuba and I was born there.  My dad was part of the revolution.  He fought for change, but the LAPDchange he got was not the change he and millions of other Cubans expected. I was a policeman for many years and I have been in private business.  While a policeman, I worked undercover for the Narcotics unit.  A few times I nearly lost my butt, but never asked for anything.  I grew up in the Rampart part of L.A. and ironically worked the same neighborhood as a policeman.  I became a Boy Scout at a young age and was greatly influenced by our Scout leader who was a Viet Vet.  When others were exhibiting posters of Ozzie Osbourne, I had my Marine poster.

Knowing where I came from and the struggles my family went through were motivating factors for the path I chose.  Two things happened where I grew up.  You either got stuck and became part of that negative element or you worked hard to get out.  My folks got stuck so I was there longer, but I also witnessed friends of ours that were able to prosper and get out.  My parents were never envious of their friends that were prosperous or opening up businesses.  Instead they would tell my sister and me to watch and learn from them.  They told us to associate with them and move forward.

Family-e1383318068960Today, we have a culture of envy and class warfare.  It is a poison!  Just as political correctness is a poison.  How do we inspire kids today?  I actually spoke at my kids’ school today and although it was career day, my emphasis was not on my career.  I told them that if they should fall, they must get up.  If someone knocks you down, you must get up.  If your grades drop, you don’t give up.  Instead you push forward.  We have lost that momentum.  We have a process of recruitment for the least common denominator to keep the public dependent so elites can retain their power.  It is a ploy used by dictators and Communists.

SG:   Your background and perspective is similar to Ted Cruz.  His father and your family escaped from Communism.

RD:   While at Cal State Northridge, I took a couple of Chicano and Pan African classes to see what they were teaching.  I was amazed at the indoctrination the kids were getting.  I remember battling with the professors for teaching the students to hate our country.  Many were pro-Castro and Che Guevara.   I would raise my hand and they would assure me that my perspective would not effect my grade.  They would ask me where did I get my information.  I would tell them about my father, grandfather, and Communist Cuba.  I told them what my mother had to do when she ran out of rationed milk because the government controlled everything.  She had to buy milk on the black market two cities away and sneak it in so the neighborhood watch didn’t report her.

I would stand up and look at the kids and tell them that the professors may sound intelligent because they had books that they quoted, but that it was all trash because they were brainwashing the students and setting them up for failure.  For if you have a chip on your shoulder because you believe that everyone is against you, you will not succeed.  I told them that if they were part of Mexico as Mencha advocated, none of them would be sitting in a college class.  In Mexico, only the elites get to go to college.  Instead here they were, with Pell Grants and Student Aid, while the professors were making a nice living spewing this garbage.  Needless to say, I got kicked out of several classes.

SG:   What was the response of the students?

RD:   Shock!

SG:  Do you have the support of the Republican Party?

RD:   I don’t have the support of the machine.  Jeff Gorell has their support.  I have the support of several Republicans who secretly encourage me to keep going, but they have told me that they cannot touch me till the Primary is over.  They want me to win.  It is hard to win unless you fund raise, and I have never asked anyone for a dime in my life.  I almost feel dirty….actually I do feel dirty bringing it up, but I need money to run.  That is what we are working on right now.

We need to find like-minded people who want to support someone like me.  We raised $32,000, but Gorell raised $120,000.  I have been attacked by the Democrats and the Republicans have tried to buy me out.  When we engage people, we see that they are tired of the cronyism and you scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours in our political process.

Gorell has a machine behind him and many are fed up.  The machine is not about country, but about who did you a favor and what they personally can get out of it.  When Republicans cannot openly support another Republican because they will be attacked by their own machine, you have to ask “what is wrong with our system?”  I am not afraid to go up against them because I believe in  right and wrong.

I am taking a huge pay cut to do this.  I do not need this job.  This is not a stepping stone for me.  I am doing this purely for love of country.  What other place on this planet can you come with nothing and prosper?  When I look at my children, I feel they are blessed to be here and I want to preserve that.

You can visit Rafael Dagnesses for more information:


Shari Goodman is a local ACT For America chapter leader, activist, writer, and former teacher

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jerry van Ee
jerry van Ee
4 years ago

I met former U.S. Marine Rafael Dagnesses tonight at the Thousand Oaks Tea Party Candidates Forum and I can tell you Donald J. Trump will want this great American in the House of Representatives for the 26th District of the great state of California which consists of most of Ventura County. The Democrats re-districted the 26th so that a huge chunk of conservative Simi Valley was excluded for political establishment reasons. This makes Rafael a big underdog to the ultra liberal (98% Obama voting rubber stamp) pro Syrian unvetted immigration advocate Julia Brownley who is the incumbent. Rafael, a true Cuban American Hispanic , has been labeled a “racist” by the white liberal ignorant Democrat Brownley. As a Trump supporter and former President of “citizens against illegal immigration”, I enthusiastically endorse Rafael Dagnesses for Congress. He is not a pawn of the Ca. GOP. He like Trump is running against the established corrupt political system… J. van Ee

Rafael Dagnesses
Rafael Dagnesses
7 years ago

Stefan, you are right on challenging my peers. I have and will continue to have no fear in challenging my peers. I will not be beholden to the internal workings of the party mafia. I will however be beholden to the Republican Conservative Principles and the voters who elected me. Please don’t forget to visit and click “LIKE” and pass on the word. Regards, Rafael Dagnesses aka. Ralph

stefan djordjevic
stefan djordjevic
7 years ago

Interesting and informative. Nice presentation. It seems that perhaps his willingness to stick up to his professors and classmates signifies his openness to challenge peers and colleagues. That will be necessary to support his beliefs if he gets where wants to go.